How Can I Track My Teenager Without Them Knowing?

The digital world and new technologies are getting more and more addictive, especially for kids. Thousands of new games and apps are launched every day, and only some of them can really come in handy. Others are just a waste of time or even harmful at the worst. All that makes many parents ask themselves, “How can I track my teenager without them knowing and keep them safe?”

But before you opt for a teen phone tracker, these are a few things you should know.

What Should You Protect Kids From?

A common question that parents usually ask is, why do I need to track my teens’ phone? If you are one of them, it means you are not aware of the danger posed by social media and the internet from a broader perspective.

A typical example of internet risks is bad influences from peers. Exposure to harmful content could impact your kids’ lives negatively as they grow. Today, even giving your children total freedom is a sign of hazardous parenting. Without your guidance, they can access adult sites and fall victim to cyberbullying from the internet.

As a conscious parent, you must monitor your kid’s device and protect them from:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Predators
  • Drug dealers
  • School cheating
  • Sexting
  • Forums where people discuss suicide and shooting
  • Immoral online games
  • Pornography
  • Betting and gambling

Choosing the Best App to Track Teenagers

The ideal option for monitoring teenagers’ online activities is mSpy, given the variety of security features. What makes mSpy the best phone tracker is that it offers you the opportunity to know more about your teenagers’ daily activities. Of course, you can compare different tracking apps, like mspy vs clevguard. But we recommend you mSpy because your kids won’t know that you are keeping an eye on them.

Do you want to know the truth about your teenager? Below are the things that this teen spy app can do for you:

  • Call Management – The app helps you to monitor all their call activities, including time and duration.
  • Track Text Messages – Without your teenagers’ knowledge, you can review incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Read Messaging Apps – Irrespective of the social media platform, you can see how they interact with friends and strangers. mSpy allows you to identify specific people they chat with regularly.
  • Track GPS Location – You can be certain of your teens’ whereabouts by checking their current location with the mSpy tracker. You can also set the alarm to receive notifications when your child steps into flagged areas.
  • Apps Control – It is possible to restrict the applications that your teenagers can access. mSpy app has a feature for that.

mSpy ensures you remain anonymous while you ascertain the safety of your children. Teens get addicted easily to their smartphones. This addiction requires parents’ utmost attention, which is why you need mSpy.

Is it Legal to Install Software on Your Kids’ Device?

Tracking kids’ phones is permissible. Nothing is wrong with trying to guide your minors towards the right path. However, we suggest that you discuss online safety with your kids before installing an app to track teenager on their devices. Proper enlightening and media literacy are essential before monitoring to realize satisfactory results.

What Else You Can Do?

To caring parents, the safety of their children comes first, both physically and digitally. That is why mothers particularly look for methods of tracking kids’ phone. In parents’ quest to get their teenagers’ online activities monitored, they do the following.

  • Schedule Their Screen Time

Kids will spend a significant part of their time shuffling their screen if you allow them. Your responsibility as parents is to reduce the hours spent surfing their phones daily. However, educate your teenagers about internet usage if you want to see positive results when monitoring your kids.

  • Limit their Access to Certain Websites

Truly, teenagers can learn from loads of information on the internet. But it is necessary to restrict them from visiting specific websites. It is important to notify them about your intent to keep track of their actions. Tracking kids’ phone allows you to be conversant with their way of life.

  • Explain the Pros and Cons of Smartphones

Using teen phone trackers is one thing; another is enlightening your kids about smartphone usage. If your teenagers are not aware of merit and demerit, they will find other alternatives behind you. Since you don’t want them to outsmart you, take your time to spell out the difference. Your friendly explanation will have positive impacts in the long run.


Tracking kids’ phones with mSpy is possible without their knowledge. While that is true, you should keep your teens informed about the dangers of the internet and social media. Media literacy is essential to prevent teenagers from growing astray.

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