Why Flood and Spreader Boat Lights are a Necessity in Marine Navigation?

Safety in marine navigation should be upheld with utmost concern, just like road safety. This is not only necessary for the safety of a boat owner but the passengers in the craft. Overlooking the need for safety measures for water vessels can result in accidents and severe damage to the watercraft, including boats and ships.

Thanks to various boards, including International Associations of Lighthouse Authorities Buoyage Systems, marine flood lights are a must for vessels. Lighting up your boat is among the important points emphasized in nautical studies to ensure safety in the water space-enhancing vision, especially during sunset hours.

What are flood and spreader boat lights?

Spreader lights

Spreader lights are potent illuminates named after their mounting location (spreaders). They facilitate good vision on a boat’s deck, making it easier to perform tasks such as docking during the nights.

Different manufacturing industries deal with the fabrication of spreader lights. It is best to purchase your spreader lights from a quality manufacturing company to avoid incurring losses. Its variety in voltage, size and colors are other factors to consider when buying spreader lights for your boat.

The brightest spreader lights are typically not the best option as they interfere with your night vision, making it difficult to identify surrounding vessels in the water. Adding a dimmer to your spreader lights controls the light output.


These are prominent light fixtures that emit a broad beam of light to the dark areas of your boat, improving your visibility and that of approaching or surrounding water vessels. This light concentrates light in a particulate area compared to other conventional lighting systems.

The versatility of floodlights makes them effective in different settings besides installing them on boats. Floodlights can also be used in façade lighting and illuminating ports, architectural buildings and monuments as well.

What to consider when choosing flood and spreader lights?

  •  Boat size. Paying attention to the size of your boat is a primary factor to consider when choosing the proper flood and spreader lights.
  • Time for work. How your activities run through the day is another factor that influences the type of lighting for your boat. People who work late into the night need dimmers installed with their spreader lights to avoid bright illumination, which may negatively affect their vision.
  • Purpose. If you entertain guests in your watercraft, underwater lights will be a great choice as their green hue attracts fish around your boat.

When purchasing lights for your watercraft, LED vapor-proof fixtures are recommended as they last longer. They are built to withstand the harsh marine environment, which traditional lighting systems cannot.

Why LED flood and spreader lights are a great option?

High performance

When it comes to lighting up your boat, you want to ensure that you get value for money. Thanks to LED light fixtures, this lighting technology has a multi-point design, meaning that light is evenly distributed around your vicinity area, facilitating safe and proper navigation.

The varying color temperatures available in these lighting fixtures allow you to work with whichever brightness level will be effective for you. The energy emitted with LED lighting fixtures is limited compared to traditional lighting. This means that you do not have to worry about overheating and replacing the lighting frequently.

Low maintenance

Having to replace your boat lights regularly may be a source of financial strain. LED light fixtures are not affected by adverse weather conditions. The lights function even better in cold environments than other lighting systems, including fluorescent bulbs, which deteriorate in similar conditions.

If you are looking for a durable lighting system, then LED technology is the way to go. Most of these fixtures are housed in rust-free and high-impact materials, which protect them from natural factors such as humidity, dust and trauma.

Today, human life is not limited to land as people have infiltrated vast areas of the ocean in search of a better living. Various jobs, including scientific research and the navy military, involve working under the water surfaces.

Ensuring the environment is safe is key in promoting an effective work environment for these groups of people. For quality LED lighting fixtures with the best deals, work with Phoenix Lighting.

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