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Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working? Fix It With These Solutions

A taskbar is a GUI element on many pc os such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. It can assist you rapidly launch apps, see the presently active apps, switch between the open apps, and do much more. Nevertheless, what functionality you leave a taskbar depends entirely on its implementation on an os. Talking in context to Windows particularly, the taskbar serves an even more comprehensive purpose than basic multitasking: it brings along extra performances such as quick-access shortcuts, date-time view, easy-access alerts, and most notably, the ability to personalize itself.

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working? Fix It With These Solutions

In this article, you can know about windows 10 taskbar not working fixes here are the details below;

In spite of its comprehensive functionality, though, there are times when the taskbar can start creating problems. Windows 10, in appropriate, is prone to numerous taskbar issues, which can in some cases render it completely unusable.

List of Windows 10 Taskbar Problems

In this segment, we will cover the next Windows 10 Taskbar concerns:
– Windows 10 taskbar frozen This is one of the most noted problems where the Windows taskbar simply freezes.
– Windows 10 taskbar search not working– For some users, the taskbar search (start menu search) quits working which can get really frustrating.
– Unclickable Taskbar– This is sort of related to the Windows 10 frozen taskbar issue where the users can’t even click the taskbar.
– Taskbar Right-click not working– Sometimes, the taskbar itself may not be frozen and yet it will not register the right-click which is extremely irritating.
– Pin to Taskbar not working– Some people have actually reported that the ability to pin applications to the Windows 10 taskbar had actually stopped abruptly.
– Lock/auto-hide taskbar not working– Another Taskbar issue is the failure to lock or immediately conceal the Taskbar.
– Taskbar button not working– This is another typical problem some users face where the taskbar buttons quit working. This should be repaired with our options listed below.
– Taskbar not working after Windows 10 update– This is happening with many users where the taskbar refuses to work right away after getting a Windows 10 upgrade.
– Taskbar not working on start-up– Another typical concern is when everything looks great till you go reboot the computer system and task bar does not work on startup.

How to solve Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working?

Many taskbar problems on Windows arise due to the complex nature of the taskbar itself. Windows 10 taskbar, particularly, is known to be peculiarly infamous in this regard compared to other working systems. As a result, you usually see Windows 10 users grumbling about issues like a frozen/unresponsive taskbar, unclickable taskbar, issues with pinning apps, missing out on application icons, and the malfunctioning of the auto-hide story, to name a few. You can also check another post like gpu fan not spinning.

If you are faced with related (or some other) taskbar queries on your computer system, the following are the fixes for all sort of taskbar problems on Windows 10.

1. Reboot Windows Explorer

If the taskbar on your Windows 10 pc system behaves unusually, a quick fix to fix it is to restart the Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is a file supervisor application on Windows operating system. In fact, not simply that, it is also a part of the os that presents the interface for different system elements such as the taskbar and the desktop.

To restart Windows Explorer:

i. Open Job Manager. You can do this by both pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard faster way or by right-clicking on the taskbar icon and selecting Job Supervisor.
ii. Press on the Processes tab and locate Windows Explorer.
iii. Right click on the Windows Explorer listing and choose Restart from the menu choices.

windows 10 taskbar not working fixes

Windows Explorer must now reboot, and your taskbar needs to be functional once again.

2. Declutter Your Taskbar

Although rebooting Windows Explorer repairs most taskbar concerns on Windows 10, in case it breaks to do so in your event, the next dilemma to fix the taskbar problem is to declutter your taskbar. You understand, if you look carefully at your taskbar, you might discover different components on it that you do not necessarily utilize in an everyday situation, inhabiting space needlessly and slowing down the loading times.
Aspects such as the Cortana search box, job view, and quick actions can mess your taskbar, not to mention unused apps, which might also inhabit excessive space.
To clear such unrequired details from your taskbar:

i. Right agree on a blank space in the taskbar.
ii. Untick the aspects on the menu that you do not use or wish to see anymore.

windows 10 taskbar not working fixes
Similarly, when dealing with apps, you can merely click on their application icon in the taskbar and will Unpin this application from the taskbar to separate them from the taskbar.
Lastly, for items, such as the toolbar, utilize the following steps to clear unrequired aspects: Also check reasons why you should buy a drone.

i. Right click on the taskbar.
ii. Hover over Toolbars and untick the things you do not desire in the toolbar.

Likewise, to get rid of fast action items:
i. Go to Settings > System > Notifications & action.
ii. Click Edit your fast responses.
iii. Unpin the things that you do not utilize to remove them from the quick actions menu.

3. Lock the Taskbar

An unlocked taskbar on your computer can often cause uncommon taskbar behaviors. For example, suppose you want to perform a taskbar action. You click on it to raise menus or options, just to realize that your click has actually made the taskbar to move or resize.
If this is the problem with your Windows 10 taskbar, you can solely click on it and move it back to its default state.

Similarly, to resize it back to the lack size, position the mouse cursor on the edge of the taskbar until it becomes a short vertical arrow and drag it up or down to alter its scope.

4. Disable Auto-Hide Taskbar

Many like the unlocked taskbar, if you have the auto-hide taskbar feature allowed on your Windows 10 computer, you may experience amazing odd taskbar problems.
Although the auto-hide feature ought to preferably conceal and display your system’s taskbar when you hover over the bottom part of the screen, it can in some cases trigger the taskbar to freeze or not show at all. If this is happening with you, you ought to most likely disable the auto-hide function.

To disable auto-hide:
i. Right-click on a void in the taskbar and select Taskbar settings.
ii. Toggle off the button next to Immediately hide the taskbar in desktop mode to disable the auto-hide feature.

windows 10 taskbar not working fixes

5. Update the System to the most recent Software application

Software application updates can often bring along a few bugs with them, which can break the performance of a few of the elements of the os. In the past, a number of Windows 10 users have actually complained about similar concerns on their system that rendered their taskbar and begin menu unusable.
To guarantee this is not the cause of your issue, check to see if there is a new software application upgrade for your system and update your computer to the current variation.
For this:

i. Go to Frames > Update & Security > Windows Update.
ii. Click the Look for updates button. If an upgrade is readily available, it must start downloading instantly, and you can then install it on your system.
If no new software application update is offered and you take regular backups of your computer, you can restore your method to the previous restore point. Also check 4k laptop.

Here’s how:

i. Press Windows + X and choose System.
ii. In the Discover a setting search bar, look for “restore point”.
iii. On the System Characteristic window, click the System Protection tab.

iv. Strike the System Restore button.
v. Follow the on-screen directions and choose the date from which you want to restore your computer system.
vi. Finally, click Complete.

6. Reboot Your Computer system

If none of the repairs listed so far work out, restarting your computer system is a potential basic yet reliable fix to your taskbar issue. Performing so flushes out the RAM and other temporary files and procedures, which could be one of the ideas behind an unresponsive/broken taskbar.
To restart your Windows 10 maker:
i. Click Start and struck the Power button in the back left.
ii. Tap on Restart from the menu of choices in the context menu. Alternatively, you can likewise close down your PC and reboot it by hand if you want.

7. Re-register Apps on the System

The taskbar on Windows 10 can sometimes end up being unresponsive or unstable if it gets deregistered or an application on your arrangement goes rogue does not begin, keeps crashing, or is frozen.
To repair this, you can reg-register all apps on your system, consisting of the one responsible for managing the taskbar.
To re-register apps on Windows 10:

i. Press Windows + X and choose PowerShell from the menu.
ii. In the PowerShell window, get in the following command and hit Enter:
Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers|Foreach
iii. Once the command gets carried out, restart your computer system.

8. Scan Your Computer System for Malware/Virus

In spite of not constantly holding true, your system’s weird and irregular behavior might sometimes point to the existence of malware. If you do not previously have antivirus software application on your computer and its firewall program defense is not strong either, destructive files could be a possible cause for taskbar concerns in some circumstances. Hence, we advise setting up an excellent anti-virus on your system and utilizing it to scan your system for any prospective hazards.
If you do become an anti virus on your system, nevertheless, however it has not warned you of any dangers, open it and carry out a full/deep system scan of your PC to make sure that your system is safe and healthy.

9. Use SFC to Repair Corrupt/Modified Files

If, after all the difficulties so far, the taskbar on your order refuses to get repaired, it could most likely be because of some damaged system files, and therefore, the next fix to deal with the taskbar issue is to utilize SFC for repairing such problems.
SFC or System Data Checker is a system tool to scan & repair system files on your Windows pc. It automatically checks your arrangement for corrupted/modified data & replaces them with the original (proper) version of the file.
To utilize SFC:

i. Press Windows + X and choose Command Trigger (admin) from the menu. Make certain to open the command trigger with raised opportunities.
ii. Enter sfc/ scannow in the command timely window to make a full scan of your system and fix the corrupted/modified data, if any.

10. Usage DISM to Repair System Files

While SFC handles to repair most of the corrupted/modified file issues on Windows, it can refrain from doing the very same for system files. In this case, you need a more effective diagnostic tool like DISM.
DISM or Release Image Servicing and Management is a command-line tool that enables you to modify and fix system images.
To use it:

i. Struck Windows + X shortcut and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
ii. Insert the following instruction in the command timely window: dism.exe/ Online/ Cleanup-image/ ScanHealth, and struck Enter.
iii. If DISM finds an issue on your system, type dism.exe/ Online/ Cleanup-image/ RestoreHealth, and press Get in to fix the scanned concerns on the system.
So you grumbled about the “Windows 10 Taskbar not reacting”? Well, it ought to be working now! Simply in case it still does not work, you can consider developing a new user account. A great deal of individuals suggest developing a new user account as a simple option as it repairs problems like corrupt system files, however this isn’t ideal for a lot of cases considering that you ‘d need to set up whatever from scratch. Utilize it as the really last choice.

Making Windows 10 Taskbar Functional Again

With the help of the repairs noted above, you should have the ability to fix the majority of the taskbar-related concerns on Windows 10 and make your taskbar functional again. All of the repairs we have discussed in this guide are attempted and checked services recommended on numerous forums and websites, consisting of Microsoft’s own neighborhood. So, unless there is an actually odd problem with your system, these must repair most of your taskbar concerns.

That stated, however, if you still continue to deal with taskbar problems on your pc, you can try resetting your computer to remove everything on it and have a clean Windows 10 reinstall. Nevertheless, if you are not comfortable doing that, your best bet is to connect with your laptop computer maker’s assistance group to get a resolution.

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