CenturyLink Internet Review Best Guide For 2024

Guide About CenturyLink Internet Review will be described in this article. There are two internet options available from CenturyLink: one for DSL and one for fiber. In summary, our CenturyLink review shows that while the DSL option is lacking, the fiber internet service is quite well-valued. Let us help you decide by recommending that you go with the CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit plan instead of the Simply Unlimited plan if you’re having trouble deciding.

CenturyLink Internet Review Best Guide For 2024

In this article, you can know about CenturyLink Internet Review Best Guide For 2024 here are the details below;

This CenturyLink internet plans evaluation is for you if you want to go deeper into the plans, prices, data caps, and equipment costs.

How does CenturyLink compare to competitors?

One of the final strongholds for DSL internet service is CenturyLink. It also happens to be our top choice for DSL.

Additionally, CenturyLink’s fiber plan is extremely advantageous when compared to other fiber internet providers. With CenturyLink, you can get fiber speeds for less money than you can with almost any other internet provider.

CenturyLink internet speed and data

With only two internet services, one DSL plan, and one fiber plan, CenturyLink keeps things straightforward.

Now it’s our job to keep things simple: if CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit is available in your location, you should definitely select that package instead of Simply Unlimited Internet 100 Mbps. Sadly, fiber internet isn’t as accessible as DSL internet, so if Fiber Gigabit appears as a possibility in your area, count yourself fortunate. Speaking of which, you can check if you can receive the CenturyLink fiber plan in your location by entering your ZIP code below:

Simply Unlimited Internet 100 Mbps

Even with CenturyLink’s $50 monthly Simply Unlimited plan, which offers download speeds of the up to 100 Mbps, the best-case scenario still falls well short of fiber speeds. If you live alone with just one or two other people and neither of you plays a lot of online games, you can still make the Simply Unlimited plan work.

Honestly, we would advise attempting a 5G home internet service if CenturyLink’s DSL plan is your only choice. For instance, T-Mobile 5G home internet can provide up to ~250 Mbps for the same cost as the CenturyLink Simply Unlimited service.

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit

It won’t be difficult at all to choose if your home can receive CenturyLink’s fiber internet service. With speeds up to 940 Mbps provided by the CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit package, you and your family may stream, play games, and browse TikTok without experiencing any delay.

The service is only $75 a month, which is only $25 more than what you would pay for DSL, which makes it unbelievable. You can essentially get 10 times the performance out of fiber internet without paying 10 times the price since it is just that much more efficient than DSL internet.

In terms of comparison with other fiber internet providers, CenturyLink’s fiber plan is really advantageous. With CenturyLink, you can get fiber speeds for less money than you can with almost any other internet provider.

CenturyLink contracts, equipment, and fees

No commitments, no price increases

How long is your contract going to be if you choose CenturyLink? What is the equipment cost that you have to pay for? And what other unstated costs might you encounter?

The responses are that there won’t be a contract and that, although equipment costs vary based on your plan, those ought to be the only additional costs you encounter. However, we’ll go into more depth regarding their responses later.

We’ve investigated every significant internet provider in the nation, so believe me when I say that CenturyLink’s decision to avoid raising prices is a notable oddity. The price you pay CenturyLink internet on day one will be the same for five years, unlike with an ISP like Mediacom’s XTREAM. With CenturyLink, you won’t have to worry about price increases like with other ISPs that provide “discounted” rates to customers for the first year of service and then raise the price after that.

You won’t need to sign a contract for your CenturyLink service because your price won’t change. If 5G mobile internet turns out to be a better option than DSL, for instance, you may easily cancel your CenturyLink DSL internet package and move to it.

CenturyLink Equipment fees

For those who subscribe to CenturyLink fiber, there is further good news: you will receive a modem free of cost with your account, and installation is also included at no additional cost. Also check backlink checker tools

Further bad news for CenturyLink DSL users: you will either need to pay $200 upfront to own the modem, or rent one from CenturyLink for $15 a month. We recommend that you continue renting the modem until you are able to obtain a more reliable internet connection than DSL.

CenturyLink Customer service

Customers of CenturyLink complain about the company’s customer service, although most internet providers do the same. We hope internet service providers will do a better job of serving their customers. Not just CenturyLink, but pretty much every ISP in existence is affected by this.

Candice, a client, informed us that on the day of her installation, the CenturyLink technician failed to arrive.

When she contacted customer support, CenturyLink informed her that her appointment had been canceled. After speaking with several persons, Candice was able to postpone her installation date. Her family went six days without internet access even then.

Similar to outages and sluggish internet connections, installation troubles can be rather annoying. See our article on what to do if your CenturyLink internet isn’t working if your internet isn’t functioning. Alternatively, in the unlikely event that you must contact, quickly review these customer service guidelines to at least slightly improve your experience.

Where can you get Centurylink internet?

Being accessible is a major component of providing good customer service online. We believe that a service that is broadly accessible is one that genuinely wants to reach its prospective clientele.

As of right moment, CenturyLink’s availability may use some improvement. At the moment, CenturyLink provides internet service in sixteen states, including North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Minnesota. Unfortunately, CenturyLink internet is not available to residents of places like California and New York.

those in dark blue on the above internet availability map have greater CenturyLink internet coverage, whereas those in light blue have less coverage. States highlighted in gray do not have CenturyLink internet service.

There are now 19 American cities where the CenturyLink Fiber Internet plan is offered, but that number is sure to rise. The 19 cities that are covered by CenturyLink fiber are as follows:

Let’s examine both internet plans in more detail now that you are aware of your possibilities. A few noteworthy features, such as the availability of limitless data caps, are shared by both internet plans. As none of the CenturyLink plans will run out of data, you can download and install as many games as you like and watch a movie every night.

  • Arizona’s Phoenix
  • Arizona’s Tucson
  • Boulder Colorado
  • Colorado’s Denver
  • Coral Reef/Fort Myers, Florida
  • The Villages/Ocala, Florida
  • Florida’s Orlando
  • Pocatello and Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Minnesota’s Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Jefferson City, Columbia Missouri
  • Missouri’s Springfield
  • Nebraska’s Omaha
  • Nevada’s Las Vegas
  • Oregon’s Portland
  • Utah’s Salt Lake City

Recap: Is CenturyLink a good internet provider?

By providing just two internet plans—one fiber plan and one DSL plan—CenturLink makes things simpler. Pick the fiber option without a doubt if given the choice between the two.

With CenturyLink’s fiber internet plan, users may get near-gigabit speeds for less money than they would otherwise pay. The fastest speed available with CenturyLink’s DSL option is 100 Mbps, but it still costs $50 a month. We advise switching to a different ISP if CenturyLink’s DSL offering is your sole choice.


Using a methodical manner, we assessed price, data speeds, data caps, price increases after promotional pricing, and regional availability when analyzing CenturyLink internet. We followed the following phases in our methodology: Also check backlink tools 

Data Collection

Using information from official CenturyLink sources, such as their website and customer support agents, we first gathered information on their internet plans. In order to obtain knowledge from actual customers’ experiences, we also consulted outside sources including social media sites like Reddit and online discussion boards. This made it possible for us to gather a variety of data points and guarantee the precision of our conclusions.

Pricing Analysis

We examined CenturyLink’s pricing structures, including introductory deals, standard rates, and any extra costs or price increases, in order to assess its internet plans. Our objective was to evaluate the whole value provided by each plan, taking into account both the features and cost-effectiveness.

Speed and Data Cap Assessment

To gauge real performance, we test internet speeds whenever we can. We also looked at any data constraints or restrictions placed on each plan, evaluating the potential effects these would have on customers’ internet behavior. It is advised to choose plans with data caps and faster data speeds.

Pricing Increases and Contract Terms

We carefully examined all price hikes following the promotional period to get a sense of the possible long-term costs associated with signing up for CenturyLink internet service. In order to ensure that customers are not penalized if they choose to terminate and transfer internet service providers, we also looked over the terms and conditions of service agreements.

Regional Accessibility

Given that CenturyLink’s service is offered in some regions, we took into account the plans’ geographic reach. In this instance, CenturyLink provides internet service in 19 states.


Does CenturyLink offer reliable streaming internet?

Depending on your available download speed, CenturyLink ought to work well for streaming. Even a household of two to three people should be able to use the DSL plan with 100 Mbps data speeds, while bigger families can easily use the Fiber Internet option, which offers more than enough capacity to accommodate several streams at once.

To what extent is CenturyLink dependable?

Although CenturyLink didn’t rank among our fastest ISPs, its download speed isn’t the fastest.

However, because of its affordable monthly fees, CenturyLink remains a great option if you would rather save cash than have the fastest speeds available.

Are CenturyLink and EarthLink owned by the same business?

Although they are two different businesses, EarthLink and CenturyLink are comparable suppliers. Both providers provide fiber internet and DSL with fast speeds and multiple pricing options.

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