How PS Plus Cards Convert to the New Subscriptions In 2024

This post will explain ps plus cards. Best way to convert PS Plus card to the new subscription will be described in this article.

How PS Plus Cards Convert to the New Subscriptions In 2024

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How PS Plus Cards Convert to the New Subscriptions


You are presumably well aware of Sony’s recent adjustment to the subscription model if you own a Playstation and like streaming games. There are currently three tiers of PlayStation Plus service, which includes both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. It has been replaced by PlayStation Plus Premium, Extra, and Essential. The PS Plus Gift Card will no longer be supplied for the new PS Plus tiers as a result of this change in payment options. Instead, you can top up your account with ordinary PSN Cards before purchasing a membership with prepaid credit. So, the question is: Do the new PlayStation Plus Subscriptions still accept PS Plus Cards?

The short answer is yes: you can still purchase the new PS Plus Premium, Essential, or Extra using your existing digital codes and PS Plus cards. Therefore, you can still purchase a PS Plus digital ticket and use it to activate the desired new membership. Simply convert the card’s value into the new membership of your choice. Discover how many days of PS Premium you will receive with a PlayStation Plus digital code for 1, 3, or 12 months by continuing to read!

How to use PS Plus Cards for the new PS Plus tiers

How to use PS Plus Cards for the new PS Plus tiers

Have you ever topped off your PlayStation Plus subscription with gift cards? Since it neatly stopped your subscription from renewing automatically, you must have been doing so. Unfortunately, it won’t be feasible in the future, but you can still renew your subscription using prepaid credit. After all, you still want to take advantage of the advantages of PC game streaming. The addition of cloud streaming by Sony is only one of the many advantages the new subscription model provides. The new PS Plus tiers offer a wide range of additional advantages. However, let’s go right to the point and see how the old PS Plus gift cards translate into the new membership forms.

The prior PS Plus Gift Card now pretty much gives you access to the same amount of PS Plus Essential membership length, as you can see in the table above. For Extra, you get around three-quarters of the time, while for Premium, only about half. Not a terrible thing if you want to test the brand-new Premium subscription before subscribing for a longer period of time.

What happens to an existing PlayStation subscription?

You might be uncertain about how the new tiers will affect your PS Plus or PS Now membership if you already have one. Short version: active subscribers will immediately switch over to the new services without any additional fees. Are the new PS Plus prices still making you curious? We provide cost breakdowns for several nations.

  • PlayStation Plus Essential subscriptions are automatically added for active PlayStation Plus users.
  • PlayStation Premium membership is automatically extended to active PlayStation Now users.
  • Customers who had a PlayStation Now membership when it moved to Playstation Now will immediately switch to Playstation Plus Premium.

How do I change my Sony PlayStation membership level with a prepaid card?

Regardless of whether you own a PS3, PS4, or even a PS5, you could select a different membership package that better suits your requirements. Your current prepaid subscription period will finish if you choose to upgrade or decrease your membership. You’ll then have access to all the premium features of the new subscription. Are you willing to alter your membership plan? For more information on how to use your code, go visit the PlayStation Support Page.

What benefits come with the new PlayStation subscriptions?

The PlayStation Extra and Premium membership tiers are more expensive and offer more benefits in addition to those found in Essential. Access to a larger selection of games, including but not limited to many old games, cloud streaming, and many other fascinating features, is available with Extra and Premium. The number of titles you can anticipate having in your new membership is highlighted in The New PlayStation Plus Subscription 2022.

Make the most out of the new PlayStation Plus

Make the most out of the new PlayStation Plus

You may enjoy even the newest subscriptions with prepaid credit if you understand how the conversion of prepaid cards for PlayStation Plus Premium, Extra, and Essential works! Get quick access to popular games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Spiderman: Miles Morales, Red Dead Redemption 2, and many more! With the PS Plus tier of your choice, there is a wonderful subscription bonus! If you want to avoid associating any payment method to your PlayStation Store account, you can still buy ordinary PSN Cards to recharge your account with prepaid credit even though the PS Plus Card won’t be provided for a certain number of months for the new PS Plus tiers. Take full use of game streaming on your PC or Sony console in a secure manner.

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