7 Websites that a student should bookmark for economics studies

Economics is an area of study that plays a critical function in today’s society by examining and evaluating numerous elements that are most likely to impact the economy favorably or adversely.

Economics is a fascinating field of social science about which you might wish to learn more, particularly about its principles and applications in resource creation, consumption, and distribution.

You may want to expand your knowledge and learn more about economics, but you are unable to do so owing to financial constraints, time constraints, or distance.

Thankfully, eLearning is quickly becoming an alternate and effective means of improving your comprehension, gaining important credentials, and learning new economic facts.

A student can join up with a variety of economics study websites and have unfettered access to a huge collection of on-demand learning materials and multimedia content from prominent economists.

This gives you more flexibility in terms of selecting your course teacher and the pace at which your instruction takes place. Many websites have been developed with user-friendly features to improve your experience throughout the process.

So, here are the top 7 websites that a student should bookmark for economics studies:

1. Master Class: Paul Krugman

Master Class is a well-known video-based learning platform where you may study about economics from well-known economists. Nobel Laureate economist Paul Krugman, who has been characterized as one of the world’s most important economists, will be your class lecturer in this master class.

The lesson plan for Paul Krugman’s economic training program consists of twenty-two lessons, each of which is planned to take twelve minutes.

Through a pre-recorded on-demand video, Paul Krugman will teach you about the concept of economics, its principles, trade theories, macroeconomics, and much more.

There will also be extra learning materials available, such as a class workbook and a students’ community where you can engage with other students, contribute your own thoughts, comments, and provide feedback on any of the courses presented. Similarly, you can check out TopAssignmentExperts, for economics assignment help.

2. Coursera

If you opt to study economics on Coursera’s platform, you will have a lot to gain. It provides a variety of economic courses taught by the top professors and academic institutions from across the world. You will be taught via video lectures to ensure that you get the most out of your lessons.

There is also a discussion forum for all participants, as well as class assignments that will be peer reviewed and graded automatically before being evaluated to see whether you qualify for a certificate at the end of the course. You may use Coursera’s search button to locate and explore different economics courses.

Following the completion of your search phrase, you will be presented with a list of alternatives from which you may choose to examine essential information such as the number of registered students, the course curriculum, the instructors, and the number of subjects to be addressed, and so on.


TFTH is a website that is based on normal longing, since they picked the organization to build up a platform for advanced education students.

This website links teachers who are experts in their professions with students who want to learn more about a certain subject. TFTH, the e-learning platform’s display page is straightforward, and you can quickly examine different details about an assignment, such as the assignment description, reviews and comments, class projects, and the whole course’s lessons.

You may also use the discussion area to ask questions or get clarification on a specific lesson that you are not sure about. TFTH also offers a mobile website that you may bookmark in your device of choice.

4. Lynda.Com

Lynda.Com (from LinkedIn) is an online learning platform where you can get high-quality, engaging, and comprehensive video courses on economics given by top professionals and topic experts. offers a one-month free trial during which you may browse the site and get a taste of what it has to offer.

You have the option of purchasing a premium subscription after your free month has expired. This offers you full access to economics video tutorials as well as the opportunity to download courses to any device of your choosing for internet-free watching via the platform’s mobile app, which can be downloaded on numerous devices.

5. Lessonface

Lessonface is another online learning platform that links students interested in learning more about their chosen course with certified and well-trained teachers in their professions. Lessonface offers excellent tools for learning economics at your own speed and convenience.

You will receive your courses via a live video conference with an economics teacher of your choosing on this platform. Each teacher’s fees are listed on their profile page, and you may pay for your lessons individually (after each class), as a package, or in monthly instalments.

6. Future Learn

Future Learn is a website where you may choose from a variety of economics courses offered by major universities and academic institutions across the world. You may fully immerse yourself in your lectures by using video, audio, and articles, as well as quizzes to test your knowledge.

What is great about utilizing this website to study is that you have the choice of using the free or upgrade versions. You can also check out EduWorldUSA, for your economics assignment help.

7. Udemy

Udemy is a website that offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee if you decide not to learn economics. Economic lessons with the relevant inspectors will be delivered through on-demand video on this eLearning website, coupled with various downloaded tools that may be accessed by mobile or television.

When searching for a course on Udemy, you may utilize the website’s filter or sort icon to help you discover what you are looking for. Both icons will assist you in narrowing down your search results based on ratings, length, level, features, price, language, most relevant, most reviewed, highest rated, and other factors.

You may always browse the list and look for choices that are best sellers or have high ratings if you do not want to utilize these symbols to examine the results.

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