World Flipper Reroll and Best Characters Guide

The famous game developer, Kakao Games Corp, announced a new upcoming game, World Flipper. It is an action game and has not launched yet. Only players can pre-register for this game, and it will be released in the next few months. World Flipper has RPG and action type gameplay and has the best combats. Fantastic characters and the team-building option are available for players. The players can explore fantasy worlds and become part of boss battles. You can paly it on both Android and iOS devices. The players can also play World Flipper on PC by using Android emulators.


We know that in role-playing and action games, the players depend on the characters in the game. In the start when a game launch the player focus on its characters and their abilities. Rerolling is the first and important part of the game for new players. The players have to reroll for characters before starting the game. Everyone wishes to reroll the most strong DPS to play the game in the best way. For this purpose, the players must know about each character, and after this, they can reroll for the best characters.

Best Characters to Reroll

In this upcoming game, there will be several characters for the players. They will be able to reroll multiple types of characters. We know that we need strong and best characters because if you reroll all the weak characters, you will have difficulty becoming a game champion. So it needs high care to select characters and reroll them. The new players need a complete guide for best and strong characters. Here we discuss which characters are best for new players, and you must reroll the suggested characters to become a winner in World Flipper. We recommend you to reroll the top five characters, and you will get better results from these characters.


Philia is a 5 star Wind character in World Flipper. It is an excellent healer and support character. These characters recover HP or its whole team and also heal them. It helps in team floating, and also it has powerful leader skills. The HP Philia is above 60%, and its attack is 115%. This character can attack with +30% during floating. It is famous for the attack and support and is considered as the best support character. It has dual performance and so highly recommends the new players to reroll for this character. For this purpose, you must build a Wind team.

World Flipper Reroll and best characters Guide


Claris is also a famous character in World Flipper. Claris is a 5 star Fire Special and Fairy character. The main aim of this character is to support the team. It has the famous ability to enhance the damage skills of its team. It is also a high damage dealer and has powerful leader skills. It is so best that its skill damage is more than 150%. The game skill gauge’s main ability and perform 80% above at the start of Battel. Claris has the unique skills of attack, and it can speedily clear the monsters in the game.

World Flipper Reroll and best characters Guide


It is a Thunder character, and also 5 stars ranked. It is also best for support, and additionally, it can Stun the opponent monsters. The leader skills of Inaho are also best and strong, and it has 40% more thunder character attacks. And the Fewer time of this character is also +30%. You can also use this character as an attacker. It has both the attack and support skills. This character’s ability is known as Fever Gauge, and it can attack 200% more while the Fever time. It is best for new players, and it is highly recommended for a player who wants to fight boss battles.

World Flipper Reroll and best characters Guide


It is the most powerful character of World Flipper. It is best for attack and is known as World Flipper attacker. It is 5 star and belongs to the Light element. It is also known as a swordsman. It has high attacking abilities, and it uses the sword to fight the enemies. It penetrates its sword in the enemy body and kills them fastly. The leader skill of this character is also powerful, and it has 115% more light character attacks when the HP character will be more than 60%. It can attack more when it has a strong HP; with 80% HP, it can attack with +75%.

World Flipper Reroll and best characters Guide


The Bercetia is a 5-star Dark shooter character of the World Flipper game. It is a strong attacker in the World Flipper game, and it uses its HP for attacks. We also call it sacrificing character. Bercetia has strong leader skills. And its skills increase with its high HP. The main ability of this character is that it is an attacker and attacks more it has high HP. We recommend it to those who can manage its HP. If you cannot manage its HP, then you should not reroll it.

World Flipper Reroll and best characters Guide

How to download World Flipper on PC?

Some players may think that about playing this game on PC. So it’s good news for these players that they can play World Flipper on PC, and you only need an Android emulator. Many Android emulators can be used for this purpose, but the top Android emulator is LDPlayer.

Is LDPlayer safe?

A safe Android emulator is the wish of every PC gamer. And you may think that is LDPlayer safe or not. So we clear to you that LDPlayer is a 100% secure and safe emulator among all available emulators. There is no virus and junk files in this emulator. Also, it has lighter weight and does not damage the user system. So players can use it without any hesitation.

 World Flipper Reroll and best characters Guide

How to download LDPlayer?

  1. Visit the website of LDPlayer and click on LDPlayer Android emulator.
  2. Tap on the given download button.
  3. Wait for downloading, and after it, you should install it on your system.
  4. Open the app and play World Flipper and other games on your PC.

World Flipper Reroll and best characters Guide

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