Top 8 Best File Manager Apps for Android

This post will explain file manager android. One strong reason behind why individuals are changing to the Android Operating System is “App Ecosystem”. The Android powered Smartphones support variety of applications, which you will barely see in any of the gadgets. Naturally, there is one authorities destination from where you can download countless applications on your Android Smartphone for free in addition to paid which’s none besides Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store is updated frequently keeping a track of new and upgraded applications contributed to the particular lists. Simply go through the Google Play Store and click on any classification or simply search an app name which you like, certainly, you will find many applications listed under that class or in a search list. Now, can you decide which is the top application & which is the worst amongst these long noted apps? Of course, Not! Because, if you are thinking to attempt each of them on your gadget then it takes ample time. So, its much better to stick with me and today, I will provide you the “8 Best File Manager Apps for Android”.

Top 8 Best File Manager Apps for Android

In this article, you can know about file manager android here are the details below.

The APK Operating System has its own beauty, it permits users to take a deep check out the gadget’s whole file system without any hassle. Nevertheless, if you own any rooted Android Smartphones then you are allowed to manipulate the system files also! Now, to handle all these things, you’ll absolutely need the “File Manager app”. As I stated previously, there are no. of apps live in the Google Play Store and you want the very best, right? So, here are the 8 top File Manager Apps for Android Smart phones. Take a look below!

 8 Best File Manager Apps for Android

 1) Explorer

Very first app on the list is “Explorer”. I personally used this app to search my device file system and it’s really an useful app. This app is especially made those apk geeks, who has actually rooted their gadget. This app drives you through the most profound level of your device’s file system. Apart from that it includes different functions like several tabs, full-screen editor, create or extract archives, fast choice for sending files, fantastic “Open With” facility and complete Network support. Also check cryptocurrency taxes

 2. Double File Manager XT

The name of the app itself states it’s a dual way of browsing files. I need to say, the users who are aware regarding the Windows 95 dual-pane data browsing system, for them it’s a top app. In the app, on the top, you will see 2 tabs. One is for house directory and another for external SD card, simply click it to switch in between them. Utilizing this app, you can easily move/delete/copy multiple files at a time along with you can develop folders, zip and tar files with ease.

 3. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File manager operates as all of these apps in one: file manager, application manager, job killer, cloud storage customer (suitable with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3, and Ubuntu One), FTP customer, and LAN Samba customer.

It supplies access to photos, music, video, documents, and other files on both your Android gadgets and your pc.

 4. Ghost Commander File Manager

Ah! Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a file manager app. This app is relatively comparable to Total Commander, but it consists of some extra functions like options viewing file system, transferring of files from FTP and SFTP servers and Windows network shares, easy navigation panels, and far more. The most remarkable characteristic of this app is that it enables the user to change “Read– Write– Execute” authorization from others, it’s only reasonable on the rooted Android Smart phones.

 5. AndroXplorer File Manager

A sophisticated file manager application for your Android device. Instead of clicking, is swiping is your finest method to search the file system then “AndroXplorer File Manager” will actually help you with that! It supports sophisticated multiple-views for searching the file system, where the View-to-view navigation appears simply by swiping left or best having a specific folder with full file manager functions. It likewise includes backup & bring back alternatives, an inbuilt full-screen editor, styles, memory info and various faster ways. Also check disadvantages of solar energy

 6. File Manager HD for Tablet

All of us know that, apart from the Smartphones, tablets are also operating on Android widely. And of course, it likewise requires a File Manager app to search the entire file system. So, here is the among the very best File Manager apps for Tablets. Definitely, the app features tablet optimization having an easy interface with lots of choices. Likewise, it can do all the file operations like other apps. Other than that, it supports 23 various languages and 3 sets of industrial icons for 170+ various file types, toolbar and menu items.

 7. File Manager

A fast and tidy File Manager app particularly for Tablets in a Holo Style. If you’re Holo-Styled fan, then you’ll absolutely like this app, you can likewise change in between Holo Light and Holo Dark styles. Besides that, it comes with universal functions and some venerable too. The app covers its own inbuilt public for faster images browsing with complete performance.

 8. Strong Explorer

Finally, here once again comes my one of the preferred apps, i.e., Solid Explorer. Just few have actually found out about this great File Manager app. To start with, I should say, I like it’s transitions and animations. Even more, it features two independent panels for searching making file browsing a lot much easier. The main specialty of this application is that you can quickly connect to cloud storage websites and to FTP, SFTP, WebDav and SMB/CIFS customers. Also check monitors for ps4

 Final Words

So, here I wind my record of 8 Best File Manager Apps for Android. I hope, you have actually experienced the post. And I know, there are loads of File Manager apps out there, so if you observe that I have lost out any of best File Manager Apps for Android, then I would definitely like to hear it from you people! Do commenting and likewise let us understand which file manager app you liked one of the most and why?

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