Top 10 Best TimeTree Alternatives in 2022

TimeTree Alternatives is among the popular alternatives to DAKboard that offer almost same features. TimeTree was established with one simple concept in mind: handle your schedules by means of sharing and interaction. With the capability to share common calendars, multiple users can view and add occasions, keeping whatever in order with who’s doing what and when.

Top 10 Best TimeTree Alternatives in 2022

In this article, you can know about TimeTree Alternatives here are the details below;

  1. Tape-record essential memos, to-do lists, etc 2. View crucial visits and news on your timelines.
  2. If sharing isn’t your thing, users can likewise create personal calendars for personal privacy.
  3. Calendars can be synced with other calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and so on 5. TimeTree is totally free to utilize.

1. Trumba.


Perfect for occasion managers and promoters, Trumba enables users to issue adjustable, top quality calendars anywhere on the site. Trumba is utilized by establishments such as the Smithsonian Organization, the University of Washington, etc 1. Users can develop event design templates that may be categorized into custom-made fields.

  1. Email and text widgets allow for effective promotion of the occasion.


  1. Works on a trial basis.

System Support: Trumba is available for MAC OS X, Android, Windows, and iOS.

2. aCalendar.


Very little and easy to use, aCalendar is an elegant application made for personal company.

  1. Five calendar views: day, week, month, year, and program.
  2. 7 powerful tailored widgets.
  3. Combination with Google Calendar.
  4. Works on a freemium basis.

System Support: aCalendar is readily available for Android.

3. Google Calendar.

Google Calendar.

Considered to be the prime standard calendar application, Google Calendar is fine-tuned and one of the most ubiquitous services in the digital world. Also check Best audio recording software for mac

  1. Users can produce numerous calendars for the various spheres of life.
  2. Calendars and conferences can be synced with marketing software as well as your CRM.
  3. Accessories can be contributed to calendars.
  4. Free to use for individual usage.

System Assistance: Google Calendar is offered for MAC OS X, Android, Windows, and iOS.

4. Dollarbird.


Handling your schedule can be challenging enough, but handling your financial resources can be even more difficult. If you’re someone who struggles with your money as well as company, Dollarbird is here to simplify things. Also check What happens when you disable FaceTime

1.Calendar-based and AI-assisted finance.

  1. Shared calendar to handle joint spending plans.
  2. Understand how your cash progresses with time.
  3. Dollarbird deals with a trial basis.

System Assistance: Dollarbird is readily available for iOS and Android.

5. Jorte.


Basic to use and minimal, Jorte is an application is based on paper organizers. But while paper organizers might be old-fashioned and outdated, Jorte is fresh, feature-packed, and highly customizable.

1.Set-up is easy and quick.

  1. Jorte Cloud allows for smooth syncs with your PC.
  2. Numerous event calendars to pick from, in addition to your own tailored calendar.
  3. Jot down your individual thoughts or memos with Jorte Journal.
  4. Jorte is a totally freemium software application.

System Assistance: Jorte is offered for Android and IOS.

6. Calengoo.


Flexible and exceptionally simple to integrate, Calengoo is a no-nonsense calendar program that is optimized for hassle-free workflow. It can sync up with many productivity programs such as Google Office, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, Baikal, and so on and it is user-friendly to utilize. Also check Sentiment analysis tools

  1. Has numerous calendar views: day, week, month, year, and program.
  2. Uses a modular layout and makes use of the drag-and-drop tool.
  3. You can also attach documents and files according to your occasion slot.
  4. Calengoo can sync up with Google Contacts to show the birthday of friends and family.
  5. Calengoo deals with a freemium basis.

System Support: It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

7. Rainlendar.


Out of your way yet always present, Rainlendar is a calendar application that is unintrusive, however it always keeps the most crucial tasks and occasions for a particular day on display. It is highly adjustable calendar and can be easily integrated with Google Calendar and Tasks.

  1. Highly personalized thanks to a large library of skins.
  2. Occasions or Calendar can be shown other computers.
  3. Jobs and events are typically arranged into different areas.
  4. Rainlendar has a complimentary version, Rainlendar Lite, and a paid version Rainlendar Pro.

System Assistance: Rainlendar is readily available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

8. DigiCal.



Clean and basic, DigiCal is a powerful arranging tool that keeps its functionality plain yet sophisticated. This daily coordinator can be effortlessly incorporated with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange, and it keeps scheduling quick and effortless. Also check Mango Display Alternatives

  1. 7 different calendar views: day, week, month, year, program, list, and next month.
  2. Integrated weather forecast and 6 widget views.
  3. DigiCal is free to utilize and DigiCal+ needs payment.

System Assistance: DigiCal is readily available for Android.

9. Diligent Boards.

Diligent Boards

Produced the corporate human, Diligent is an intuitive and protected application that can optimize your organization’ workflow.

Keep in the loop with an inbuilt contact list and a common calendar.

  1. Enhance productivity with instant access to a repository of meeting materials and board literature.
  2. Back regulations and movements with digital signatures.
  3. Take pleasure in day-and-night customer assistance.
  4. Diligent Boards is free to utilize.

System Support: Diligent Boards are readily available for iOS and MAC OS X.

10. Teamup.


Produced cooperations and active communication, the Teamup application combines the performance of a digital calendar with and versatility of spreadsheets. Teamup also has smooth combination with applications such as Slack, Trello, Zapier, etc 1. Screen and control external admittance thanks to Teamup’s 9 levels of gain access to approvals. Also check jtime launchpad login

  1. Handle virtual conferences for groups in various time zones.
  2. Organizing information into personalized classifications.
  3. Functions on a freemium basis.

System Support: Teamup is available for iOS and Android.

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