Earning With Internet-Sharing Apps: Honeygain Explained

If you’ve ever looked for passive income ideas online, you must have noticed money-making apps. Most of them belong to one of two types: they focus on either investing in crypto / stocks, or on earning money via small tasks (e.g., watching ads or filling out questionnaires.

Two and a half years ago, the creators of an app called Honeygain came up with a different idea: allowing users to earn by sharing their internet bandwidth. In fact, they don’t need to do anything actively: running the app on your device is enough to make money. It might sound too good to be true at first – nevertheless, the concept is actually legit and worth exploring, as it aids both individual users and businesses on a global scale.

How sharing your internet works

Millions of users worldwide can use Honeygain to share their extra internet bandwidth for a fixed fee – i.e., earn passive income. The app can be used with both Wi-Fi and mobile data, though the former is typically a better choice due to unlimited plans, higher speeds, and more stable connections. It can be especially lucrative in countries and regions where internet plans are comparatively cheap.

Users don’t need top-class hardware, either: most computers, tablets, and smartphones will do, as long as they use Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS. Having access to the internet bandwidth its users share, Honeygain can operate a crowdsourced web intelligence network and rent temporary access to its business clients who need to gather extensive amounts of publicly available web data in seconds without triggering bot blockers or geography-based restrictions.

Using Honeygain, companies can safely test the performance of localized apps, verify advertising campaigns, run brand protection operations, or simply compare pricing information. The profit Honeygain makes is shared with its users to pay for their participation in the network.

Is it safe?

Here’s the beauty of it all: no matter which operating system you’re planning to use the app on, Honeygain won’t ask for any permissions – neither during the installation process nor at any later point in time. Truth be told, we couldn’t find any risks to using the app overall: Honeygain takes multiple actions to prevent fraud, abuse, data leaks, and any other threats to the network and its users. Aside from requiring 2-factor authentication for all payout requests, it also keeps the information you need to provide to use the app to the bare minimum.

It makes sense, though – there’s no reason for an app that focuses on sharing your internet to risk bothering with any extra information. Even as you sign up, you’re only asked to provide your email (you do, however, have the option to sign in using your Facebook or Google account).

Passive income: rates and payout options

Default Network Sharing begins as soon as the user starts running Honeygain on their device and pays 1,000 Honeygain credits (equivalent to $1) for every 10GB of shared traffic. For the desktop device-using folks in 40 supported countries, there’s also an additional Content Delivery (CD) feature that can be turned on manually and help you earn some extra credits (6 credits per every hour your computer is in Active mode, that is; the amount of traffic is irrelevant in this case).

To cash out on Honeygain, users need to reach the $20 threshold and pick one of the two payout options: PayPal (through Tipati Inc.) or Bitcoin (direct transfers). For a limited time only, our readers can use an exclusive coupon code PASSIVEINCOME when signing up and get their first $5 for free!

Starting to use Honeygain is quick and simple – here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Register on Honeygain’s official website
  • Download and install the app
  • Log in with your newly-created credentials and leave the app running – that’s it!

It’s important to remember you can use the app on up to 10 devices and just as many IP addresses with the same account. It’s actually one of the top ways to boost your earnings, along with participating in the pretty generous referral program, the in-app Lucky Pot lottery, and regular contests on Honeygain’s social media pages.

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