Holidays That Offer Big Savings on Major Purchases

Are you dreaming about a home theater system, a plush couch, or new hardwood floors? A replacement for your lumpy mattress or sluggish laptop sounds nice, too. When you start doing your homework on these big-ticket items, don’t just focus on brands and features. If you factor in when you will buy, you could save big bucks.

Black Friday gets most of the price-slashing press, but it’s hardly the only day of the year consumers can save on major purchases. Depending on what you plan to buy, you can score substantial savings on different holidays.

Veterans Day

The brave men and women who have served, or are serving, our nation can find Veterans Day deals on websites such as Curated lists of military discounts range from cruises and cars to tires and televisions. Corporations are happy to pass on discounts to families that make great sacrifices for our freedom.

Some of the deals are valid only around Veterans Day. However, other discounts on dining out, prescription lenses, and haircuts can be enjoyed anytime. Instead of bouncing around websites, it is convenient to find relevant deals in one place.

Cyber Monday

If you like shopping in your pajamas, you can find awesome online deals on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Some say you save the most on technology and electronic gadgets on Cyber Monday. However, that’s not the whole story. You can find fantastic deals on home and kitchen items, too. Plus, when you shop online, you skip the parking madness and long lines at the mall.

Make sure you sign up for your favorite stores email list, so you’re the first to know about the online deals. Some stores have early-access privileges for members or cardholders. Don’t snooze on the savings — plan to check out promptly. Often the best prices are for limited inventory only.

New Year’s Day

According to, January is the best time to purchase gym equipment. From burning holiday calories to starting off the year on a healthier note, millions of people make exercise-oriented New Year’s resolutions. They could be buying the first elliptical for their home gym or upgrading their strength training equipment. Either way, they can rack up savings at the beginning of the year.

The same logic applies to gym memberships. Some gyms offer no or low enrollment fees in January. Others have a free trial month and other incentives. These deals are a great motivation to prioritize your physical and mental health.

Presidents Day

While no one is sure about the connection between Presidents Day and mattress sales, there is a consensus about the savings. Perhaps the timing has something to do with furniture stores needing to make room for new inventory. Regardless of the reason, a good price is a great reason to invest in a better night’s sleep.

Industry-specific holidays are also an interesting phenomenon. Even if you’re not a Super Bowl fan, February is a good time to buy that big screen television you’ve been eyeing.

Summer Holidays

If you want to add some pizzazz to your backyard, keep an eye out for holiday weekend deals. Memorial Day and Fourth of July sales are a great time to buy grills, lawn mowers, and patio furniture. By the time Labor Day rolls around, summer items are typically on clearance. However, depending on the weather, you might have to wait some months to enjoy your purchases!

Memorial Day and Labor Day are also known to be the best time to save on household appliances. It could be because more people move during the summer and thus need to replace or upgrade appliances.

August is a great time to purchase tablets, laptops, printers, desks, and office chairs. Students returning to school and college need new gear, and retailers are happy to entice them with fabulous deals.

Beyond the Holidays

Don’t worry if you missed one of the bigger holiday weekends — they’re not the only time you can find bargains. When faced with a big-ticket purchase, research when new models are released for the item you need. New car models, for instance, are unveiled in the fall. So look for great deals in late summer when dealerships want to clear their lot.

Unless you’re willing to pay a premium for a new model’s latest features, save money by buying last year’s version. New models of household appliances are released once a year; dishwashers and laundry appliances in the autumn, ranges at the beginning of the year. Snag last season’s washer or dryer, and no one will know.

If you’re buying from a store that pays its employees commission, save money by going at the end of the month. Salespeople with monthly quotas will be motivated to offer you their best deal if they are just shy of meeting their goal.

Don’t Rush It

Unless you need to replace a broken refrigerator pronto, always try to time your big purchases. There is a high chance the item you need will go on sale at a particular time of year.

Some online shoppers also suggest leaving items in your online shopping cart for a few days. Many websites automatically send abandoned cart emails with discount codes to give you the final nudge to check out. That extra 10% off may be just the push you need to finally bring that comfy massage chair home.

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