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How to Charge Your Apple Pencil?

This post will explain how to charge your apple pencil. Apple provides 2 different generations of Apple Pencil, which work with various iPads. As both are battery powered, they are unavoidably going to run out of juice. Here’s how to replenish and inspect the battery section of your Apple Pencil

How to Charge Your Apple Pencil?

In this article, you can know about how to charge your apple pencil here are the details below;

 How to Charge First Generation Apple Pencil.

Loading the first generation Apple Pencil is not the several elegant affair. The first-generation Apple Pencil works with all iPads that deliver with a physical Home button and a Lightning port. If you require assistance identifying which Apple Pencil you own, understand that the first-generation device is completely circular.

It’s paired and charged in the very same fashion. Take your Apple Pencil and get rid of the cap from the top of the stylus. You’ll now see a Lighting adapter at the end of the Apple Pencil. Insert this port into the Lightning port at the rear of your iPad. You’ll hear a ding & the Apple Pencil will start selling.

Keep the Apple Pencil plugged in; a complete charge happens in around 15 to 30 minutes. We will direct you through how to see the battery portion of an Apple Pencil at the end of the short article. If you do not like charging your Apple Pencil utilizing your iPad (and it is quite an uncomfortable affair), you can utilize the Lightning adapter that came in the box with your Apple Pencil. Also check vudu app for apple tv.


Link your Apple Pencil to the adapter, then connect the adapter to a Lightning cable television to charge your stylus.

 How to Charge Second-Generation Apple Pencil

Apple enhanced the charging experience with the second-generation Pencil by leaps and bounds. The second-gen Apple Pencil is supported by more recent iPad Pros and iPad Air. These iPads become flat edges & do not have physical Home buttons.

The second generation Apple Pencil magnetically closes to the side of the iPad, as it has a single flat edge (together with a programmable button). Which’s all you have to do to pair & charge your Apple Pencil.

Put your Apple Pencil on best of your iPad (when in landscape), and you’ll see a banner informing you that the device is charging. You’ll see the battery portion also. Also check remove device from apple id.

As this is the method to shop and carry around your Pencil with your iPad, your Apple Pencil will nearly never ever lack charge.

If this does happen, connecting it to the iPad will offer you the needed charge in simply a couple of minutes. You’ll also get an alert when your Apple Pencil is running low on collection.

 How to See Your Apple Pencil Battery %

When you practice a Pencil with your iPad and Apple immediately includes a Series widget to the Today View screen. You can swipe left to power on your iPad’s Home screen to raise “Today View.” Here, swipe as much as discover the “Batteries” widget.

You’ll see the battery levels of a linked Apple Pencil right here.

how to charge your apple pencil

If you can’t discover the Batteries widget, you can add the widget in just a number of seconds. Tap & hold an empty part of your Residence screen to enter Jiggle Mode. Also check login.

Hither, tap the “+” button in the top-left corner of the screen.

how to charge your apple pencil

From the widgets pop up menu, pick the “Batteries” alternative.

how to charge your apple pencil

You’ll see the widget in 3 sizes. Use the Small and Large size if you wish to see the battery portion and after that tap the “Add Widget” switch.

how to charge your apple pencil

The widget will be attached to the end of the Today View. You can move it anywhere you desire on that screen. Swipe up from the Home bar to conserve the widget layout.

how to charge your apple pencil

You can now see the battery portion of your Apple Pencil at any time, no matter if it’s charging or not.

how to charge your apple pencil

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