Top Board Portal Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Over the past few decades, technologies changed many management activities. Companies looking to modernize the management of their organizations are increasingly using board meeting tools to address serious issues related to the effective and secure operation of such developments. CEOs’ priorities are cybersecurity, recruitment, and workflow diversity for business renewal and improvement. Directors can move into the strategic discussions of questions with a virtual boardroom meeting.

From centralizing all management information/documents to providing live chat/collaboration with real-time analytics, all means are respectful. Cybersecurity protects networks, devices, programs, and data from cyberattacks. Commercial companies, government organizations/individuals are vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. Intruders doing anything: steal data and damage IT systems. Access controls and security of other software vendors with a data backup are quantifiable.

This board portals for nonprofits guide will help you to choose the best software that fits your needs.

Keep Your Personal Private

Hackers often launch attacks using a network of devices (computers, laptops, mobile devices, PCs, servers) that they control. Each bot sends specific instructions to carry out the attack. If the target is a network or server, each bot sends requests to the server’s IP address. The power of botnets is constantly increasing.

The reason for DDoS attacks is simplicity. It doesn’t require any sophisticated technology to create and run. The hacker doesn’t need to install any code on the target server. It’s enough to compromise computers and control them to send millions of pings to them simultaneously. Prepare your business for force majeure. A plan should include documentation of a method of business processes in the event of a successful DDoS attack with the necessary technical expertise. A checklist of systems must comprise advanced threat detection tools.

Protecting your IT infrastructure with DDoS attack prevention solutions, these are firewalls, VPNs/other security tools to monitor the activities/detect traffic inconsistencies.

Find weaknesses in your networks before an attacker does. Identify security vulnerabilities, fix your infrastructure, and better prepare for a DDoS attack or cyber risk. Board of directors management software improves cybersecurity/information flow. Choose the right strategic path for your organization.

Top Board Portal Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Learn more about board portals for nonprofits.

1. Process PA

Process PA helps nonprofit organizations optimize their work processes. Key benefits of Process PA:

  • automatic protocols,
  • a register of participants,
  • a document repository.

Work tasks are simplified, as is committee work. Add, organize, reorder, and delete agenda items.

Storing documents with Process PA is no problem! These developments are popular among small and medium-sized organizations in Australia and New Zealand. Significantly reduce the time you spend administering and organizing efficient management! Store records along with relevant meetings, prepare and distribute agendas, minutes, and supporting documents for committee management. Sure, this board portal is easy to set up.

2. Decision Time Meetings

Decision Time Meetings is a cloud-based governance solution designed to help companies create, search and organize meetings. The interface allows you to invite attendees/share information about the organization. Meetings include annotation tools. They allow you to highlight points, make notes, and publish links. And then there are:

  • interactive agenda screens,
  • a built-in calendar,
  • a document library,
  • document access information.

Attendees can save invitations to various calendar apps (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and others). Platforms supported: Web, Android, iPhone/iPad. Support options: Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Live Online, Videos, Webinars.

3. Shaparency

Secure, cost-effective, and no contract availability/updates boardroom software. Store your documents, prepare and share agendas and digitize your minutes. No more scattered tools or emails and unorganized shared folders!

Create, participate and provide all your management needs in one place! Some of the most bound cyber-attacks happen at the board level. Share information only with those who are worthy of it. Monitor the situation: observe who is viewing your documents. The developer has done everything possible to ensure that the user is happy with the result.

Facilitate interaction with shareholders, manage documents, and optimize workflow. Shaparency’s relevant for trust management firms, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofit foundations and organizations, and government agencies.

Many customizations allow the user to tailor the program to meet the specific needs of a nonprofit organization:

  • send and receive documents,
  • hold conferences,
  • view and create scheduled events with notifications,
  • conduct polls and votes.

Competent time management will increase your company’s level of efficiency. It’s also a great incentive to develop and master new lines of business.

Shaparency software platform offers advantages to its users. You can monitor access control. Only the platform administrator decides which employees have access to the system. And the built-in data protection system is like an impregnable fortress.

Manage your schedule! Users can create events and notify all participants of changes. Document workflow is more practical for everyone who has access to the platform. With flexible customization options, the versatile Shaparency virtual boardroom allows each user to develop the most convenient modification. Get the best of what’s on the market: it will come in handy for your future work. Platforms supported: Web, Android, iPhone/iPad. Live Online, documentation, in-person, and webinars.

4. Cloud Concinnity

Many executives need ways to simplify, centralize and automate everything critical. They use robust security protocols. You can trust Cloud Concinnity completely. Measure and track all key outcomes and issues! Cloud Concinnity offers support during business hours and online.

The new management structure will help managers manage their businesses with maximum efficiency while maintaining the delicate balance of courage and humility needed to do a good job. Each automated workflow reduces your administrative workload and raises your game by bringing industry best practices to the core of your business. System Requirements: iPhone/iPad, Android. Support: Documentation, Live Online, Webinars.

5. CU Board Members

CU Board Members is a foolproof, fully secure, integrated board portal. Video conferencing, event calendars, discussion forums, online voting, and compliance monitoring are available to users. Make your meetings more efficient by giving users access to documents.

Have the system automatically monitor compliance, warning of potential problems! Your board members can visit the room anytime. Discuss, leave comments during the event, and work through an action plan before the event.


The spread of digital technologies predetermines the priorities of the history/economy of many countries. At the same time, there is a global revolution in the information and communication space. Rapid digitalization has affected all spheres of human life at political, cultural, economic, financial, and social levels. Electronic data is the principal strategic resource of digitalization. Modern IT tools, including business models, are produced and created for info use.

The essence and importance of management software are to speed up the mechanism of exchanging large volumes of electronic information between participants. Customize approach depending on the conditions of the digitalization of the business. The richness of the Board Portal requires a surplus of information resources to build a customized strategy for gaining profits.

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