Top Travel Apps: Essential Tools for Every Traveler

Traveling is fun and games, offering you the time of your life, until it suddenly turns into a nightmare. Being far away from your hometown or even residence, gone for entertainment or cultural purposes, isn’t exactly the lap of luxury when you’ve run out of internet or the connection is poor, when you’ve no idea how you’ll get from point A to point C, or when the clothes you’ve brought are useless.

What will you do in such instances? We know how disturbing it can be not to have these needs met, which is why we’re presenting you with a rundown of the four main essential mobile tools and apps to have your back in all these situations. Let’s kick it!

Navigating the World Wide Web abroad

Rarely are we completely aware of the blessing that our dependable smartphones are in our lives, taking them for granted recklessly, so to speak. There’s rarely a moment or context when you can’t get in touch with a close one, a work colleague, or other individuals, mainly happening when you’re in a poor internet area or when you haven’t activated your Holafly plan when traveling abroad for you’ve likely had thousands of things on your mind.

However, it’s when you’re abroad, and your internet is playing tricks on you, that you realize how vital it is to be able to reach anyone when you need help, information, a card transaction, and other possible essentials determining the quality of your journey. This is the moment when you cut all of this stress and level up your communication game with the help of online activated communication plans that provide you internet over dozens of countries, in the shadiest nooks, when you need quick internet speed, and in other similar situations.

With HolaFly, you’re safe in over 160 countries, for you’ll have an online connection and a straightforward installment process. No more switchable physical cards or the stress of finding a local data plan. Plus, you’ll have unlimited data, making card recharging redundant and freeing up time for you to make the most of your travel. As you can see, the most challenging issue is solved, and you won’t need to stress twice how harmonious or cheap your communication abroad will be, securing your travel in an instant with eSims that are compatible with both Android and iOS. So, have a memorable trip!


Are you spending more than 10 minutes cropping up an average outfit for your grocery shopping, or is it the exact time you need to blast the most splendid fit possible for your night out? If you’re in the former category, then you could absolutely use a virtual fashionmonger pal to help you look dressed up even when you don’t.

Optimistically, if you partake in the latter faction, you’re blessed with a great sense of style, creativity, and a feel for visual cohesion in clothes. In this case, you’re likely well aware that there are boundless new things and assortments to learn and practice. Fashion is not that straightforward, and trends change by the minute. You, as a couturier, see your tendencies, preferences, and needs evolving in synchroneity with your aging. Obviously, you could also level up your styling game – a point where an app like Whering will fit you like a glove.

Wearing is free to use and offers in-app purchase possibilities, being your styling app and digital wardrobe on the go. You can create, style, organize, combine, plan, and save your outfits, whether you choose to upload pics of your favorite garments, import images from the database in the app, or upload retailer pictures. Then, you will have the pics processed and transformed into mood boards or “cut-outs” tailored for you.

Curating extraordinary fits in the least time possible can be a lifesaver when you travel and every second counts. If you’re short on time or inspiration, some scrolls and imports will have you fixed. This isn’t all – the app becomes vital the moment you’re traveling to a somewhat unknown destination, not knowing what to expect from the weather, the dress code of an event, or how locals dress so you can have a model in order not to offend anyone.

The planner is specifically crucial for trips, securing your fit ideas for later purposes. You may add and remove items as you wish, so you’re done with this stress, potentially carrying lighter luggage on the next road drive or flight. How cool is that?


Citymapper, as the name suggests, will have your back when you’re dealing with transportation, timing, distances, routes, and other details of your trip to a foreign city. Specifically, this is a mapping service and public transit application showing you the transportation methods available, often based on live timing, between two destinations in the eligible city. Furthermore, it works with data for every transport mode, with driving, cycling, and walking serving as rarely met options in an app – besides the elementary public transport that you can find streamlined on countless other apps.

Being of service to more than 50M individuals spanning 100 cities and maintaining an even split between user genders, it’s crystal clear that common sense, and not a diploma, will help navigate the app’s functions.

VIA startup has seized the app, and now its mainstreaming is bound to blow. Making a name for serving users like those in Google Maps, it seems like the tech behind this app has even more potential than presumed. Who knows how big it’ll be, say, a year from now?


The whole world in a tiny pocket, or the essence of the Kayak app motto, pretty much englobes everything there is to tell about this platform. With its download, you get access to deals that are only offered on mobiles, visualize instant details of your trips, and find thousands of travel sites at a click. The “where to buy” feature will have you more easily find your needed purchases, whether it’s a rental car or accommodation, at the best price for your budget restrictions. From travel experiences to hotel stays to bus and train tickets, you can have it all figured out at a tap.

Basically, you get to craft your itinerary in the best way possible to meet your main and most pressing needs and requirements. Updates on free flight statuses and security wait times? They’re pro bono as well, so pack the world up and enjoy your stress-free trips as you like!

These apps aren’t just life savers when you’re journeying, but they meet the first and foremost needs you may have in a foreign destination. Sure, more helping platforms exist, like XE Currency and Roadtrippers, but these are for you to choose, decide, and rate! So, what’s your stance on these?

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