5 Rules Of Link Building For SEO Beginners

Link building in SEO is one the most important activities you should never turn a blind eye to. The matter is that the presence of backlinks is one of the crucial conditions to get high positions in the ranking. So, what’s the essence of blog link building and how can you get value-driving backlinks? Use this guide as your starting point in SEO backlink building.

Why Is Link Building Crucial?

The presence of high-quality do-follow backlinks is one of the top three ranking factors in Google. So if you want your website pages to rank high in the SERPs, you will almost certainly need links.

Google and other search engines consider links from other sites as an indicator of authority. This helps to determine which page on a certain topic out of thousands of similar ones deserves to take the first place in the search results.

What does a beginner need to start working on link building? Below you will find 5 tips that will help you get started with an SEO link-building strategy.

5 Rules to Include in Your  Link Building Strategy

So, before getting started with attracting backlinks from third-party sources, you need to prepare the site from the inside. Conduct SEO and Usability analysis, remove errors and duplicates, write relevant titles and descriptions, optimize the site loading speed, and so on.

Only after that, you can start working with external promotion strategies, including link building. The good condition of your site in the context of SEO will help you to promote in ranking. Follow the next simple steps one by one.

1. Optimize Your Content

Quality content is something that is relevant in the context of any SEO strategy. When it comes to link-building strategies, the quality of the content is crucial. Therefore, it is worth reviewing all existing content and optimizing it.

It is worth creating content that will be useful for your audience, giving practical advice and guidance. It is also necessary to add statistics and research. Look at articles from top competitors and try to make your content more valuable and engaging.

2. Use Guest Posting

Advertising in blogs is another effective way to get quality links that will benefit your rankings. The bottom line is that you will publish a guest post and place links in the text to your website. Thus, you will receive both targeted traffic and a backlink.

However, keep in mind that the content you will post as a part of a guest posting partnership, should be valuable and engaging as well. The link you add should look natural and organic; otherwise, there is a risk of getting your website punished by the search engine.

3. Collaborate With Dedicated Sites

Dedicated sites are those that “hide” that they offer such an opportunity as guest posting. This is due to the fact that Google understands that many site owners use guest posting strategies for link building. This doesn’t mean that you will get in trouble, but it is still wise to avoid sites that actively promote cooperation with guest posting.

Therefore, when choosing partner sites, you should give preference to those that do not actively advertise such a service as guest posting. This will secure your link-building strategy and reduce all risks.

4. Generate Unique Research

When preparing content, do not forget about the importance of unique research and statistics. All this will make your content not only of high quality but also allow you to get backlinks without any request or effort. This is because any impressive statistics or research can be useful for other writers.

They may use your information in their articles and link to your site. This way you will get backlinks without any additional effort. Such elements in your content will get many benefits regarding SEO promotion.

5. Use Infographics

Infographics are another opportunity where you can get a backlink without a request. Check out more at where you will get some more tips about website promotion. High-quality and unique infographics are in high demand. First, users actively share infographics. Secondly, other writers can use your infographic for their content with a link to your site.

In this way, infographics can become a tool to get backlinks in the long term, and without additional work on this matter. What is more, it is a good way to attract readers and promote the site.

Also, don’t forget to analyze your link-building performance, and track your website mentions.

The Bottom Line

So, you can use these rules to form your strategy as they are the basis of the link-building process. Follow this guide as the starting point in your strategy to reboot the ranking of your site with the help of quality links.

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