Top 15 Best DomainHostingView Alternatives in 2020

DomainHostingView is a system that accumulates extensive info regarding a domain name by using a collection of DNS and WHOIS questions. The platform assists individuals recognize almost every little thing about the domain name. They can also generate an HTML record to understand the summary of the domain name’s info. Additionally, customers can also view the firm name, organizing that domain in addition to the web server, mail server, or various other domain name web servers.

The platform also allows individuals to understand when the domain was created and when it will end, and also they can additionally know when it was last upgraded. Also, users can likewise know the domain name’s energetic standing and understand which server is currently organizing that domain name.

Top 15 Best DomainHostingView Alternatives in 2020

In this article, you can know about domainHostingView alternatives here are the details below;

DomainHostingView enables customers to watch the records which have non-English personalities, and it can also support Internationalized Domain names. Moreover, it also converts all the non-English characters into a layout that can be used for WHOIS and DNS servers. Lastly, it likewise parses the message returned and displays it in a simple recap kind.

# 1 Whoisology

Whoisology is a platform that enables customers to admire millions of archived domain name as well as APIs. The platform permits users to browse the domain name by composing the domain name or writing the keyword or email address linked to that domain name. It enables users to figure out the deep connections of different domains with their proprietors and users can search domains in bulk.

The system consists of almost five billion documents and enables customers to view all the energetic domain names. Users can see the use of the domain they are searching for and whom it was registered formerly. Users can also inspect their domain name’s expiry dates to ensure that they can renew it promptly.

# 2 WebCargo

WebCargo is a platform that allows individuals to protect big documents distribution right into small sizes and securely deliver them to anybody. Customers just need to drop the data in package offered by the software application. The system will also develop the attachment web link that they can send to any individual anywhere. It likewise makes it possible for customers to reduce the documents accessibility, and only those can access the data that have the password.

The platform enables users to accomplish optimum upload and download rates and decreases the distance between the users and web server. Furthermore, after sending the data, the system automatically erases the file and establishes an expiry date for the data. Individuals can choose a team that can share data.

# 3 WhoisThisDomain

WhoisThisDomain is a platform that permits individuals to examine all the info that is required about any domain name. The system features an easy interface where nothing is complicated and customers can easily jot down the domain name to discover to whom it belongs. It also allows users to connect with the best WHOIS server and retrieve all the info users wish to search.

The system shows the result of the search in the box given listed below in the software program, and they can see whatever from its address to the proprietor’s info. Additionally, it allows users to check out the domain name’s standing, whether energetic, inactive, or for sale. Individuals can additionally see whether the domain name is registered to someone or not.

# 4 Mass Whois API

Mass Whois API is a service provider of analyzed WHOIS data in JSON with straightforward API and top-notch support to customers. The platform comes with a basic API that customers can integrate with any software application type in a snap. Moreover, it guarantees its smooth working and ensures that customers get all the facilities and solutions with no concern.

The system features the most up-to-date innovations in WHOIS, such as new gTLDs and IDN, and it can sustain domain and IP queries of individuals. Moreover, the WHOIS parsers are updated everyday to provide the right and updated details to the customers. The platform utilizes several data sources to gather all kinds of information regarding a domain name and present it to users.

# 5 Energetic Whois Internet Browser

Active Whois Web browser is a system that is easy to use and discovers any details concerning the IP address owners that users are looking for. The system permits customers to learn about the country of its origin and the personal and postal information of the owners and various other addresses they possess. Additionally, it likewise comes with a cutting-edge innovation that enables individuals to explore DNS pen names and displays the domain name and IP address information for the users.

The platform makes it possible for customers to explore any type of internet site and check all the global high-level domains through it. Furthermore, it additionally covers virtually greater than a hundred WHOIS servers to get all the customers’ info. It is broadening its variety daily and beginning to sustain even more international domain names.


JsonWHOISAPI is a platform that enables utilizes to see the standing of the domain along with the various other details. The system includes analyzed WHOIS information that offers simple access in JSON layout to individuals. It features a serious uptime that makes it possible for users to get all the required data in time without experiencing any kind of downtime.

JsonWHOISAPI comes with an adaptable invoicing system, and users only have to spend for what they are utilizing. Additionally, it uses pleasant technical help with the API combination to customers, and also it can assist address every one of their inquiries. The software program features a REST API which users can integrate throughout their system, and also they can use it with ease.

# 7 JsonWhois DomainHostingView alternatives.

JsonWhois is a platform that permits individuals to understand the details of a domain name they are looking for. In addition to supplying details, the platform also provides various other services such as accumulating details on WHOIS of domain names and taking screenshots. Moreover, individuals can additionally view the social information statistics of the domain names or the owners.

The platform maintains upgrading the information each week to ensure that users get the appropriate information concerning the domain names. It likewise takes the page’s screenshot to allow the users to see it and likewise wait as a thumbnail. Its extensive support helps users in solving the concerns that they deal with during this entire procedure.

# 8 WhoAPI

WhoAPI is a system that permits customers to check out the details of domain names and also various other APIs collected from the numerous WHOIS web servers. The system uses 10 different APIs outcomes and can provide the analyzed data in JSON result to users. It also sustains WHOIS API and aids users obtain info on these domains’ owners’ countless domains and details.

The platform also helps individuals know to whom the domain was registered and the development and expiration day of any domain name. Furthermore, it features a screenshot API and users can obtain all the details of the domain name or web site in the form of a screenshot. It has an IP WHOIS API that enables customers to check the IP in bulk form.

# 9 Check-Domain. web DomainHostingView alternatives.

Check-Domain. web is a platform that offers an independent international domain name query service to individuals. The platform enables individuals to check a domain name’s condition and discover other details such as the domain name’s proprietor and various other such details. Additionally, it makes it possible for customers to inquire the domain name system and establish information in IP addresses and locate their present IP address.

The system also makes it possible for customers to check domain names for greater than a thousand TLDs and seek out for DNS in addition to the IP inquiries. Also, it enables customers to quiz and inspect domain worldwide at the relevant authorities registration workplace. Individuals can figure out the owner of a domain name and look for cost-free domain names.

# 10 WhoisJson– Whois API in Json– Xml.

WhoisJson– Whois API in Json– Xml is a system that permits users to understand the different details about the domain name. The platform permits customers to get in the domain name they intend to search and covers various WHOIS servers to obtain the ideal info for the users. Furthermore, the info collected is given in either JSON or XML format for easy access.

The system normally pulls documents from the origin WHOIS web server in real-time and individuals can obtain upgraded results today. It caches a few of the efficiency documents, and individuals can bypass this cache if required. It likewise keeps the display screen tidy and distinct, as well as customers can establish various fields for different information.

# 11 Full API.

Complete API is a system that uses different APIs to customers under a single roofing system. The system provides TEXT, Geolocation, WHOIS, and Money APIs to customers to search the domain name they are searching for. Also, it is expanding its reach and data source daily and users can get all the pertinent information on time.

The system permits individuals to obtain the TEXT API to send out messages in bulk to throughout the world at a price. Furthermore, the platform’s geolocation attribute likewise allows customers to recognize the precise area from which the domain came. It enables customers to obtain the info on the domains, such as understanding the name of the owner, address of the domain, and other such individual information regarding the owners.

# 12 ICANN WHOIS DomainHostingView alternatives.

ICANN WHOIS is a system that allows customers to look for the domain name, and also they can see to whom it is registered. The platform makes it possible for customers to understand about the owner’s personal information, as well as they can see whether the domain is readily available or not. Also, it additionally aids customers produce, accumulate, preserve, and store the domain name queried, and view all the results connected to it.

The system allows the domain name owners to restrict or end any type of access to their individual information, and also they can keep it personal for every person. Moreover, customers can also see the standing of the domain name, and also they can watch the name servers. Customers can also watch the computer system registry days and the expiry day to recognize when they can obtain it.

# 13 EZwhois.

EZwhois is a system that enables individuals to come with the ability to allow them know which domain name is owned by whom. The system has a basic and brief interface, and customers just have to put the domain name in the search box, and it will look it up for the users.

Moreover, it allows users to seek out the address and contact of the proprietor of the domain which the users are trying to find. The system allows individuals to view the domain name’s expiry date to know when to obtain it unless the previous proprietor does not desire it.

# 14 is a system that allows users to recognize the accessibility of domain and geolocation of any domain and also API. The platform features support that addresses the questions of customers and also addresses them at all times. Moreover, customers can additionally inquire the API for detailed live results from IP Whois servers return in JSON format and search for detailed meta and call information on their own.

The platform likewise allows individuals to obtain information about the licensed domain, and they can obtain essential information and contextual data to get the geographical place of users. Furthermore, it also allows individuals to carry out a deep and extremely dependable probe relating to a provided domain’s enrollment standing.

# 15 DomainHostingView alternatives. is a platform that permits customers to discover their new domain name and also begin it. Users can begin by putting the name of the domain which they want of their web site as well as can inspect whether anyone has it or not. The system enables individuals to perform various functions such as domain whois search, whois lIP lookup, and looking the whole data source for appropriate details.

The system also supplies insights to individuals in the domain name’s background and added details, and individuals can use it anytime they want. Moreover, users can even see the variety of pages attached to a solitary domain name.

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