Top 13 Best Service Fusion Alternatives in 2022

Best service fusion alternatives will be described in this article. An all-inclusive field service management tool called Service Fusion provides a wealth of practical functions including time tracking, reporting, inventory management, invoicing and payments, among others. Using pre-populated products and service line items, it is a complete solution that makes it easy to swiftly prepare estimates and work confirmations.

Additionally, you may keep track of referral sources and assign sales people responsibilities so that commissions can be calculated. You can text message or use a mobile web app to communicate job details to field staff members’ cell phones using its drag-and-drop dispatch grid.

With this system, you can collect payments, issue invoices for job orders, and update the accounting software all with a single click. It provides tools for management revenue reporting, payroll reporting, and automatic sync of bills. You can develop unique settings to suit your needs on its configurable platform.

Core features of Service Fusion include things like work administration, custom files, GPS vehicle monitoring, sales orders, and secure data storage, among others.

Top 13 Best Service Fusion Alternatives in 2022

Top 13 Best Service Fusion Alternatives are explained here.

1. Kanzen 


Kanzen is a project management tool with a highly customised Kanban dashboard that streamlines and simplifies procedures.

The solution has an intriguing user experience, including a list view, an interactive calendar, and other features, that gives you a thorough and understandable overview of their tasks.

It is an all-in-one, potent project management platform that adds value and helps your company operate and produce more effectively.

With this solution, you have access to a wealth of sophisticated collaboration capabilities that are meant to improve teamwork and communication. Also check car rental software

giving you freedom, an extremely robust WIP limitations system, and crucial analytics to make it superior to others.

The most intriguing feature of this platform is how easily you may collaborate to interact in real-time with your supervisors and team members.

The management can immediately adjust information, work allocations, and project parameters while simultaneously notifying all team members.

The software’s additional features and tools, such as the assignee system, tasks, notifications, file sharing, etc., further support all of the group and individual efforts.

Kanzen also has a set of key characteristics that set it apart from rival systems.

2. Taskfit PRO

Taskfit PRO

With the help of Taskfit PRO, employees can increase their productivity and significantly contribute to the expansion of the company as a whole.

The software assists you in automating time tracking procedures and motivates you and your team to complete as much work as you can in the shortest amount of time.

It also includes a task management tool to assist you and your team in maintaining focus on your priorities, completing what must be done, and moving on smoothly to the next assignment.

Each task includes the details you need to carry out the activity, such as a description, a list of categories, and more.

All the essential tools and services that assist you in managing your overall workload are included in Taskfit PRO, a contemporary solution.

In contrast to other platforms of a similar nature, it provides a straightforward desktop that includes all the information needed so that you may do your activity without delay or difficulty.

You have access to all the information you require, including documents, websites, and links, as soon as you begin working on your project. This is another service fusion alternative.

While you are working on your task, the solution automatically records your time and creates timesheet reports depending on the filter you select, which may include a period range, lists, or other criteria.

The necessary data is all current so that you can work with the most recent information.

Additionally, you can leave your desk, return after hours, and pick up where you left off with just one click.

3. InLoox


InLoox is a feature-rich project management solution that enables interaction and maximises the potential of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange server solutions to give you a distinct advantage.

It is a basic and user-friendly platform that adapts right away to the needs of your projects.

Planning, time tracking, document management, and budgeting are just a few of the project management tasks that are presented in a more visually appealing way by the solution.

You may manage and track your time with the aid of this platform in order to gain additional job.

There are two versions of InLoox that you can use; each has its own features and price.

Task management, time management, mind mapping, permissions, cutting-edge technology, contact management, report designer, etc. are some of the most significant features.

You’ll be impressed with all the features in this robust project management software, so try it out.

4. Loc8


A level of competence that is unquestionably essential for small enterprises is provided by Loc8, an approachable field service management system.

Users can create, send, manage their jobs and teams, and access financial analytics about their operations with this ready-to-use solution. All invoices can now be prepared, controlled, and generated directly from mobile devices thanks to Xero and QuickBooks connection.

The solution, unlike all other comparable platforms, also enables you to create task-based work orders for assets based on location and required maintenance frequency automatically.

When a consumer contacts, the system enables you to respond promptly, allowing them to plan and be proactive in advance.

You may also develop conditional and event-based rules using this technology to automate all the critical processes. When a parameter is altered, it can quickly and immediately notify when an asset fails or makes an asset inactive. One of the best elements is that it has a strong feature that enables real-time and real-time generation. Even better, you can instantly disseminate reports to your management and customers.

This is another service fusion alternative. You can fully control mobile features, inventories, and replacement parts required for maintenance, service, and repairs with Loc8.

A job with subtasks, a knowledgebase and live chat, a timesheet, the ability to report an issue, and more are all included in this field service management.

5. Freedcamp


The most popular web-based project administration and collaboration tool available today, Freedcamp was created for both single and group users to provide efficient service and cloud communication.

For an unlimited number of users and projects, it is a free solution.

Users of the solution have access to a wide range of tools and features, including fundamental functions like assigning tasks to team members and planning events.

For people and enterprises who wish to manage their projects, resources, budgets, and time, this programme is great.

One of this solution’s most helpful features is the table, which is free to use but has a 200MB storage restriction.

Still, it can be fixed with reasonably priced upgrades for significant commercial users.

You can get started right away thanks to its quick & simple steps.

You can choose to arrange project details in the task list manner or use sticky notes, also known as a Kanban board, to make sure that you have everything covered, whether you are working as a team or operating an individual professional. This project management makes organising details and tasks quick and incredibly easy.

It is a tailored programme with features like project templates, wikis, and invoicing management, among others, to assist you with your work.

Freedcamp is superior to others due to its abundance of fascinating features.

6. TimeHero


A work management tool called TimeHero automatically arranges your commitments in relation to the events in your calendar.

By automating work scudding, the system also makes planning for your team simpler.

It is a straightforward yet effective solution that enables you and your team to concentrate on finishing projects rather than wasting extra time on administrative tasks.

It also contains an easy-to-use task scheduler that automatically rearranges the timetable to take into account any changes to the events or tasks. This is another service fusion alternative.

In this manner, the team can still meet deadlines without having to work long hours or at a frantic pace that exhausts them.

The management software also assists you in ensuring that tasks are on schedule and offers unmatched visibility into the projects and their progress, allowing you to quickly identify those that need to be realigned.

Instead of starting from scratch each time, you may use the templates provided by this service to create schedules quickly.

Like other project management platforms, you may use these features to cut down on administration time and speed up project completion. Also check hospital management software

Try it out if you’re seeking for a comprehensive task management system for your company.

7. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage

Project management tool ConnectWise Manage combines all essential company operations in a single application.

It promotes member accountability across numerous teams and departments and offers your company a single source of truth.

The solution’s error-proof tracking, transparent lines of communication, and thorough documentation can also assist you in streamlining operations and processes that enable you to effectively maximise your resources.

With the help of its dashboard, you may better understand your company and make informed strategic business decisions.

When it comes time to charge your client, all notes, costs, and items from your department find their way to your finance team, allowing them to swiftly and accurately create thorough invoices without losing any information.

SLA management, help desk, agreements, account administration, sales and marketing, time tracking and billing, integration, an expert directory, ticketing response, and many other notable features are also included in ConnectWise Manage.

Overall, compared to other project management solutions, this one is among the finest.

8. CaseCamp


Project management tool CaseCamp includes all the tools and functionalities required to keep your team members and project in a single, cohesive location.

It has a clean user experience that makes it easy to navigate and retrieve information for quick and seamless team collaboration. International businesses and organisations like NDTV,, CaseCamp, etc. use it as a total solution.

The to-do list that keeps everyone updated on tasks and other typical project management tools are the best features of this platform. When it comes to planning and completing projects, expenses and budget should work together.

This is another service fusion alternative. Project managers may easily include them and construct a viable budget with the aid of this platform.

To ensure that expenses can be easily audited and that every expense is set within budget, every expense is carefully handled.

The main components of this solution include a task list, time management, ticketing system, mobile application, and staff tracking.

9. ATS TimeWorkOnDemand

ATS TimeWorkOnDemand

An all-in-one cloud-based time and attendance management solution called TimeWorkOnDemand was created specifically to assist businesses and organisations in making the most of their employees’ working hours, archiving proper billing, and managing their attendance.

This system streamlines workforce management processes like labour allocation, workflow analytics, data collection, and time and attendance tracking into a single platform.

The purpose of this timesheet management tool is to lower costs, lower compliance risks, and greatly increase worker productivity.

Managers can administrators have accomplished and the services they need to streamline and simplify their activities anytime from anywhere with this cloud-based software from ATS.

The platform serves as BeeBole’s competition and provides all the essential tools and services along with a few updated additions that make it easier to use.

The most notable features are scheduling, automated overtime, automated overtime approvals, built-in history module, attendance tracking, and tracking and calculating hours.

10. WorkPuls


WorkPuls is a straightforward employee monitoring and time tracking system that offers insightful information on how staff members use their working hours. It serves as a BeeBole substitute and has a tonne of innovative features that set it apart from the competition.

The system provides employers with a comprehensive view of how time is used at work and identifies the main reasons why time is wasted.

Businesses get a real-time picture of what employees are doing thanks to their workflow, which is a crucial tool for micromanagement. The software requires no complicated pre-installation and is simple to use. A strong choice for companies of all sizes is WorkPuls.

Once configured, it runs automatically in the background of workers’ computers to track their computer usage and generate reports on productivity.

Automation capabilities boost and expedite a number of crucial processes, just like all the other comparable solutions. This is another service fusion alternative.

It adheres to an organisational framework created to function for organisations with various organisational configurations, regardless of whether management wishes to receive reports on the productivity of specific employees or entire teams.

The main features of this time tracking solution are automatic time collection, employee login, online time tracking, overtime computation, payroll calculator, and offline time tracking.

11. Clarizen


An enterprise-grade technology called Clarizen connects effective project management with social interaction.

Numerous Fortune 500 organisations pick the platform as their primary cloud-powered asset since it contains all the crucial aspects that boot performance.

It is a fantastic blend of effective project management and a top-notch social collaboration platform that unifies your team and guides your ideas toward implementation.

This cloud-based solution is renowned for being exceedingly quick to setup and astonishingly simple to use.

The staff appreciates interacting with Clarizen’s engaging social interface, which is simple to adjust and personalise, making workdays more productive. Clarizen has a welcoming and adaptable interface.

With its collaborative work management, you can easily gather all of your work—including planned and unforeseen activities, partner collaborations, documents, and reports—in one handy location. Also check association management software

There are thousands of users on this straightforward, user-friendly site worldwide.

Its primary advantages include flexible company operations, simple administration, simply accessible information, mobile optimization, and much more.

12. Quire


This is another service fusion alternative. A task management system called Quire was created specifically for creative teams. It enables you to sketch out your large ideas, scale them down into manageable levels, and take on each one with your team one at a time.

This task management system’s main goal is to make it easier for teams to prioritise tasks amongst difficult and time-consuming projects by simply splitting larger projects into smaller, more manageable ones.

The solution pays attention to form in addition to function, which is why it provides one of the most well-organized and user-friendly interfaces in the sector.

The application’s remarkable tree structure is one of its primary advantages.

Instead of forcing the user to follow conventional task segmentation methods, this system will encourage them to scribble down their ideas and turn them into actionable items along the way.

With this architecture, Quire excels at linking tasks and subtasks because it does so automatically; all you need to do is allow good plans to flow in.

In contrast to other work management programmes, it provides various cutting-edge tools and services to create more interesting content.

Quire has no current enterprise price options and is entirely free to use.

Unlike others, it also contains a list of essential qualities that make it stronger.

If you’re seeking for a robust task management solution, give it a try.

13. BeeBole


A business intelligence application called BeeBole or BeeBole Timesheet enables you to effectively track the time spent on various jobs, clients, and projects. It enables organisations and teams to understand how their time and resources are being used. In order to help users make educated decisions, it also provides the possibility of building customizable reports and dashboards.

Your staff can use the solution to track Abbesses’ attendance, vacations, and leaves. It is also used on mobile platforms that allow seamless synchronisation of desktop and mobile time. For the best time monitoring, use the mobile app’s real-time sync, offline and online functionality, and flexibility in selecting tasks, projects, clients, and departments. This is another service fusion alternative. It is a comprehensive solution and provides a wide range of incredible tools to help you manage all of your critical tasks and your time.

The solution includes graphical reporting for cost, margin, and budget, approval workflow, and email reminders in addition to its basic time tracking capabilities and real-time timer.

Other features include holiday calendar upload, daily time tracking, secure server, online click timer, timesheet audit trail, DCAA compliant, multi-language support, etc. Additionally, QuickBooks and API keys are integrated

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