Complete Guide to Use Hemp for Cats

Cat owners are turning to alternative treatments to keep their kitties happy and healthy. Hemp oil is one such alternative treatment. Hemp for cats is derived from the seeds of a cannabis plant, commonly referred to as a hemp plant.

Your cats can benefit from a cannabis-based supplement in many health areas. It may improve your cats’ health incredibly, so if it’s not included in their diet, you are majorly missing out.

Hemp oil has changed cat parents’ lives for the better. It has allowed them to treat various ailments of their cats naturally.

How does Hemp oil work?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) of cats has a crucial role in maintaining their health. Cats have receptors that interact with hemp oil and help maintain balance within the body.

Benefits of Hemp for Cats

Reduces Anxiety and Nervousness

Some cats have very high-stress thresholds, so even circumstances deemed perfectly normal to humans make them nervous and anxious.

Hemp oil signals the ECS to produce more natural cannabinoids, which reduce fear and anxiety in cats. In addition, it interacts with GABA and serotonin receptors, soothes the nervous system, and stabilizes mood.

When your cats are traveling or attending a fireworks show with you, giving them hemp oil is a worthy decision. It will reduce the cats’ anxiousness and keep them calm.

Provides various essential nutrients

Besides serving as a therapeutic tool for cats, you can also include it in their diet. The hemp seed oil contains a high nutrient content that can improve your cats’ lifestyle.

If you are using CBD and hemp oil, remember to give them separately to your cats, as both of these oils are different.

Relieves pain

By activating TRPV-1 channels in the brain, hemp oil can also mitigate pain signals from neurons to the brain. Therefore, physical discomfort, such as arthritis, kidney pain, and more, becomes more manageable.

Eases digestive problems

Hemp for cats can be significantly used to improve their digestion. Hemp seed oil’s fiber and gut-healthy fatty acids contribute to regular bowel movements (peristalsis). The ECS, which regulates gut activity, can further assist these processes. Furthermore, hemp works by stimulating specific brain receptors that control nausea and vomiting.

How to give hemp oil to your cats?

Direct feeding method

Direct feeding is the easiest way to give hemp oil to your cats. It may not take much effort. Try taking a couple of drops in a dropper and placing it near their mouth and nose area. Let your curious cats investigate; hopefully, they will lick the dropper and become fond of it. You may be able to give them their complete dosage this way if they like it. If they veer away, you may have to be a bit more assertive.

Adding hemp oil to cats food

If your cats don’t accept direct feeding, people usually resort to this method. It should be easy for your cats to like their food. Simply prepare the cats’ meal as usual. Disperse your cats’ hemp dose evenly on the food after measuring out the dose. Both wet and dry food will work. Just mix them up to make sure the hemp oil is distributed evenly and feed your cats.

If your cats love treats, you can try adding hemp oil to them. All you need are some cats treats. Just put hemp oil on the treats evenly and feed them to your cats. You might want to break up the treats to increase the surface area on which the hemp oil can adhere.

Applying hemp oil to the paws

Grooming is strictly a cat’s domain, and cats are notorious perfectionists. Are you aware that you can use their urge for cleanliness to give them some hemp? The moment you apply hemp oil to your cat’s paw, it feels compelled to lick it clean. They will take their dose unknowingly.

It is possible that your cat could run off and spill oil all over. The temporary confinement of your cat in a crate or bathroom may reduce waste and mess.

What is the recommended hemp oil dosage for cats?

Starting with a lower dose is recommended when discovering the appropriate dose for pets. Starting doses are usually about 1 mg to 5 mg per 10 lbs of body weight to test their response to the hemp oil.

Additionally, there are a few variables you should consider when selecting the correct dose for your cats:


It is crucial to consider the subject’s weight. The impact of 15 mg on a cat weighing 230 lbs will be different from one weighing 100 lbs. As a result, heavier cats need a higher dose of hemp oil.


It is essential to know how much hemp is contained in 1 ml of an oil tincture before giving it sublingually to your cats. Knowing this helps you decide how much hemp oil is required.

Desired effects

Before giving hemp oil, it is crucial to consider the health benefits you hope to receive from it. If you want to give it to your cats for stress and anxiety or treatment of a disease, the dosage will vary significantly.

What to look for in a hemp oil brand?

How do you tell what’s good and bad with so many brands available? You may accidentally purchase a low-quality product. Therefore, consider the following reasons before buying hemp oil:

All-natural, organic ingredients

The most crucial factor for good hemp oil is its healthy ingredients. Some of the brands may add preservatives or GMOs to increase flavor, shelf life and cut costs. However, studies have shown that such synthetic ingredients can be detrimental to your cats’ health.

Third-party testing

To ensure the safety of products, third-party laboratories conduct testing and provide Certificates of Analysis (COAs). Moreover, COAs can provide details of the hemp oil’s cannabinoid profile to ensure that it complies with all legal requirements.

Customer reviews

If you’re researching any brand, it’s vital to determine if it’s right for you. Customer testimonials and reviews provide an accurate representation of other people’s experiences. Also, look at the company’s customer service policies or if its products are appreciated.


There is sometimes confusion between CBD and hemp oil, as both are commonly used interchangeably. The hemp plant’s stems, leaves, and flowers are used to make CBD oil, while the seeds are used to make hemp oil. Many health benefits are associated with hemp seed oil, including its high nutrient and fatty acid content. You can improve your cats’ overall health by including this supplement in their diet.

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