How to Choose the Best Approval Management Software?

Every company runs on specific processes, which help them achieve particular goals. Without them, the company would be unable to complete any task successfully.

These processes include approvals at various levels, which are necessary and usually distributed across several departments. The completion of any work usually requires the permission of everybody involved in it.

And that is why approval workflows are necessary, as they define, separate, and organize the approval tasks methodically. However, doing so manually is fraught with risks, errors, delays, and incompetency.

The most suitable solution is to automate the entire process using Approval Management Software that streamlines the whole process, reduces the chances of error, provides accurate results, and minimizes delays.

But what are some ways of choosing this software, and which details should you pay attention to while doing so? Read on to find out.

Tips for choosing the best approval management software 

These are some tips you will find helpful while choosing an approval software, particularly if you have never used one before.

  • Select software that does not require any prior coding experience. It should allow you to create a workflow quickly without calling for technical assistance.
  • Check what kind of tools it has, including no-code tools like workflow designer, third-party integrations, contextual collaboration, and workflow routing.
  • It should have inter-party integrations without requiring API integrations involving third-party vendors.

Key features to look for in an approval management software

These are some features you should look for in an approval platform,

Intuitive visual designer

It should offer you the convenience of creating workflows without difficulties and making changes anytime you want. As mentioned earlier, it must have a user-friendly interface and be accessible to users without coding knowledge.

Drag and drop forms

You should check whether the software comes with a form-builder, which offers you the benefit of customization while creating forms. If you want to add content and media, it should allow you to do so without difficulty.

Choose one that runs on cloud-technology

Selecting a platform that runs on cloud technology has several advantages as opposed to on-premise ones. One of the main benefits is the minimal network downtime and centralized database, which reduces the processing time significantly.

It should allow easy integration

You will spend precious time integrating your existing workflow apps with inefficient software. Look for features like an intuitive dashboard, plug-ins, granular permissions, and instant triggers that let you connect your data without difficulty.

Does it have analytics and reporting abilities?

It is essential to choose a platform that boasts powerful analytics and reporting abilities. Check whether it lets you generate custom reports, use a dashboard and get actionable insights on your processing management.

Is it scalable?

When your business grows, so will your processes. Your software should handle rapid growth without compromising its features, speed, or functionality.

Does it provide data security?

Since you will be choosing a cloud-based platform, data security would be your top priority. You should select one with a security feature like role-based access, which lets you restrict access to limited people.

Why is Kissflow the best bet for you?

Kissflow is a highly efficient No code / Low code work platform with all the features and qualities mentioned above. It makes the approval process quick, accurate, and effective.

It works for various industries, including HR, education, finance, marketing, IT, and government. You can create an insightful dashboard that tells a specific process’s status.

It also has a flexible pricing structure, allowing you to select from monthly or annual plans.

The Kissflow’s Work Management Platform lets you control your processes efficiently while reducing potential errors, inaccuracies, and delays. However, it is vital to select the right one to enjoy the optimum results.

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