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The Ultimate Guide to Create A High Converting Landing Page

Users come on your website or landing page and bouncing back without converting into a lead or sale.

Question — What’s maybe the reason?

Answers Low-Quality Landing Page.

Brands put millions of dollars to make a high conversion rate landing page. Because they know the power of a good landing page.

Today’s guide is an Ultimate guide to create a high conversion rate landing page.

By reading this guide, you will find out major points to consider while making any landing page.

First, let’s understand in very brief about:

What are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a website page created with a specific purpose — The purpose of most of the landing pages is to convert more leads and sales.

When it comes to getting more leads and sales, landing pages are the best practice to do.

Landing pages contain lead forms that ask users to submit their contact information in exchange for something valuable like — Free eBook, Theme, Template, etc.

Good or bad Landing pages are like, first and last impression of your sale and lead.

Now the next thing is, how to create high converting landing pages.

Let dive in:

Before creating any landing pages, some things we have to always consider in our minds.

These are basic and they will not change and

  • Set Your Purpose
  • Do Market Research
  • Understand Color Psychology
  • Design Landing Page
  • Optimize For Search Engine
  • Always Do Testing’s

Set Your Purpose

Some of the newbies are confused about their purpose or goal while making landing pages. They deliver the wrong message to their Opt-In users and after that, they try to sell products to them.

Let me tell explain this with an example:

Suppose, You are selling themes and plugins for WordPress website and created a landing around it and you are offering a free theme to users, for opt-in your email list.

I’m sure would be getting many leads per day but they will rarely buy your premium theme.


Because most of the users that are opting your mail list, they are just looking for free.

In the future, if you will try to convert them into sale there will be very low chances.

Instead of offering free, you can offer them any guide about something related to your field.

This the initial part, so make very clear.

Do Market Research

Nowadays, market research is very important for every type of business or work.

Brands are already spending tons of money to optimize their landing pages and they are getting very impressive results.

So what we will do, instead of spending our money. We will look at big brands or our competitor’s landing page and analyze them.

By doing this we will get to know, what kind of Colours, Call-To-Action, Designs are doing well to capture leads.

You can do this by using your company and competitor’s social media handles. Try to find out the pain point of your customers and offer the solution.

Understand Color Psychology

Colors play a very important role to make your landing page more converting, appealing, attractive and effective.

Very few marketers think about it. But we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of colors.

Every color has its meanings.

Like –

Yellow – Optimism

Red – Excitement

Blue – Trust

Purple – Creative

Green – Peaceful

A good background and CTA color can boost your conversion rate. Even, report shows, 90% of consumers take a decision about any product are based on their colors.

As we also do, We find out something interesting or not by its color.

Design Landing Page

After making a proper collection of all the colors. Now its time to sprinkle these colors to make your landing page more appealing and converting.

The design of your landing page will decide, how many leads or sales you will get.

Some laser points, you must always consider in your mind while making any landing page:


The headline is the first thing that your user sees. Make it sticky and eye-catching, Clear and Bold.


Don’t underestimate the power of sub-headlines. Sub-headlines make a reason to read all of your copy.

Visual Focus

Visual focus process more as compared to plain text. Use Photos or Videos. I will suggest you use videos.


Testimonials are the best to build trust with your users. Text testimonials are good but Video testimonials are much better.

Highlight Benefits

Show the core benefits of your products or service on the landing page.


Make your Call-To-Action more clear and clickable. So that your visitors can convert in lead or sales.


Put some effort to make users experience amazing. Spend time to find out the best colors and buttons.


It depends upon you, you want to add navigation on your landing page or you don’t want.

Sometimes it’s important to guide your users about your page but sometimes our purpose is just to capture the lead. So we don’t need to add navigation.

Optimize For Search Engine

If you want to run for a long time. You must optimize your landing pages for search engines.

You may be driving traffic on your landing page through social media but you should also leverage search traffic.

While creating landing pages, add your focus keywords in your headline and landing page body.

Also, sprinkle LSI keywords in the body content.

I would suggest you to also optimize your blog for VOICE SEARCH. By doing this you will do the future proof of your landing page.

Do Testing

Testing is very important to make your landing page successful. Always consider this principle in your mind — “ First Product is Never Your Final Product”.

You have to consistently innovate it and update it to make it successful.

The same principle applies in every product or landing page. You have to consistently update it or innovate it.

You can do A/B testing to find it out where your users are getting stuck.


The creation of best landing page is the first stage to make any visitor successful lead or sale.

Bookmark this article for the future. This article is the best guide for beginners who want to make a successful landing page.

Hope! You get to know to find it informative.

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