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7 Things to Look For In the Ideal Home Security Systems

Nothing is more exciting than finally having a place to call your own, where you don’t have to worry about the landlord’s knock at the end of every month. However, you also want a home where you and your family can feel comfortable and secure at all times. Well, besides adding all the comfort features that suit your preference, your home’s security should be a huge priority. They help protect you, your property, and other dwellers from issues like fire accidents, home intrusion, burglary, and even disasters like burst pipes that cause water damage.

With this being said, there are many different types of security systems for homes to choose from these days. And as anyone would expect, these vary widely in terms of what they can do, their functionality, and reliability. Many of them come with a combination of multiple security-enhancing features, from vision cameras to motion detectors, smoke detectors, glass-break sensors, and much more. Some even utilize technologically advanced features such as biometric fingerprint scanners!

This is why it makes great sense to choose your home security system wisely, a process that many homeowners can find daunting. In this piece, luckily, we shall take a look at eight crucial things to look for when getting the ideal security system for your home.

1. CCTV Cameras

Security cameras are like a home’s watchtower. They basically keep an eye on every entry point, hallway, or any other place where they are installed in your home. Since they are on around the clock, they collect crucial data that could help you catch intruders and burglars even after they’ve entered your home and done their thing.

As a matter of fact, thieves and intruders tend to keep away from places with security cameras because they know they can be caught easily over time once CCTV footage is analyzed. This is why Morristown Road’s recent article on the best home security system mentions security cameras as one of the most important features to look for. In your search, it is best to insist on security cameras that record video in HD, having them placed strategically indoors and outdoors. While shopping for security cameras, a few things to consider include:

  • Quality and image clarity
  • Field of vision
  • Night vision recording
  • Motion-triggered vs. constant recording
  • Siren-equipped cameras

2. Motion Sensors and Detectors

Just as the name suggests, motion sensors basically alert you in various ways once motion is detected in your home with or without your presence. It could trigger an alarm or send mobile alerts, depending on how the system is configured. But how do motion sensors work exactly? You may ask. Well, there are two main types of motion sensors: those that use lasers and those that use infrared light.

Often placed in strategic locations like windows, doors, and entryways, these devices are normally tripped when the beam or field is broken, usually triggering an alarm. Modern versions come with highly advanced motion sensors that can even distinguish a person from an animal or an object using heat detection. These are great when seeking an additional layer of security for your home rather than the primary feature.

3. Sirens and Alarms

Alarms systems have for long been the most popular way to enhance security in homes. When a burglar or intruder makes their way into your home, these devices sound an alarm that alerts the authorities and neighbors that something is amiss. They come programmed, with sensors that detect suspicious activity around or in your home.

Sirens and alarm systems are also great at scaring intruders off, perhaps before they cause harm or destruction to your property. They are specifically great at deterring most criminals as the police or security teams seek to respond to the alarm.

4. Floodlights

In other words, these are known as motion detector lights. When it’s dark, floodlights will shine bright towards the set direction as soon as motion is detected. This way, burglars or intruders will have no option but to flee, since they can’t use darkness to hide and propagate their ill intentions. They are a common feature in security systems because they can help deter criminals that like to sneak around in the dark.

5. Glass-Breakage Sensors

Also referred to as burglary, breaking and entering is a serious offense in the US and other places around the globe. If statistical estimates are anything to go by, slightly more than 1 million burglary cases were reported across the US in 2020. These numbers can be alarming, especially to a person who has just settled in their dream home with a beautiful family.

Now, most burglars will break and enter rather than struggle picking a lock, perhaps for the sake of saving time. This is one of the reasons to get a security system fitted with glass breakage sensors. Once the glass is broken, the impact triggers an alarm that alerts the authorities and neighbors of the occurrence. These sensors are usually fitted with tiny microphones specifically designed to detect the sound of breaking glass. They are especially effective in protecting your home and family from smash-and-grab burglars.

7 Things to Look For In the Ideal Home Security Systems

6. Panic Buttons

These are usually wall-mounted or sometimes placed strategically elsewhere around the home. They are designed to be pressed whenever you have an emergency and need services from the fire department, paramedics, or the police. You must have seen them in the movies, in case you haven’t used one. They can provide an additional layer of security to your home.

7. Video Doorbell

What comes to your mind when someone knocks on your door? Well, most apartments and homes contain a peephole that lets you see who you are letting into your house beforehand. With a video doorbell, you don’t even have to get out of the bedroom to let someone in.

Video doorbells are usually equipped with a camera and a microphone, which allow you to speak to the person at the door remotely. Whether it’s the mailman, a stranger, a friend, or an unexpected guest, you can make the decision to let them in or speak to them even if you’re not home.

Nothing beats knowing you are safe and secure in your home. It gives you peace of mind while elevating your comfort. When looking for a home security system, be sure to consider the above-listed things.

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