Top 13 Best Folder Lock Software For Windows 10

This post explain regarding folder lock software for windows 10. Security and personal privacy of computer system along with the data stored in them are important. Bring a casual attitude towards it can put you in unwanted scenarios and expose your private information.

Security experts advocate using a powerful Folder Lock Software that can secure your files and keep your information secured from unapproved access. Be it a personal computer or an office system, with an effective file locker tool, and you can prevent your kids and other individuals from accessing your data.

Top 13 Best Folder Lock Software For Windows 10

In this article, you can know about folder lock software for windows 10 here are the details below;

Apart from this, File Lock Software’s also lowers the chances of personal identity theft and virus attacks.

Best File and Folder Lock Software For Window’s PC

Ensuring privacy in this technological age is challenging. The best folder lock software application is what will protect your information from falling into the wrong hands. Here, we have listed some of the leading File Lockers For PC that will protect your things.

1. Folder Lock

folder lock software for windows 10

By far, folder Lock is one of the very best file lock software for Windows 10, Mac, and Android gadgets. It offers a smart method to digitally safeguard your information from getting leaked and accessed by an undesirable individual.

Key Features:

– With this amazing tool, you can guard your sensitive data and likewise encrypt it whenever needed.

– It also enables you to create backups, clear system history, and lock files with passwords.

– From CD drives to surface drives and from e-mail attachments to USB, you can put a password lock within 2nd and ensure total safety.

– It comes with a tidy and practical UI that promises simple working.

2. Gilisoft File Lock Pro

folder lock software for windows 10

Do you want to safeguard your delicate videos, personal photos, and confidential lockdown documents? Are you watching for a Folder Lock Software that can helps you encrypt, lock, and conceal information from others’ reach? If yes, then Gilisoft Files Lock Pro is the best choice for you.

Key Features:

– It is a well ordered files security software that matches varied user requirements.

– With this stunning file locker software application, you can rapidly conceal, lock, and secure numerous files saved on your internal drive, USB Drives, sd card, flash drives, and network drive.

– It works like a breeze. All you require to do is add your file and click on the “lock” button.

3. Immediate Lock

folder lock software for windows 10

Another most populars and best folder lock software for Windows 10 is Instant Locker. This file defense software is compatible with all Windows variations from Windows NT to Windows 10.

Key Features:

– As per its name Instant Lock can immediately lock and conceal your files and folders, suggesting you can just access them with a password.

– To add another directing layer, it likewise guarantees that nobody can erase it. Only the person with a password can erase and eliminate the file lock software.

– Instant locker removes all the opportunities of your data, getting into unwanted hands.

4. Secret Disk

folder lock software for windows 10

Ever wondered if the software which can safeguard your important files can likewise develop some disk space on your Window’s PC? Well, with Deep disk, you can get both the jobs done.

Key Features:

– It can lock and secure your confidential data.

– This Password Manager Software’s is also capable of creating extra space for you.

– You can create several disks and set passwords for them.

– Although the secret drive does’t support any data encryption performance, it is sufficient to ensure your data security.

5. Folder Guard

folder lock software for windows 10

Next on our list of most useful folder lock software applications for PC is Folder Guard. It is available in both a complementary and superior paid variation. You can first try it’s a free variation and after that, based on its working, consider purchasing its full version.

Key Features:

– It adds a limitation level to your files and folders by setting a password.

– You can keep your delicate data saved on USB drives, pen drives, flash drives, and CD/DVDs safe from others’ reach.

– Apart from this, you can also utilize it to lock your downloaded software from being accessed by an unauthorized person.

– Download Folder Guard today to keep your information safe from theft and leak.

6. Iobit Protected Folder

folder lock software for windows 10

Iobit is one of the most prominent and relied on file Encryption Software. Make your files, photos, sensitive videos, and folders safe and secure by adding a password to them.

Key Features:

– Iobit is exceptionally very easy to use, and all you require to do is develop and set a password.

– After developing a password, drag and drop the files you wish to secure and protect from unwanted access.

– It is one of the really best file lock software applications for Window’s PC and is compatible with all accounts, including Vista/2000/7/ 8/8.1/ 10 and XP.

7. Folder Locker Pro

Lock and safeguard your all files and folders by setting a password. Folder Locker Pro is a hacker proof folders lock software for Windows 10 that you can select.

Key Features:

– It avoids undesirable people from accessing your private and delicate data.

– It deals with an encryption mechanism, which adds a security layer to your system, thus making it hard for anybody to breach into your secret folders.

Apart from this, it is incredibly easy to use this finest folder lock software. Pick it today to protect your personal information.

8. Lock and Hide Folder

With this extraordinary File lock software application, you can lock as many files and folders as you want. Its working mechanism is reasonably simple, with a couple of actions to follow.

– Choose the files you want to secure.

– Drag and drop them from your Window’s Explorer folder into the Hide folder window. You may likewise utilize the Windows Explorer context menu for this.

It works exceptionally well on Windows 10.

9. Lock-A-Folder

Another Folder locker software’s with which you can choose to secure your sensitive files and information is Lock-A-File.

Key Features:

– With this password defense software, you can easily restrict access to only those who have the password.

– It comes with a user-friendly user interface and is best suited to beginners.

– Although Lock-A-Folder does not secure your files, it does set a password to lock your files.

– It is best suited for people who utilize Windows XP systems and does not consume much system space.

10. Anvi Folder Locker

Do you have several folders to protect? Do not fret. With Anvi Folder Locker, you can secure as lots of files as you might wish.

Key Features:

– It features various adjustable functions, is completely free of unwanted advertisements, and supplies adjustment approvals.

– To take its security features to another level, it works on several locking systems.

– With this powerful folder locker software for Computer, you can lock, hide, and put read-only constraints to your files.

11. Quick File Locker

Suppose you are trying to find a complimentary file protector application that can conceal your delicate information, lockdown confidential files, and safeguard personal photos. Quick File Locker is the most suitable files lock software’s for you.

Key Features:

– Locking files are extremely comfy with Quick Locker.

– All you needs to do is simply drag and drop them or use the right-click alternative from Windows Explorer.

– Protect your information with its master password mechanism.

12. Easy File Locker

This lightweight tool comes with an extremely reliable security performance. When the files are locked, no undesirable individual will be able to read, gain access to, erase, customize, or copy files.

– It utilizes a password system, and as soon as you set a password, no one can access the application without entering the proper password.

– It is highly simple and simple to utilize Easy File Locker.

13. Protect Folder

Last on our list of folders lock software for Windows PC is the Protect folder. As the names suggests, its main function is to lock and safeguard your things from the unwanted gain access to.

Key Features:

– It uses a secure password to encrypt your all files and folders.

– The emergency lock is among its most highlighted functions with which you can lock all files in a single touch.

– Another unbelievable feature is its Time-out function, which locks files after a prescribed duration to guarantee extra security during odd hours.

Ques 1. Can I Lock a Folder in My Window’s 10 PC Without Using a Software?

Yes, you can lock the secret information kept on your computer system without utilizing a File lock software application. Just follow these instructions.

  • – Right click on the drive or Folder where you want to place your password protected files and folders.
  • – From the drop down menu, click the New button followed by the Text Document alternative.
  • – Give a name to your file and struck Enter.
  • – Once the files is created, open it by double-clicking on it.
  • – Now paste the offered text into the newly created file/document.

folder lock software for windows 10

  • – In the next action, find “Your Password Here” in the above command and replace it with the password you wish to set.

folder lock software for windows 10

  • – Now click the File button followed by the Save As button to wait. In the file name bar, types the name of the Folder, here we are utilizing “FolderLock.bat” and click on the conserve button.

folder lock software for windows 10

  • – Double tab on the “FolderLock.bat” file to create a brand-new folder and name it Locker

folder lock software for windows 10

  • – You can now just drag and drop all the files that you wish to password secure in this Folder. Now when you double click on the “FolderLock.bat,” a pop-up window will appear asking you if you wish to lock the Folder. Type “Y” here.

folder lock software for windows 10

  • – Doing this will hide the Folders. If you want to obtain it, double click the “FolderLock.bat” and type the password set by you

folder lock software for windows 10

Ques 2. Which is the very best Free Folder Lock Software for Window’s 10?

Lock A Folder, Easy File Locker, and Instant Lock are some of the free folder lock software applications that you can pick for your Window’s 10 PC.


Smart devices and computer system systems are a tank of lots of data consisting of both crucial and not so crucial ones, consisting of personal and confidential data. Guaranteeing multi-layer security and security of your data is essential in this technical period.

A file lock software for window’s serves the purpose in such scenarios and secures and password-protect your information. All the above software discussed in our list of best folder lock software applications are known for using robust password-protection.

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