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What is an SEO Audit?

Search Engine Optimization is an extremely popular marketing tactic that is used by a large majority of businesses nationwide. This tool helps drive up website traffic, increase online visibility and convert leads to clients. When it comes to online marketing, SEO is one of the most cost-effective and successful strategies to use. If you are unfamiliar with this style of marketing, the legal SEO agency Rankings created this helpful guide.

One important aspect of this type of marketing is not only initial setup but also maintaining your strategies to remain effective. SEO audits are important for maintaining your performance in the search engines. They can be considered a health check for your website and should be done regularly.

Understanding what an audit is and how to perform it effectively can be the key for your webpage when it comes to getting the most out of online marketing. These commonly forgotten performances may be the secret for websites that want to go from struggling for traffic to having an abundance of it.

SEO Audit Definition

An SEO audit is a process that analyzes how well your web presence correlates with best practices. The reason behind this audit is to identify any foundational issues that may be affecting organic search performance as possible.

Common issues that an audit will reveal include technical issues, on-page issues, user experience issues, website structure issues, backlink and content gaps. Audits will also analyze competitive marketplace insights.

All of these issues that are analyzed during an audit can contribute to poor website health and low search ranking. While keyword usage and user experience are important for SEO performance, so are all of these components that many may forget about.

Audits go deeper than just the overall look and feel of your website and content. They look at functionality, structure, and other technical components that search engine bots take into consideration when ranking a website within search results.

Why Are SEO Audits Important?

As with society, web usage and SEO are always changing. Various trends, news, product and service debuts, and new information can shape how search engines rank websites. This can cause certain website information to go out of date and create a need to be replaced.

Audits can help identify what about your website is no longer up to date. Sometimes keywords and other components were relevant in the recent past, but aren’t anymore for a variety of reasons. If your website contains out-of-date information, search engine bots will find your site unreliable and push you further down within results.

If your website isn’t optimized the best that it can be for possible searches, you will be missing out on online traffic. This lack of effective SEO may even cause you to miss out on potential clients. One of the main benefits of Search Engine Optimization is online visibility, and audits ensure that you get the most online visibility that you can.

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