Top 5 Prank Call Apps A Great And Efficient Way To Do Prank Calls

This post will explain computerized prank calls here are the details below;

1. Ownage Pranks

The Ownage prank call application lets you send out prank calls which are pre-scripted and automatic as soon as your victim answers the call. This will make innocent victims think it’s a real success on the line, making a terrific and effective way to do prank calls.

This application uses ‘Speech recognition technology’ to examine dialogue throughout a telephone call. Keywords are acknowledged, and even silence is identified, depending upon these reactions will figure out how the AI will react.

Prank scripts are classified under various subheadings so you can pick particular tricks based on preference, i.e. Family, Work Dating and Love, and so on. Also check kindle launcher.

. They are pre-recorded by trained voice actors, so position is superior. Amongst the professional voice stars is Russel Johnson who is accountable for developing the Ownage Pranks youtube channel.

Functions consist of:

– 100+ prank situations consisted of. Some consist of ‘Em barrassing Pharmacy’ and ‘Naughty Phone Survey.’

– 3 Daily credits are provided

– Caller ID concealed as your Wi-Fi is used and not your phone company

– Submit to Pranks hall of fame to hear the very best reactions

– Additional Prank Scripts added everyday

 2. Call Voice Changer Allogag- Prank calls

Call Voice Changer Allogag is different great voice changing the application with distinct functions. This app lets you convert your voice during a phone call, so the possibilities of you being exposed are practically non-existent.

The main feature that makes this stick out in the current market is that you can change your voice as sometimes as you desire throughout the call. Merely press keys 1,4 and 7 to increase voice pitch and press secrets 3,6 and 9 to make your voice lower.

To use, merely follow these two actions:

Step 1:

Choose your favored voice, click on “Test my voice” and talk. Press “Stop recording” & hear how you sound.

Step 2:

Enter their telephone number then select to show or hide it. Click on “Call with this Voice” to begin the prank call, your brand-new voice will be heard over the line.

Features include:

– Run a demo ahead of time to hear what you sound like

– Change your voice to Darth Vader, Child Voice, Man-to-Woman, Helium and more

– Works with Wi-Fi, permitting you to prank call anywhere

– Users get 1 totally free minute and a chance to win more minutes

 3. Best Voice Changer- Free

It might be a bold claim to state you are the very best voice changer in the market as your trademark name. Nevertheless, in this case, with its distinct impressive features and basic to use interface, they are definitely making a strong case.

This Best Voice Changer app enables you to alter your voice during a call, making it an exceptional tool for prank callers to sufficiently deceive their victims. Also check bookviser reader.

Functions include:

– You can tape-record dialogue with your own voice or from an audio file

– Once loaded, the app will convert the voice for you utilizing various sound results.

– Sound effects are Alien, Bathroom, Bee, Squirrel, God of Death and a lot more.

– Share to social networks and other platforms such as Facebook, LINE, Twitter and Whatsapp.

 4. Fake Me A Call

Are you stuck in an uncomfortable date or uninteresting meeting that seemingly has no chance out?

Fake Me A Call lets you proficiently trick others by having an integrated inbound call application. This enables you to decide at any time to arrange a bogus call to ring you, providing you an easy reason to leave.

Functions consist of:

– If you do not respond to the phony require 25 seconds, it will be instantly missed

– A Proximity sensing unit will turn your call screen black once the phone is put against your ear

– After installation Fake Me A Call will be revealed as an FMC

– Available in English, German, Bulgarian and Japanese

– Pro version permits you to set time interval buttons for phony calls with customized time periods.

– Block other inbound calls while the phony call is ongoing.

 5. Phony Call Plus

Desire a prank call app that can get you out of any bad scenario? Fake Call Plus lets you make phony inbound calls at your own scheduled time.

This app brings a level of modification that other faker caller apps simply do not have. You can customize your own artificial calling voice, so phony dialogue can be scripted beforehand making the telephone call more realistic and natural. Also check home and lock screen draining battery.

Features include:

– Import audio as a ringtone or pick a ringtone from the ones offered

– Record your own fake call so when you address you will listen to the recording, also useful to test how you will sound.

– User-interface is easy to use and visually pleasing.

– Simply tap the call button to get an incoming call instantly.

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