How to Optimize Email Delivery Time

Optimize your GMail email

Email today, despite the fact that many already consider it obsolete due to the fact of not being able to interact in real time, is still an essential tool in any type of work, and specifically Gmail, Google’s mail platform, is takes the maximum role.

Let’s think that it currently has more than 500 million users, and it continues to grow. Therefore, and being aware of how difficult it is sometimes to manage the inbox and the amount of information that can be lost, we have decided to dedicate email verifier tool and in this post we expose 8 tricks that can help us in the day-to-day management from our Gmail.

All of them have been drawn from the conclusions of a former Google employee, who during the time he worked for the brand, claims to have felt like in a magic castle, Harry Potter type, however it was exhausting to have to deal with Hundreds of messages arrived each morning in his inbox. Therefore, and thanks to his experience, we can propose the following.

Measures To Optimize Gmail Mail

· Activate Automatic Gmail Answers

Although at first it may be a bit dehumanizing, the reality is that many times we receive several emails from different people, for example from the same team, related to the same topic. In these cases it is very practical to write a common response and send it in bulk. Let’s think about the amount of time we waste customizing each one of them, when, in some cases, it is not necessary.

· Edit Gmail Submissions

This is an option that many people are unaware of, and it is that to those who have not happened that after sending an email, they have noticed a spelling error, misprint, or omission of some important information. Well, Gmail offers us the possibility to edit these emails and send them again. This is done through the option: “General”, “Configuration”, “Undo sending”

· Operate With Offline Gmail Mail

Many times we find ourselves in places without an Internet connection, such as on a plane trip, however we need to continue working with our email. To do this, you just have to install a Chrome plugin called “Gmail online” with which you can read and answer emails.

· Deactivate the Automatic Entry of Emails in Gmail

There is nothing that is more distracting than being focused on a specific topic and seeing how every so often emails are coming through the computer screen. It is very likely that this deconcentrates us from our task and we even fall into the temptation to consult each of the messages that reach us. To do this, the best solution is to enable “Inbox Pause”, a plugin that allows you to pause the incoming emails for a certain time.

· Gmail Delivery Notifications

Why do applications like Whats App or Messenger let you know if an email has been read or delivered and Gmail has not? Well, this is already possible thanks to the free Sidekick app.

· Send Voice Gmail Messages

It is a free Google telephone service that is managed by opening a user account on Google Voice. It is activated through the Gmail Labs

· Avoid Entry of Mail through Google

When we open an email account in Gmail, we are automatically doing it also in the Google Social Network. This means that you can contact a lot of people through this social medium without having to know their email address. Therefore you can also receive a considerable amount of emails in your inbox. You just have to deactivate the option in “Settings”.

· Unsubscribe Gmail Services in Disuse

Many times we register in web spaces in order to obtain information for specific moments on topics that interest us, but that sooner or later stop doing so. Therefore it is important to unsubscribe when this occurs, since on the contrary, we will continue to receive emails that we no longer need. One tool to do this is Unroll me.

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