Employee Shift Scheduling Software 10 Best In 2022

In 2022, here is the definitive list of the finest employee shift scheduling software. It includes the top ten employee scheduling software, as well as a few extra employee scheduling apps. I also answer a few common questions about employee scheduling software. Overall, this article will save time for business owners & HR managers by rapidly evaluating the leading employee scheduling software options so that they may choose the best fit for their needs.

Employee shift scheduling is one of the most difficult responsibilities for HR managers. Planning out who will work when can be moment and irritating. This is especially important if you have a large team with diverse timetables.

As managers, we must ensure that our employees are satisfied by providing them with vacations, medical leaves, and other advantages in exchange for their loyalty to the company. This promotes a positive business culture and a happier workplace.

Employee shift scheduling software preserves a lot of time and guarantees that employees’ specific preferences and availability are always taken into account when arranging shifts.

Shift scheduling software not only helps managers stay organized, but it also has a slew of other advantages. One of the most crucial benefits of using employee shift scheduling system would be that you don’t have to seek for information in various places. You’ll find everything you need in one convenient location!

I’ll show you the top ten employee shift scheduling algorithms for your company in this article.

List of the Best Shift Scheduling Software for Employees

The following is a list of the finest employees shift scheduling software and tools:

The 10 Best Employee Shift Scheduling Software Overviews

Here’s a quick rundown of what each of the top employee scheduling on my list does well, along with screenshots of some of the functions.

1. QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time – The Finest GPS Tracking Program for Off-Site Shift Work QuickBooks Time is the best GPS tracking software for an off shift work.

In 2022, the 10 Best Employee Shift Scheduling Software will be QuickBooks Time.

The Timesheet setup in QuickBooks Time has a simple structure that allows you to create weekly timecards and update details for one day or activity at a time.

QuickBooks Time is a cloud-based SaaS time-tracking solution that lets employees clock in and out of their offices from any device. The solution assists businesses in replacing paper or other type of monitoring ledger with a digital time data system. Payroll and invoicing are also made easier with QuickBooks Time. QuickBooks Time additionally monitors GPS coordinates (even if you don’t have access to the internet) and syncs the data to provide you a real-time display of geofencing data.

Companies can use the “who’s working” function to check where their staff are and what they’re working on right now. Users may drag and drop shifts, assign responsibilities, and send appropriate warnings to supervisors if individuals have not logged in for a shift using the scheduling feature. In the payroll options menu, there is also an option for work swapping that may be switched on and off. All customers have access to limitless telephone, email, and chat assistance through the SaaS.

Expensify, Cext Preparation, Plooto, Knowify for Contractors, Aero Workflow, Parallax, Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, Jobber, and QuickBooks Time are all integrated. According to their increasing add-ons collection, Method:CRM, Housecall Pro, Veem, Checkflo, Syft Analytic, and many more third-party apps are available.

QuickBooks Time is available for $4.50 per user per month with a 1 month free trial.

2. Zoho People – Cloud based HRMS

The best free employee shifts scheduling software is Zoho People.

Zoho People has a well-organized collection of its numerous people management functions.

Zoho People is a fully – featured HR tool that simplifies and streamlines routine HR processes.

You may combine attendance data from several sources and eliminate human entry errors. You can easily change timetables, leave kinds, and generate timesheets using the platform.

Based on your company’s schedule structure, you can build and edit shifts as well as add periodic shift rotations. There’s also the option of including allowances. You can also conduct employee evaluations and obtain 360-degree feedback in order to assess performance. Aside from that, you have capabilities to respond to employee questions, automate HR activities with automated mail notifications, and configure intelligent workflows.

Zapier, QuickBooks, AdobeSign, as well as other services are all integrated into the software. Email and live chat are available for assistance.

Zoho People is a 1-month free trial and charges $1.50 per user each month.

14-day trial period

Starting at $5.50 per month per user

3. Shiftbase – Workforce management software

Shiftbase is the best way to keep track of staff attendance.

Shiftbase’s user-friendly interface allows you to drag-and-drop shifts.

Shiftbase manages your shifts for you if you’re weary of making spreadsheets over and over. Shiftbase is a next time management software that helped orchestrate all facets of a worker shift scheduling without repetitive manual user intervention. This allows employees to schedule their days easily and without conflict.

Shiftbase creates longer-term flexible schedules. Estimated personnel expenses and budgets are scheduled. Employee attendance and absences can be tracked in schedules, allowing the scheduler to accommodate any additional requests. When the schedule is finished, it can be emailed or shared using the mobile app. Employee presence and current salary expenditures can be viewed. Chat and email support are available.

Datafox, Easylon, Growzer, Wagestream, plus hundreds of additional third-party apps are all integrated with Shiftbase. They also provide API documentation for other connectivity possibilities.

Shiftbase has a freemium version for one dept and up to 75 employees that costs $3.50 per month.

4. ABC Roster – free employee shift software

Employee and shift restriction administration are made easier using ABC Roster.

Establish schedule limits for every shift and each employee, including must-haves (minimum number of managers) as well as nice-to-haves (X dislikes working alongside Y).

ABC Roster is a simple staff shift scheduling software with a professional design and bright colours.

Additionally, the software performs an automatic backup of the data which can be kept on the user’s computer. The automated planner may create timetables for you based on your information, which you can then alter afterwards. Schedules can also be exported to Microsoft Excel, PDF, and HTML documents. Directly from the software, ABC Roster allows you to email schedules to staff. On-site documentation is accessible for assistance.

At this time, ABC Roster’s website does not list any third-party integrations.

ABC Roster is a completely free service.

5. BambooHR – HR Software with Heart


BambooHR is the best scheduling software for managing time off.

Bamboo HR is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized organisations. Bamboo HR accomplishes this by giving your small team an easy-to-use workplace scheduling experience, allowing you to focus on the important issues. Employees can easily onboard because the layout and style are simple to use. You can keep track of your complete schedule while on the road. This is particularly beneficial for small organisations with distributed teams.

The software allows you to keep track of staff hours, compute payroll, and administer benefits. The product includes an applicant monitoring system as well as a good time & punctuality application. Email and live chat support are available.

The tool’s time-off balance feature is a standout feature. If your employees wish to plan ahead of time for vacations, they could use accrual calculator embedded into Bamboo HR to check if they have sufficient time. Upcoming time-off request dates can also be edited and corrected.

Slack, Zenefits, & GitHub are all integrated into Bamboo HR.

Bamboo HR has a free 1-week trial and offers customised pricing upon request.

6. inJixo – Award-winning WFM Solution


inJixo – Call centre shift scheduling at its best

inJixo automates the meeting process by choosing the best potential meeting slots and arranging your team’s meetings.

inJixo is a smart activity automation solution (WFM) that improves the performance of your call centre. The dashboard is simple and intuitive to use. The software includes capabilities such as real-time administration, call centre agent scheduling, call volume forecasts, and more. Email, web chat, and stage process onboarding videos are available to help you at your own speed.

You can manage shifts on a regular, quarterly, or monthly basis, giving you a lot of freedom in how you run your business. Based on data from phone handling platforms, you can undertake autonomous prediction of needs for any given day.

Freshdesk, Asterisk, & Zendesk are all integrated into the product.

inJixo is available for $415 a month with a free trial.

10 Best Employee Shift Scheduling Software In 2022 – ShiftBoard logo

On request, offers customizable price.

7. ShiftBoard – Hourly Employee Scheduling Software


ShiftBoard – Manufacturing Industry’s Best Shift Scheduling

You can auto-fill schedules and make last-minute shift modifications with Shiftboard’s real-time lists of competent individuals.

Employee scheduling software from Shiftboard can help you tackle problems including cutting labour costs, increasing employee retention, and maintaining compliance. It targets mission-critical industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, and healthcare. Due to various their round-the-clock schedules, many industries will benefit from Shiftboard’s shift rotation features.

Current employee schedules can be automated using Shiftboard depending on flexibility and shift choices. ABCD allows you to design, publish, and monitor weekly employee work schedules. Email and live chat support are available.

Shiftboard works with your current payroll software, such as Paychex, Salesforce, Kronos, as well as other applications.

On request, Shiftboard may provide customised pricing.

8. 7Shifts – Easy Employee Scheduling Software


14-day free trial starting at $17.99 per month/location

The finest for the restaurant sector is 7Shifts.

7Shifts screenshot – In 2022, the Top 10 Employee Shift Scheduling Software

Schedules, days worked, and money are all summarised in one calender interface with the 7Shifts planner.

Other than being a schedule and labour compliance software for the restaurant business, 7shifts is a timekeeping tool. You can handle all of your employees’ schedules from one place with 7shifts. You can also make shift templates to save time and avoid having to start from zero.

Data from 7shifts can be synced and accessible from any device, providing it mobile-friendly for workers who use Android or iOS. This enables them to be active and not confined to their desk chair while remaining current and productive.

Google Calendar, Slack, plus Evernote are all integrated into 7shifts.

For one location, 7shifts is totally free to use. Their paid plans start at $17.99 per month per location and include a 2 week free trial.

9. WhenIWork – Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Software


14-day free trial from $2 per month per user

When I Work – Finest employee shift scheduling application with timekeeping VISIT WEBSITE

When I Work screenshot – In 2022, the 10 Best Employee Shift Scheduling Software

WhenIWork provides tools including a planner, punctuality tracker, hiring module, as well as a workplace chat feature to help employees and supervisors communicate more effectively.

WhenIWork is a shift and task scheduling software that includes a provide this tracking tool. This helps to manage and track your employees’ hours without ever having to leave the app. Workers can organize their schedules, request time off, and work together on shift swaps.

WhenIWork allows you to create shift templates or utilise simple copy-paste procedures to replicate submitted information for repeat scheduling. Adding and removing employees is a breeze with the app. It also has an in-app chat system that allows for quick communication. You will receive immediate feedback if something in your schedule is incorrect or needs to be changed.

WhenIWork works with Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, TSheets, as well as other applications. Email and live chat support are available.

WhenIWork is available at $2 per user per month with a 2-week free trial.

10. Sage HR – HR Management Software

Sage HR

Sage HR – Small business shift scheduling at its best

SageHR uses a simple and clear interface to list all of your employees, providing you a real-time snapshot of work activity in your company.

Sage HR automates routine shift scheduling activities while also providing recruitment solution help directly within the app. With a few clicks, you may transfer your employee data to your new internet staff directory. The mobile app includes functions such as leave control, time cards, worker tracking and filing, and cost management. Chat and email support are available.

Sage HR is a fantastic fit for small enterprises because of its low cost and user-friendly design, which is ideal for solopreneurs and startup owners.

Slack, Zapier, & G Suite are all integrated with Sage HR.

Starting price at $5.50 per user each month, with a 2-week free trial available.

Demonstration for free

Starting at $415 per month

Comparison Criteria for Employee Shift Scheduling Software

When I’m searching for the finest employee shift scheduling software, what do I look for? The following is a list of my assessment criteria:

Is the user interface (UI) neat and appealing? Is the user interface simple? Is there no clutter in the menus, no off-topic elements, and no distracting design options?

Usability: Employee scheduling software is required in nearly every industry, high or low tech. With this in mind, the finest shift scheduling apps should be simple to use and give training to get business managers up to speed quickly.

Integrations: Is it simple to integrate with other tools? Do you have any pre-built integrations? How well does the product integrate with other ecosystem tools and add-ons to meet your company needs? To make employee payments easier, the best shift scheduling software must integrate with the best payroll systems right out of the box. For sending out schedules, it should have the integrations with popular email/messaging systems.

Value for money: Is the pricing reasonable in relation to the characteristics, skills, and use case? Is your price straightforward, transparent, and adaptable? How quickly can you expect to see results?

Key Features of Employee Shift Scheduling Software

What features do the greatest employee shift scheduling apps have in common? I seek for the following characteristics:

Visual Calendar that is Dynamic

Is there a visually attractive calendar that really is simple to operate and combines modern UI elements like drag-and-drop scheduling blocks in the employees shift scheduling software? Is it possible to distribute the calendar to employees in a digital format, such as by email or SMS? Is text formatting, colour coding, as well as other aesthetic cues for change of shift or even other urgent notifications supported by the calendar?

Requesting and approving time off is built-in.

Is it possible for employees to request time off directly from the worker shift scheduling software? Is it easy for managers to accept or deny paid or unfunded time-off requests? Is it possible for either party to enter notes or feedback to better communicate their meaning behind scheduling change?

Changing shifts and shuffling

Is it possible to shuffle shifts and quickly switch between employees using the employee scheduling software? Is it able to recommend staff based on open schedules and help with shift swapping? Does the software automatically update and notify all affected teams of the schedule shuffle and swap? Shift shuffling makes it possible to manage a dynamic and fluid workforce. If a team member fails to show up or becomes ill, you can reschedule the job and assign the spot to another suitable employee. Employees can switch shifts between themselves depending on their accessibility and agreements for quick changing. All of this leads to the most efficient use of available resources and time.

Reporting and analytics on timesheets

Is the technology capable of producing timesheet reports that include logged time, billable, and overtime? Is the technology able to provide detailed metrics in a visual-friendly way for the same? You’ll be possible to compute payroll, make accurate bills, and keep track of your team’s productivity using this report.

Export choices on a schedule

Is it possible to export the schedules as PDFs, emails, or spreadsheets? When team members work offline and want to preserve a copy of the data beyond the scheduling software, exporting plans is a critical function. This is especially beneficial for teams who work remotely and have variable levels of internet access.

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