How to Speed up Your Internet for Free

We have all been there! Lingering interment connection can bring unwanted stress in your life and can diminish your performance. But there is always a solution to every problem and today we are here to resolve your internet speed issue. So if you are still worried and do not seem to find the ways to speed up your internet connection then keep reading. Below are some most effective ways that will help you in optimizing your internet speed.

Let’s get started!

1. Examine Your Data Capacity

A data cap implies that you may only use a specific amount of data each month. This may vary in different ranges and you can get it from a few hundred megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. In case you go beyond the designated data limit, your internet service provider will severely slow down your internet connection. Since it is one of the leading causes of poor internet connections, it is safe for you to keep an eye out. For obvious reasons, ISPs do not publicize their data restrictions, yet they may significantly disrupt your connection.

The best way to check the details regarding data caps is by going through your bill. You will certainly come across some information about your data caps and you can see clearly that if there is a limitation or not. The second best thing you can do is contact your ISP customer service and ask them about the service you are currently subscribed to. They will provide you with all the required details about how much data cap you are getting.

2. Restart the Router

In today’s time, there are so many internet service providers present out there that the environment has become more competitive. That is one of the primary reasons why the providers are notching up their service quality. Providers such as Spectrum are offering commendable service with a variety of packages including an exhaustingly long list of Select TV Channels. So it is not important that the speed issue is coming from the provider’s end, and you should check it with your end as well.

The first thing that you should do when you face an internet speed issue is that you check your router. Even if everything seems normal and all the lights are blinking, try restarting your device. This practice is extremely effective and should be repeated every month or so. Give your router a bit of break and it will automatically stimulate your connection to your ISP.

3. Relocate the Router

On the other hand, in case you have already tried relocating your router and nothing has improved, the next best thing that you can do is relocate it. Sometimes your router is placed in a spot where the signals are interrupted while reaching your device. It might be on a different floor, or it can even be in another room and this can cause your internet to get slow.

It is better if you put the router and modem if these are separate, on the same level as your device that is connected to the internet. This allows your device to receive strong internet signals and you will not face any problems.

4. Try Using Ethernet Cables

There are times when you are extremely exhausted by the slow and laggard internet connection and want strong signals. Maybe you are a gamer, or you are working from home and don’t want any surprises with your internet connection. All of this can be solved with one trick that not many people know. If you are only the one who is using the internet in your house at the time, you can try using an Ethernet cable connection.

This way you can directly connect your router to your device and can get uninterrupted signals. Most people prefer to use Ethernet cable if they live alone or are only the one who uses the internet in the house. Otherwise, you will have to settle for the wireless connection.

5. Install an ad blocker

Nowadays, all you see on the internet are advertisements. Whether you are visiting a website or using social media apps, autoplay videos, GIFs, and other types of advertising are playing on every content provider’s platform. Even if you want to view commercials that are playing everywhere, your internet connection is not up to the task. Ads are a key factor in slowing down your internet connection.

That is why it is simpler to just disable the advertisements and continue working undisturbed. You may also try to install ad blockers so that your system is not overburdened with heavy-duty and annoying advertising and you have a smooth and agile internet connection.

6. Delete the Cache

Have you heard about the term “cache”? If not, then now is the time you make yourself aware of it. Your browser gathers tiny pieces of information regarding you when you visit a website and enter that information. This information is gathered in the form of cookies. This way companies and different marketers use this data to showcase relevant advertisements for their products and services. This process is conducted so that they can show you the ads of your liking and it is mainly based on your online activity such as search patterns and website access.

You might already understand this notion when the same ad is constantly following you all over the different platforms. All of this can build up a solid load on your internet connection and can make it weaker with time. That is why you must clear your cache now and then.

The Bottom Line

You need to understand the concept of what factors may affect your internet speed. Many times, it is not your internet connection that is causing the problem — it might be your device or your router that is causing the issue.

Once you have checked all of the elements that we have mentioned above and you still have no luck you can simply contact your ISP on its customer support number and ask them about any outage problem. These professionals have more knowledge about these types of complications and can resolve your issue faster than you can imagine.

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