Top Best IPTV For Firesticks In 2024

Top Best IPTV For Firesticks will be described in this article. In this article, we will be comparing the 5 best IPTV services for your Firestick in 2023 so you can be sure to get the best IPTV while using your Amazon Firestick.

Top Best IPTV For Firesticks In 2024

In this article, you can know about Top Best IPTV For Firesticks here are the details below;

Why Use A Amazon Firestick For IPTV

Why Use A Amazon Firestick For IPTV

Since the first generation Amazon Firestick hit the scene back in November 19th, 2014 it has been a big hit with many households when it comes to home entertainment.

The was one of the first home entertainment devices which were in a stick format and had a very nice brushed-off customized Android operating system which gives the Amazon Firestick even to this day, one of the best-looking user interfaces.

Apart from its small form factor and UI looks many owners enjoyed the freedom which the Amazon Firestick gives with it being Android based. This includes great features such as:

  • Screen Mirroring
  • Adding third-party Android applications (sideloading)
  • Installing Kodi
  • Accessing access to over 3.553 million Android apps and games
  • A unique remote control and HDMI CEC control
  • Controlling the Firestick with your Android smartphone or iPhone

So with the above great benefits of owning an amazon firestick, you can clearly see it stands head and shoulders above most of the other home entertainment and IPTV devices on the market. (Apart from the Nvidia Sheild).

What makes the Firestick the most used device for IPTV is its price point and its ability to be quickly unplugged and taken on your travels.

Ok, now you know the reason why the Firestick rocks especially when it comes to IPTV let’s see the best iptv providers to use with your Firestick.

What Are Is The Best IPTV For Firesticks In 2023

Below we will list the best IPTV to use on your Firestick as well as towards the end of this article add in a little bonus with the top 3 IPTV apps you can use on your Firestick.

We have personally tested all IPTV provider’s services below and came up with a review on them.

1. Strong IPTV

We are trying to not toot our own horn here but with us Strong IPTV we have been around for many years maybe one of the first wave of IPTV providers back when IPTV become popular over 7 years ago.

So at Strong IPTV, you can be sure you are getting the best in IPTV quality which is stable streams and a large range of IPTV channels to choose from boasting over 50,000+ channels covering all countries across the globe.

Not only do we have one of the largest channels ranges out of all IPTV providers we also have the largest movie and TV show database (VOD) with numbers going into the 100,000+ as opposed to the IPTVs industry stand of 20,000 VOD content.

Paired with offering the best IPTV with the best quality we also have a quick and great support system so if you happen to run into any problems when using your IPTV service our Strong IPTV technicians can talk you through any issues to quickly resolve them.

You will also find Strong IPTV service to work across many different IPTV devices such as MAG boxes, Firesticks, Smart TVs, Playstations, Xboxes, iOS, Windows, Kodi, and many more devices.

You can also use a VPN with Strong IPTV in case you have any issues with your internet provider when it comes to watching live IPTV streams.

2. IPTV Trends

This is another heavyweight when it comes to the IPTV space that offers the best bang for buck when it comes to quality such as ourselves.

You will find IPTV Trends is very much like Xtreme HD IPTV but have slightly higher pricing than Xtreme HD IPTV.

Currently, IPTV Trends boasts over 19,000+ live IPTV channels which happens to be a lot, and covers most of the world with its IPTV channels.

They also offer between 40,000 – 60,000 movies and TV shows (VOD) so they are no slouch when it comes to their VOD game.

When we emailed them as a standard unknown random user they were quick to give us support, unlike many lower less known IPTV providers around town.

IPTV Trends also offers many different formats to receive your IPTV in such as M3U files, Xtream API username and password, enigma plugins and MAG details, and portal URLs.

When we signed up with IPTV Trends it was a quick process from signing up to getting their IPTV service on our Firestick.

3. Xtreme HD IPTV

If there was a throne for only 3 kings in IPTV then the last seat would go to Xtreme HD IPTV due to the quality and price of the service as compared to the previously mentioned IPTV Trends and Strong IPTV.

Xtreme HD IPTV offers some great quality IPTV and has good servers which help mitigate the possibility of stuttering and freezing which can trouble the lower-level IPTV providers in the industry.

They offer over 16,000+ IPTV channels which is why they are seated third on our best iptv for Firestick list but their 16k channels are certainly of high quality so don’t be fooled by the lower amount of live channels.

After we tested the IPTV service for a few days we didn’t notice any freezing and buffering which is a big plus when it comes to choosing an IPTV provider.

They have over 40,000+ VOD content to choose from with the latest movies and tv shows which again is lower than Strong IPTV and IPTV Trends but we can certainly rock with that number.

Again with Xtreme HD IPTV, you can install the IPTV not only on Amazon Firesticks but across a host of different IPTV devices such as MAG boxes, Smart TVs, Windows, iOS, and plenty more.

4. Yeah IPTV

We must admit, that’s a quite funky name, but this is not the reason they made our list it’s because of the quality they provide alongside the 3 IPTV providers mentioned previously.

They have good pricing points but in our honest opinion where they have good quality IPTV live streams they do lack in the amount of channels they have at just 6000+ at the time of writing.

This is why they made it 4th on our list but if a lower amount of channels is your thing then we would highly recommend giving them a test drive to check out their service.

They offer the usual different methods of receiving your IPTV details such as Xtream Codes API username and password, MAG devices right down to enigma2.

You will also find you can use a VPN perfectly fine when streaming live IPTV channels with Yeah IPTV.

5. VocoTV

Yes if you have been around IPTV for any amount of time you may not have heard of these but they are a newcomer with a great service delivering top-notch IPTV streams right to your firestick.

With VocoTV they do only seem to be focused on IPTV channels from the US, UK, Central/South America, and Canada. But if you are only after any of these countries then it’s always a good idea to look into VocoTV as your IPTV provider.

You can still get an Amazon range of IPTV channel categories with them such as the usual sports, news, movies, tv shows, documentaries, and more.

A nice bonus with VocoTV is you are not tied down to a single IP address when using their IPTV service so you can put on as many devices as you want and it will play but just 1 IP address at a time.

Their support is great too and was quick to answer our questions when we were testing them out.

Now we have covered the best IPTV services for Firesticks let’s look into some of the best iptv apps you can use for your Amazon Firestick.

Bonus: The 3 Best IPTV Apps To Use On Your Firestick

As promised we have added a little bonus section to tell you what are the best apps to use with your new IPTV provider on your Firestick. So let us begin:



This is the app we use here at Strong IPTV and the IPTV app we recommend when we send out our IPTV welcome email.

This is because it has a nice fluid user interface which is also very user intuitive and you won’t run into many issues using the XCIPTV player app.

The app also has many different options within its settings and you can also add multiple IPTV providers to the app in case you use more than 1 IPTV provider.

You can also add in the IPTV details from your provider in many different ways such as Xtream codes API username and password to add the M3U URL.

2. IPTV Smarters

 IPTV Smarters

We are sure you would have heard or even used this IPTV app it’s one of the longest-standing IPTV apps around but also one of the best with everything newer version including better functions to the IPTV app. Also check IPTV players for Windows

It does everything the same as XCIPTV and many IPTV providers have their own custom apps built on top of IPTV smarters due to its great user interface and its general looks.

You can also add multiple IPTV providers to the app as well as have a built-in VPN section in case your IPTV provider runs their own VPN service.

One of the main bonuses with this app is the developers have cross-developed it to work not only on Amazon devices such as firesticks, fire TV cubes, etc but also to work on smart TVs, windows and even has its own web browser version for accessing your IPTV service quickly.

3. Smart IPTV

This is another long-standing quality app and has maybe the easiest user interface when it comes to browsing around the interface and choosing a category and IPTV channel.

Also once you have purchased your IPTV subscription you can quickly get this IPTV app up and running by taking the M3U url your IPTV provider supplies you with and going to the official Smart IPTV website and entering the URL there as well as the special MAC code from the smart iptv app you have installed.

Smart IPTV

This is a nice IPTV app for an amazon firestick and propels more when using it on a smart TV due to its lightweight size and quickness.

Final Thoughts

There you have it a comprehensive article that covers the best iptv for firesticks in 2023 that we have rigorously tested and reviewed to save you the hassle of doing this yourself.

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