Top 10 Best Spacemonger Alternatives To Analyze Disk

Top 10 Alternatives to SpaceMonger to examine your Hard drive: Are you constantly questioning all the area in your hard drive has disappeared to? Tired of constantly lacking area on your system? Well, we have actually got you covered. Comprehending disk use is important if we want to keep our systems smoothly running but while SpaceMonger is a terrific tool for that, it can be a little complicated to determine.

Top 10 Best Spacemonger Alternatives To Analyze Disk

In this article, you can know about Spacemonger alternative here are the details below;

Spacemonger is a helpful tool that not only analyze the disk space however can also be used to discover file by size, type, date and much more. But there are several other similar software offered like Spacemonger that offer much better features.

 Leading Alternatives to SpaceMonger for Windows 11 and 10:

1. WinDirStat



Motivated by KDirStat, WinDirStat is one of the most unique disk use analysers on the market. One of its most specific features is that it provides info in a subtree view that is interactively integrated with a treemap, with each file being represented as a coloured rectangular shape. Since 2019, FossHub reported that WinDirStat was the most downloaded application in the “Disk Analyzer” classification with a shocking count of nearly 7 million downloads! Also check virtual data room software

WinDirStat is open-sourced and complimentary to use.


  1. Extremely well arranged, each extension has actually a designated colour on the treemap.
  2. Can evaluate internal, external, and networked drives.
  3. Has a portable version aside from the installer.


  1. Documents can be a little tricky to comprehend.

Available for Windows.

2. WizTree


WizTree is one of the fastest disk analysers out there, being 46x faster than WinDirStat on HDD, and 22x times much faster on SDD. What makes WizTree so fast is that when the application scans NTFS formatted drives, it entirely averts the OS itself and instead, directly checks out from the Master File Table itself. WizTree also utilizes the treemap display to arrange details and improve understanding.

WizTree is free for individual usage and must be purchased for corporate usage.


  1. Supports the export of CSV and MFT files by command-line specifications.
  2. Supports mechanized audits.
  3. Can scan all the drives supported by Windows consisting of FAT, FAT32, network, etc.


  1. The application is only quick with NTFS.

Available for Windows.

3. TreeSize


Created by Naughty Pet dog, i.e., the company which brought to you games such as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Last of Us, TreeSize gives you a sensational visualization of disk area compartmentalization and expedient disk reporting. The application also supports severe reconfiguration and makes it possible for users to change up their hard disks thanks to their handy NTFS energy. A freeware version of the service is also available for Windows phones. Also check top best club management software

TreeSize has a free version in addition to a paid variation.


  1. Takes up very little space and can be run perfectly via USB stick.

2.Ultra-fast scans thanks to MFT analysis.

  1. Administrator rights come with TreeSize Free, making it possible for total data defense.


  1. Specific functions are only readily available in the paid version.

Readily available for Windows.

4. SpaceSniffer


Although it might be minimal and not as totally featured as the other programs on this list, SpaceSniffer still serves its primary purpose remarkably. If you’re constantly having a hard time to make disk area for more applications, SpaceSniffer is best for separating and infiltrating junk files. The application is also personalized with its geometry, colours, and general behaviour.

SpaceSniffer is a complimentary service.


  1. Drag and drop assistance.
  2. The service can either scan the whole system, file areas, or file types.
  3. Supports NTFS Alternate Information Streams.


  1. The user interface can be a little messy sometimes.

Readily available for Windows.

5. DaisyDisk


Featured in the Edge’s Best Apps for your New Mac, DaisyDisk is a powerful disk area analyser that is utilized by people of all markets, no matter their technical capability. DaisyDisk is an instinctive application, with a clean user interface, and simple visuals. The contents of the disk are displayed in a timeless sunburst diagram, similar to daisy petals, thus the name “DaisyDisk”. The diagram itself is colour-coded between sections, with each individual file being coloured grey.

DaisyDisk is a paid service.


  1. Cost effective, as it uses existing storage.
  2. Information is constantly safeguarded.
  3. The current version supports Retina Displays.


  1. Does not show important file elements such as date produced, customized, etc 2. Has a numerous action removal procedure.

Readily available for macOS.

6. GrandPerspective


Ranked No. 6 in 50 Mac Essentials by the Cult of Mac, GrandPerspective is a light-weight disk analyser that utilizes the traditional treemap format to display drive data. It is highly customizable as compared to most other macOS applications, and it is likewise way more cost effective. Users can also configure their treemaps in order to show the customize details based upon components such as file type, date created, and so on.

GrandPerspective is open sourced and can be downloaded free of charge from SourceForge or purchased for a little price on the Apple Store.


  1. Users can develop sophisticated filters based on file course, size, and so on 2.Multi-view assistance.
  2. Stylish and active GUI.


  1. Can get a little chaotic sometimes.

Available for macOS.

7. JDiskReport


JDiskReport is a Java-based analyser application that will deal with your system as long as it has a version of Java 6 or later on. The service significantly looks like the performance of programs such as WinDirStat, although it occurs to be even more lightweight and relatively less cluttered. It is pleasing to take a look at, thanks to a more thorough screen of the space circulation. Also check dll injector

JDiskReport is a free service.


  1. Adjustable, with essential filters.
  2. Can view file sections in clean directory sites,
  3. Exceptional at classification.


  1. Can not delete files directly from the application.

Readily available for any system with Java 6 or later.

8. Xinorbis


Simplistic yet powerful, Xinorbis is an advanced disk analyser that is versatile enough to be utilized by both casual digital locals as well as advanced network administrators. It provides way more alternatives in regards to display setup, and users can choose to view their info by means of treemaps, charts, tables, or all 3 at the same time! The service is likewise constantly being upgraded to enhance functionality and it likewise consists of the alternative to see files with Be. HexEditor.

Xinorbis is a freemium service.


  1. Excellent display of file composition.
  2. Online search engine utility.


  1. Speed of the service can be a little unreliable sometimes.

Readily available for Windows.

9. Baobab Disk Usage Analyzer

Baobab Disk Usage Analyzer

A disk usage analyser for GNOME environments, the Baobab Disk Usage Analyzer is a simple, yet instinctive program. The interface permits users to select in between the basic treemap display screen and a ring chart display screen, so that particular types of file areas can be shown in the very best possible way. For many, it is vital for systems with GNOME environments.

Baobab is open-sourced and free to utilize.


  1. Users can either scan the whole file system or single file areas.
  2. Compatible with the majority of devices.


  1. Often scanning can be a little sluggish.

Readily available for UNIX-like systems.

10. Filelight


Finally, we have Filelight. An integrant of the KDE Utils package, Filelight is a frictionless disk analyzer suite that shows its info in concentric pie-charts, rather than in the standard treemap. It work with Windows and Linux Operating System and show a quick chart of the Disk drive. This assistance to examine just how much diskspace is readily available.

Filelight is a free service.

Readily available for Windows.

 Bonus offer tip

If you are utilizing Windows 11 then you might use Storage Settings alternative instead Spacemonger which is a better alternative. To access the Storage Settings, press the Windows logo design, type Storage Settings and click on it.

 Final Word

There are number of better Spacemonger options, but whichever tool you select, make certain to download it from the reputed site.

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