6 Examples of Innovative Technology in Education

Technology has changed our lives significantly. There is no doubt about that.

Looking back ten or twenty years ago, we can track a whole bunch of changes that took place in various aspects of our lives, including the field of education that has changed drastically since that time.

Now, books are being gradually replaced by e-readers, most academic assignments are being submitted online, laptops and tablets can be found in nearly every classroom and every household. What is more, now, various e-learning opportunities are prospering. Every student has the possibility to get professional essay writer help online to boost grades or save time, and everyone can access tons of information right from their homes. And even that’s not all.

We are now living in a world of technology and innovation, which affect all spheres of our lives, including education. Every year we can observe more and more innovative technology solutions to be adopted by educational facilities across the globe.

What are these innovations? In the list below, we have collected the six most exciting examples of innovative technology used in the field of education.

1. VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most exciting examples of innovative technology used in education. Over the past years, the technology of virtual reality (as well as the technologies of augmented and mixed reality) has been rapidly developing, offering more and more opportunities for education.

These days, many schools and colleges are already adopting VR. We’ve already seen medical students practicing surgeries in virtual simulations and elementary students going on field trips to other planets – all thanks to VR. And, we expect this technology to keep evolving further.

2. Gamification

One more example of the use of innovative technology in the classroom is gamification.

How does it help students perform better academically? The answer is simple. If we look at traditional classroom assignments, such as essays, we can see that they are hard to complete, time-consuming, and, most importantly, extremely boring. No wonder why students prefer to turn to a cheap essay service instead of dealing with such assignments on their own. And, respectively, they don’t learn.

However, when schools adopt gamification, they get their students more engaged and excited about different classroom activities and assignments. As a result, their performance boosts.

3. 3D Printing

Another exciting innovation that is being widely adopted in the field of education is 3D printing. In 2021, the world has already found plenty of applications to 3D printing. This technology enables us to build anything from small physical models to real artificial organs.

In the field of education, 3D printing also has a huge potential. It enables students to create models of various objects, which allows hands-on interaction and investigation of these objects. The benefits of this technology are quite broad. But, most importantly, 3D printing is known to get students curious and, thus, more engaged in classroom activities, which helps boost the learning outcomes.

4. AI

For years, the world hasn’t stopped talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its possible applications in various fields of our lives. And, though this technology is still developing, we already see the first examples of its use in education.

Currently, we’ve already seen examples of the use of AI for automating feedback and grading, as well as for providing personalized learning opportunities to students. Needless to say that there are many benefits of this innovative technology in terms of education. And, we still expect it to develop even more and become more widespread among educational facilities around the globe.

5. Mobile Technology

Just a decade ago, schools and higher education facilities were mass banning students from using their mobile devices during their classes. However, things have changed a lot since then. And, these days, instead of banning mobile technology, educational institutions have found ways to make it a part of the academic program. So, this is one more example of technology in education.

How do schools use mobile technology? They mostly rely on various educational apps. This way, educational facilities can provide more engaging and interactive student experiences and also make the learning process more personalized.

6. Tablets and E-Readers

These technologies are not quite new, so they can’t really impress you. Nevertheless, both tablets and e-readers take a deserved place in our list of examples of technology in education.

At this point, tablets and e-readers are increasingly replacing traditional, hard-copy textbooks in schools and colleges. And, while some people still see a problem in this, such gadgets can really help to cut down the cost of textbooks, reduce the use of paper, and, after all, rid students of the need to carry around lots of bulky and heavy books.

The Bottom Line

VR, AI, gamification, and all the other technology we’ve shared with you in this article have already taken their deserved places in the process of education. Each of these innovations has proven to offer better experiences and improve the overall quality of learning, helping students of all levels achieve greater academic results.

Apart from the technology included on our list, there are also many other examples of innovations adopted in the field of education. Moreover, every year we can see even more examples of technology in the classroom. And, this is just the beginning.

As technological progress keeps moving further, we still have plenty of other innovations that are yet to come. And it can’t be more exciting to see what else the future holds for us!

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