12 Best Bitcoin & Crypto Wallets in 2024

It is time for you to get to know the cryptocurrency market thoroughly and take a look at the best crypto wallets. With these wallets, you can create special addresses to receive the tokens that you eventually trade. You can also send your cryptocurrencies to other electronic wallets to pay for a service or give away tokens.

With the best crypto wallets, you have total management of your assets to trade them every day. You can use the Bitcoin wallets on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or another device with an internet connection. Even the wallets can be registered on several devices only you will have to synchronize it.

You will have to make a tough decision when knowing the 12 best Bitcoin wallets and all the features they present. These wallets usually work globally in some specific countries so that you are aware of them.

Wallets to store Bitcoins How do they work?

Many of these wallets used to store bitcoins use a BIP32 password protocol that focuses on privacy. On the other hand, these wallets have technologies such as Pay-to-Script-Hash and P2SH that will allow customers to create addresses with which they will receive their money. These transactions within crypto wallets can be anonymous for you to enjoy privacy.

The cryptocurrency wallets are used to purchase, sell, and exchange the tokens that can dominate on the platform. These wallets can have up to 100 decentralized tokens or a few pairs that you trade with.

For you to make the best decision when choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet, you will have to take into account that:

  • The crypto wallets that offer the greatest security are the external ones that you can buy or install on a pendrive at no cost. You will not leave traces of your crypto transactions, and the wallets are specially designed to avoid hacks.
  • Some wallets can give you several options to do business with cryptocurrencies and thus take advantage of the new financial market. You will be able to buy, sell and exchange Bitcoins without third party agents.
  • You can access multiple wallets where you can trade various types of tokens and not just Bitcoin. These wallets are very common today, so it will not be a problem to find them.

An extra tip for you to choose a quality crypto wallet is to be aware of its reputation. Some cryptocurrency wallets may have been hacked months ago, which can make you doubt their operation.

Meet the 12 best wallets to store and trade Bitcoins

You have the opportunity to meet the best crypto wallets for the characteristics they present to you. Favorite crypto wallets include:

1. Exodus

The cryptocurrency platform Exodus earns the position as one of the best because it gives live crypto graphs. Within this wallet, you will know the right time to trade with the cryptocurrencies you have stored. Exodus has a very stable desktop and mobile version that you can register for free of charge.


  • The cryptocurrency portfolio supports up to 100 tokens
  • Exodus can be synced with Hardware wallets for added security.
  • It has a mobile version.

Exodus has expanded its adoption of cryptocurrencies, which is why its popularity has increased in recent months. However, you may notice that the wallet is not backed by Ethereum, which can be a disadvantage if you trade it.

2. Electrum

Electrum competes to be one of the best crypto wallets online that you can use at no cost. This crypto wallet allows you to create a secret key for up to 24 hours and an access verification by mobile phone.


  • Supports offline transfers
  • Serves for hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor
  • It has a mobile version.

Electrum can be a very important cryptocurrency wallet for traders looking to exchange their assets. However, this wallet does not let you buy or sell its tokens; its system is only dedicated to crypto exchange.

3. Mycelium

With Micelio, you have all the control over your cryptocurrencies to trade them at ease throughout the day. The crypto wallet has a good security system as well as many dynamic tools for cryptography.


  • It has ERC-20 transactions that stand out for their low commissions.
  • Offers education about cryptocurrencies.
  • Accepts paper wallets and hardware wallets.

Mycelium is an ideal cryptocurrency wallet for young people looking to start a business with cryptocurrencies. However, you may notice that some tools within the wallet are very advanced for the average crypto investor.

4. Trezor

With Trezor, you can store, buy and sell more than 100 cryptocurrency tokens online or offline. This cryptocurrency wallet is one of the best for its security system that has complex encryption. You can trade your cryptocurrencies from any computer or laptop where you can insert the pendrive of the crypto wallet.


You can receive money from various crypto wallets.

It has the cloud function for you to save your personal information.

Excellent help support.

Although Trezor is an interesting cryptocurrency wallet, you will not have a free version. To use the wallet, you will have to pay at least 59 euros to have the “Gold” version.

5. Opolo

Opolo may be the best cryptocurrency wallet if you are looking for security and the number of supported tokens. The cryptocurrency wallet can work perfectly on your Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android computers. One of the most attractive points that the wallet can share is that its security is solid, so you will not be afraid of your cryptocurrencies being stolen.


Supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies

Serves to exchange cryptos and fiat

It can help you trade crypto from your mobile phone.

For you to have the Opolo wallet, you may need to invest some of your money. This crypto wallet is great for anonymous transactions, but it can limit you to using it when you see the cost of its service.

6. Wasabi wallet

You can have the best fund transfers using Wasabi Wallet from your Windows or Mac computer. The wallet allows you to have transparent transactions with known users or anonymous with unknown people. This wallet supports various cryptocurrencies, and its collection is on the rise.


It has a very stable platform.

Can be synced with Legder Nano or Trezor.

Wasabi Wallet is a new cryptocurrency platform that allows you to receive and send Bitcoins at ease. The only disadvantage that the wallet has is that it does not have a mobile App, and the minimum sending of Bitcoins must be 0.1 satoshis.

7. Cobo

You may also come across mobile wallets with which you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at ease. Cobo is a good quality wallet that will be available for your android and IOS mobile. You can have a basic registry and security system at various points to be sure that your crypto won’t be stolen.


You can use Cobo to trade more than 20 cryptocurrencies.

The mobile platform is light and very stable.

Cobo could be a perfect cryptocurrency platform if it let you trade the tokens. You will not be able to transfer your Bitcoins to Ethereum or vice versa within the wallet, which makes it less popular when compared to the competition.

8. Ledger

Ledger Nano is one of the best-known hardware wallets in the cryptocurrency market, giving it purchasing value. The wallet supports several pairs of cryptocurrencies, has pin security, and is linked to your mobile phone.


It has several encryption systems to protect your account

Offers a Bluetooth connection with Nano X.

It is an excellent wallet for the exchange of cryptocurrencies

The Ledger wallet offers the best system to store cryptocurrencies, but its purchase price is quite high.

9. Shift crypto

If you want a legendary crypto wallet, you may need to sign up for Shift Crypto now. This wallet is one of the oldest in cryptocurrency trading and has a good reputation as a hardware wallet. You can manage cryptocurrencies at ease using the BitBoxApp application that is integrated into the hardware.


You can trade with more than 500 cryptocurrencies.

It has several security systems.

It is compatible with mobile phones

You may notice that Shift Crypto is a good hardware wallet because its purchase price is not that high. However, the wallet does not let you trade between available crypto, which could be a disadvantage.

10. BitPay

You can use BitPay to buy and sell cryptocurrencies while maintaining your link to traditional financial systems. The wallet allows you to buy bitcoins with your credit card. Within BitPay, you can use more than nine cryptocurrencies and some stable tokens like USDT.


Has a mobile app

Total security.

You can buy Gift Card.

The wallet is special for basic or advanced cryptocurrency trading, but you will have to pay for it to enjoy it.

11. Bitcoin Wallet

You can trade bitcoins in the best way by using the Bitcoin Wallet from your computer. This American wallet is one of the best when trying to use your tokens on business premises. Bitcoin Wallet works with more than ten cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple.


You can use the fingerprint unlock with your mobile

Supports multiple centralized currencies

You can use the QR scan to pay with cryptocurrencies

With Bitcoin Wallet, you may notice that the wallet does not support hardware platforms like trezor.

12. Atomic Wallet

You can see that among the best crypto wallets is Atomic Wallet, even though it has been in operation for two years. The wallet has shown that it has enough potential to make you buy and sell cryptocurrencies at ease. Atomic Wallet, you can trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other important altcoins.


Mobile and desktop version

Is free

Works in more than 100 cryptocurrencies

Before using Atomic Wallet, you should know that the wallet does not support hardware cryptocurrency exchanges like Ledger.

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