Best 15 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to buy cryptos

If you are a fan of cryptocurrencies, it is only fair that you know the best cryptocurrency exchanges to trade the tokens. These crypto platforms are high fidelity because they promise to buy, sell and transfer your tokens without problems under an automated system. If you are new to the crypto market, you will undoubtedly be interested in knowing which are the most commercialized crypto platforms online to use from today.

One of the things that you should consider while looking for the correct encryption exchange is the quality of the server. You may come across new crypto platforms that will benefit you with a fast, secure exchange system with low commissions. On the other hand, you can register in cryptocurrency exchange with more years of experience to offer you a stable platform.

What is a platform for cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency platform allows you to buy and sell tokens using other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies such as the dollar or euro. Some of these cryptocurrency platforms are regulated by the government, while others work freely. Every week a new platform is launched, either optimal or a waste of time for the average crypto investor.

Centralized Coin Wallets vs. Decentralized Coin Wallets

When you trade cryptocurrencies, you must understand the differences between a centralized and a decentralized card. Decentralized or DEX wallets are built by a blockchain chain that allows users to exchange tokens. As a central authority does not manage these wallets, their operation is distributed among several nodes, avoiding computer hacking.

On the other hand, centralized portfolios can be all those platforms, such as banks. An operator controls these exchanges, and transactions can be delayed if the server goes down.

The best 15 Cryptocurrency platforms

If you want to be part of the new financial market with cryptocurrencies, you may need to choose one of the 15 best cryptocurrency exchanges, such as:

1. Binance

  • Available in various countries of the world
  • Commissions are 0.1%
  • You can get discounts on crypto transactions.

Binance ranks first as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges because it is useful for beginners and professionals. This cryptocurrency platform offers very dynamic trading methods as well as a very secure spot wallet. Binance is available for mobiles and computers; it has 24-hour support to process crypto operations.

2. Coinbase

  • Useful for novice investors
  • You can buy cryptocurrencies with TDC and debit.
  • Available in the United States and Europe

The Coinbase platform circulates among the best for its good reputation in the cryptocurrency market. This crypto exchange platform has been in operation for several years, where it has stored several cryptos. You can carry out your crypto transactions for a commission rate that does not exceed 1.50%, and if you want to buy cryptos with TDC, the fee is an extra 3.99%.

3. KuCoin

  • Supports several countries in the world.
  • The commission is 0.1%

KuCoin may be the best crypto exchange if you are looking for a system that works worldwide. Unlike Binance and Coinbase, the KuCoin platform does not suffer from as many UK and US regulations. The commission rate within kucoin is 0.1%, and you will have several pairs of cryptocurrencies available.

4. Bitstamp

  • It allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card
  • Excellent for large cryptocurrency transactions

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies in the easiest way possible, you can register with Bitstamp right now. The cryptocurrency platform allows you to buy your bitcoins with Visa, Mastercard, or reputable electronic wallets. Bitstamp works from Luxembourg and has support that covers more than 20 countries in the world.

5. Kraken

  • Supports more than 17 cryptocurrency tokens
  • Available in the United States
  • Advanced options for trading.

It is a cryptographic platform with more than a decade of experience that allows trading with a good number of tokens. Kraken has a good reputation in its trading system, so you should trust it today. This cryptocurrency exchange offers you a fixed fee system.

6. Bittrex

  • Commission rates are 0.25%
  • Incredible security
  • Has a good collection of cryptocurrencies

If you want to know where to buy cryptocurrency in seconds, it will certainly be convenient for you to use Bittrex. This cryptocurrency platform was launched in 2014, it has a good collection of tokens, and its popularity in the United States is high. The only problem with Bittrex is that its mobile version is a bit slow, affecting your experience.

7. Gemini

  • Option of crypto auctions
  • You can deposit and withdraw fiat currencies

Geminis is a recommended crypto platform for professional cryptographers because it shows an advanced level of trading. The virtual currency platform has an excellent trading system with cryptos and fiat currencies. One of the special characteristics that Geminis presents is that it has a crypto auction system.

8. hit BTC

  • The trading platform is updated
  • Good volume of daily operations
  • Supports many altcoins

When you are only looking to trade cryptocurrencies and put trust funds aside, you can use hiBTC. This platform is good for crypto professionals looking to take advantage of the token’s volatility. With hiBTC, you can trade and exchange cryptocurrencies at ease.

9. Coinmama

  • It is a useful platform for countries in the Middle East.
  • Good security system

If you are located in a Middle Eastern country and want to have the best cryptocurrency platform, you should choose Coinmama. This crypto platform is exclusive for Israeli investors who want to buy their first Bitcoin tokens. The crypto platform can have limits with the United States, like when you want to withdraw your cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

10. Poloniex

  • It is the largest crypto exchange in the world
  • Loan option

Poloniex, at the time, was the best crypto Exchange, but in the absence of an update, it was overshadowed by the competition. However, you will still have an excellent cryptocurrency platform to trade with all the tokens you want. Poloniex has a special option, “loans,” so that you can trade cryptocurrencies without using your money.

11. BitMex

  • Serves for BTC futures.
  • Incredible leverage system
  • Your platform has a very good design

If you want to use BTC futures together with your first investments, Bitmex may serve you perfectly. This crypto- usd or yen platform is excellent if you want to get the most out of crypto trading. The only downside Bitmex can have on their platform is that it will only be good for experienced investors.

12. Changelly

  • New cryptocurrency platform.
  • Accepts various pairs of cryptocurrencies
  • Payment rates are competitive

With Changelly, you can transfer cryptocurrencies and, in turn, start mining to extract your tokens. This platform is multi-functional, which could give you exceptional long-term value. The only drawback that you can see within Changelly is that it is a new crypto platform. Therefore, it does not have a good reputation.

13. Bitpanda

  • You can send your fiat currency from Skrill and other electronic wallets
  • Does not support transactions from Coinbase

You can use Bitpanda for the sole purpose of initiating passive investments using Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, etc. Bitpanda has a basic platform, and that is why it is useful for crypto beginners and professionals. You can buy your first tokens using a TOC or e-wallets like Skrill.

14. Cryptopia

  • Lots of information about cryptocurrencies
  • Low payment rates
  • Supports multiple pairs of cryptocurrencies

This cryptocurrency platform comes from New Zealand to several countries, such as the United States and Spain. Cryptopia is used for trading and other operations with cryptocurrencies. All registered users on the web are verified to know that you trade your cryptocurrencies with a real person.

15. eToro

  • Almost zero payment rates.
  • Excellent leverage system

eToro deserves to be named as the best cryptocurrency exchange because its leverage system is profitable. The crypto platform has excellent CFD providers, and its interface is easy to use. Something that is limiting in eToro is that it only allows trading with seven cryptocurrencies.

Commissions on cryptocurrency platforms

To negotiate with cryptocurrencies in the purchase or sale, you will have to know their commission rates. In these crypto exchange platforms, you can have several commissions such as:

  • Deposit fee

Some cryptocurrency exchanges will not charge you a fee when you deposit your money into the account you have registered. However, platforms with a deposit fee usually divide the payment percentage depending on the token you want to trade.

  • Fee for negotiation

These trading commissions are calculated by a stable percentage that each exchange platform establishes. Some cryptocurrency websites may charge you a flat fee for all transfers regardless of the amount, and others tend to vary the fees. Transfers for market developers are very different from those for takers in the crypto market.

  • Payments for withdrawal of tokens

If you want to withdraw your cryptocurrencies from the wallet, you must accept the fee applied to complete the process. These withdrawals of virtual currencies can be of a stable fee such as 0.001 Ethereum for each transaction with the token. On the other hand, fiat currency withdrawals on the crypto exchange can focus on a percentage table based on money.

Different wallets for cryptocurrencies

When you search for the best crypto exchange, you will not only come across one platform but several prospects online. You can differentiate crypto exchanges by:

  • Fiduciary exchanges are those in charge of transferring dollars, euros, pounds, pesos, yen, and other currencies approved by a specific country.
  • Exchanges between crypto-crypto are those platforms that allow trading with digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc.

As you will prioritize cryptocurrency exchanges, you could also classify them by:

  1. Basic exchanges for cryptocurrencies

They are all those web pages where you can buy, sell and exchange with the cryptocurrencies you want. These platforms only facilitate the process of trading with cryptocurrencies.

  1. Cryptocurrency traders

The websites with brokers for cryptocurrencies focus on facilitating the negotiation of the asset for a minimal commission. These brokers usually have the token at the value established by the analysis websites and an extra percentage exceeding 5%. The cryptocurrency brokers are in charge of being a bridge so that the purchase of cryptocurrencies is safe and you have the desired tokens.

  1. Cryptographic websites for direct negotiations

These websites eliminate the purchase scheme with intermediaries, so you will have absolute control to obtain the crypto. They are websites with questionable security where you can get scammed by a person who will guarantee to transfer Bitcoin to your wallet.

Commercial crypto exchanges

You can learn details about the commercial cryptocurrency platforms that have been one of the most used in the market. Among the advantages that these crypto exchange websites gain are:

  • You can buy or sell various cryptocurrencies.
  • Commissions are low
  • Transfers are fast, so you will not have problems with crypto volatility.


  • Not suitable for new investors.
  • Some new cryptocurrencies are not available
  • They are not very safe to trade cryptocurrencies.

You can directly contact a buyer or seller of the token you want to trade with these cryptocurrency platforms. The websites that offer the platform takes a small commission in exchange for the security of the transaction. The major crypto trading platforms can offer you services like Stop-Loss.

These cryptocurrency websites give you access to various pairs of virtual currencies, leaving the crypto brokers behind. You will be able to access the cryptographic management functions, where they show you a graph so that you can see the volatility of the crypto second by second. With this graphing option, you will know when is the right time to trade the token.

Crypto exchange – crypto

In this exchange system, you will have a very fluid system with which you can gain some advantages such as:

  • Anonymous transfers
  • Control over negotiations
  • Guaranteed security.

The only downsides you may have in mind with crypto-to-crypto exchanges are:

  • The token price can be high
  • The platform presents investment risks.

With peer-to-peer trading platforms, you can trade your cryptocurrencies with various people around the world. You can buy cryptocurrencies from a user in Asia and Latin America without problems. These cryptocurrency purchases are usually high if you compare them to transactions on direct trading platforms.

Cryptocurrency brokers

You should not ignore the crypto broker platforms that can benefit you with:

  • Fast transactions
  • Several pairs of cryptocurrencies
  • Useful for beginners


  • Commissions are high
  • They don’t have the new cryptocurrency pairs

If you don’t know where to buy cryptocurrency, brokers may make your job easier. These platforms with brokers on board allow you to confidently approach the crypto market and have the highest result. They are platforms widely used by beginners in the cryptocurrency market, so you should prioritize them.

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