Top 6 AI Creative Suite Tools for Streamlined Photo and Video Editing in 2024

In 2023, the online environment has provided unrivaled opportunities for business. With advancements being made to improve services every year, there are going to be a plethora of reasons to get established in digital spaces moving forward. Where written content was once the top way to rank on search engines and reach audiences, photos and videos are now becoming the popular choice – and those without a varied approach to marketing are going to be overlooked in favor of those that do. As the need for visual content grows, so too does the demand for high functioning editing tools, and AI creative suites are currently changing the landscape for many.

Why are AI Creative Suites Worthwhile and who can use them?

Why are AI creative suites worthwhile and who can use them

If advancements in tech have taught us anything in the last few years, it’s that automation is not only highly functional, but it has a host of advantages for businesses no matter their niche. With everything from sending emails to scheduling social media posts being simpler than ever before, it stands to reason that other areas can be streamlined by leveraging AI.

Photo and video editing are key components of content creation, but hiring professional services can come with a hefty price tag, not to mention that ideas and direction can be impacted when entrusting somebody else with your creative ideas. When editing, a creative suite aims to have a collection of top tools so that projects can be handled in one online space, so users won’t need to have multiple tabs open, import and export files, or lose time searching for additional functions.

The fantastic news is that absolutely anybody with the need to perform editing tasks will be able to go to the CapCut website, create a free account in seconds and begin professionally editing with no prior skills, experience, or knowledge.

Top 6 AI Creative Suite Tools

If you search for a creative suite on the web, you will quickly learn that not all are powered by cutting-edge AI and that the incorporated tools will vary from one provider to another. Selecting one that has all of the tools you are most likely to need, whether you are curating digital marketing materials, building an online presence, or anything in between, will be imperative to success. With this in mind, here are the top six creative suite tools for streamlined photo and video editing:

  1. Basic video editing processes

All creative suites should offer access to the most basic video editing processes, such as resizing, trimming, and cutting footage. Almost every editing project will require at least one of these features, as it’s rare that raw footage is going to be to the point, properly tell a story, or keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

  1. Photo and video templates

While AI makes editing easier, editable photo and video templates offer an even more simplistic approach to content creation. While personal elements can be instantly incorporated, templates can be adjusted in various ways, such as color schemes and text, for more cohesive image collections, video shorts, and even branding.

  1. Multi track editing capabilities

Multi-track editing is a feature that not many creative suites will have, but it’s also one of the most impactful when you are hoping to create a dynamic and engaging piece. Some will have audio options only, but this one allows for unlimited layers and effects in audio, photo, video, and text without destructing or disrupting the original footage.

  1. Background removal

A background removal tool will be an intrinsic part of editing for both photos and videos. With manual tools it can take quite some time to take objects away and then do things like blur and color match for seamless results, but AI takes care of this for you in seconds.

  1. Auto captions

When you want to provide videos that can reach audiences around the world, transcription can be an important feature to boost comprehension and promote inclusion for non-native speakers or those with special viewing needs. This is a skill that can take quite some time to learn, but automatic generation is taken straight from video footage with little room for error.

  1. Royalty free music

It’s no secret that in 2023, the videos with the most impact online have featured trending music and sound bites, so these can be a crucial element to the videos you share next year. The CapCut Creative Suite has an extensive library of royalty free options that can be accessed and applied in just a few clicks.

Alongside all of this, CapCut also has a great selection of photo and video editing tools on the website, such as a video compressor, so users really won’t need to go anywhere else to realize their content dreams and maximize their potential.

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