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Top Trending Programming Languages 2021

The mobile apps market is more than ten years old, but it is still developing rapidly. The demand for the creation of mobile applications from the side of companies is constantly growing and it still significantly exceeds the supply, which leads to a constant rise in the cost of development. One of the solutions to reduce the cost of this process is cross platform mobile app development, when the same program code is used on all platforms.

But progress does not stand still: the popularity of certain technologies either increases or decreases. New languages appear, many people try to figure it out in order to start a career or change something in difference between react native and flutter it.

Most popular programming languages:

Here are some Working and Most Popular Programming Languages. Let’s start by going over the terminology again.

  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Python


If developers in the process of writing an application use a most popular programming languages adopted for a specific platform, be it Objective-C and Swift for iOS or Java or Kotlin for Android, such an application will be called native (from English native – native, natural).

Benefits of native apps:

  • speed of work and response of the interface. The application responds to pressing instantly, there are practically no delays in animation, scrolling, receiving and outputting data;
  • clear and simple access to the functions and sensors of the device. For the developer, it is not a problem to work with geolocation, push notifications, taking photos and videos through the camera, sound, accelerometer and other sensors;
  • the possibility of in-depth work with the functions of a smartphone. As in the previous paragraph, such things as animations, the creation of complex interfaces and the operation of neural networks directly on devices are implemented, perhaps not simply, but predictably;

Web applications

Quite frankly, if you’re just getting started on your mobile development journey, then web apps are a great choice. First, from a language standpoint, the “big” HTML5 and JavaScript are good enough for you here. You will have to learn them at a good level so that educational gaps do not lead to serious bugs. But for the rest, even from a literary point of view, reading two books is enough: “The Basics of Web Application Development” or “HTML5. Application Development for Mobile Devices “.

Second, you don’t have to adhere to any platform or device regulations. All that is required of you is to cram a large site into a beautiful little shell. The knowledge gained about languages ​​and a more or less common sense of the work of such applications on mobile devices is enough for fruitful work.

True, the minus of such specialization is obvious – get ready for the fact that you will earn a lot of money on web applications only with a large number of orders from trusted customers and, as a result, little free time. And of course the requests from these very clients will be the most incredible. More info here: https://fireart.studio/blog/top-programming-languages-that-will-rule-in-2021/

Native applications

When it comes to developing mobile navigation examples, everyone primarily thinks about their native form. I immediately recall the platform’s commitment to their languages, the requirements for the design and appearance of the application so that it is uploaded to the official store, and examples of how not to do it, although formally such an application meets all the requirements. In terms of immersion in the profession and requirements for the performer, this is already an advanced level.

The base languages ​​for iOS are ObjectiveC and Swift. If you’ve never come across the first one, then I just don’t see any reason to learn it as a first language. The point is that Swift was created with the goal of closing all the shortcomings of ObjectiveC and not rejecting established developers. As a result, today it is one of the most progressive languages, both in terms of popularity and quality development. For learning a subject from scratch, the book Swift. Basics of App Development for iOS “or the intensive” Basics of the Swift Language “.

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