The 9 Best PowerPoint Presentation Software free Alternatives

This post will explain PowerPoint Presentation Software free Alternatives. Design is subjective, so it tracks that presentation software differs commonly. Every program is tailored toward unique visual objectives, so individuals and companies have numerous options to pick from when choosing a program.

The 9 Best PowerPoint Presentation Software free Alternatives

In this article, you can know about PowerPoint Presentation Software free Alternatives here are the details below;

To begin, we’re highlighting nine alternatives to PowerPoint and breaking them down by numerous factors, so you have a framework to examine each one and select the program that works for your needs.

1. Prezi

Prezi is about as various from PowerPoint as you can get. Instead of providing a slide-by-slide presentation, it’s better of a visual & interactive sense map, wherein you interact with extra elements on a virtual canvas.


Convert your PowerPoint presentation slides into a emotional user experience, or create a brand new “prezi” from laceration.

– Design library: Prezi offers roughly 100 templates for constructing presentations.

– Features: Beyond sequential slides, just like PowerPoint, Prezi lets you develop frames that can zoom in and out of one another. This movement is ideal for showing how ideas connect to each other.

– Shareability: Up to 10 people can work on a Prezi simultaneously.

– Simplicity: Prezi has an uncluttered interface with a drag-and-drop editor that’s easy to use.

– Cost: Prezi has a free standard strategy and numerous premium strategies ranging from $7 to $59 each month.

– Compatibility: Prezi is compatible with both PC and Mac desktops, as well as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

 2. Vyond

Across markets, video has actually been revealed to grab attention and engage better than most media. Videos have actually been known to increase individuals’s understanding of a services or product by drastic margins.

Vyond puts the control of video into the writings of everybody, all over. The platform supplies anyone, no matter what their production skill level is, with the tools they require to create powerful, vibrant media. With features that exceed moving text and images, you can develop character-driven stories or compelling information visualizations that engage audiences and provide outcomes.


oDesign library: Vyond offers three different video styles with countless design templates, stock characters, props, and more to choose from.

oFeatures: Rather than interact information through slides, Vyond lets you share your material through an animated story. Create characters and make them relocate minutes to engage audiences.

oShareability: Vyond’s platform lets several individuals modify videos simultaneously.

oSimplicity: Vyond has a very clear user interface with couple of tabs, so it’s easy to browse. The drag-and-drop editing features are fundamental enough for any user, regardless of their experience level.

oCost: Starting at $39p/mo (plans with GIF export capabilities start at $89 p/mo).

oCompatibility: If striking time out isn’t readily available during your presentation, video can provide timing difficulties. If this is the matter, you can still make a more useful presentation by adding short video or GIFs into your PowerPoint.

 3. Zoho Show.

As a PowerPoint option, Zoho Show is likewise a slide-creation platform, but with an interface that’s more fundamental, tidy, and basic than PowerPoint’s.

Offering a free version, Zoho is excellent for any newbie with minimal style abilities who requires to develop a basic slide presentation but does not want to spend for PowerPoint.

Zoho Show

– Design library: Zoho Show uses 17 prebuilt themes, as well as a wide gallery of animation and slide transition effects.

– Features: Zoho Show enables you to present material through slides, just like PowerPoint.

– Shareability: Multiple individuals can see and edit discussions in real-time.

– Simplicity: Zoho Show is very easy to use, with very little features set out clearly in simply a few tabs, so all users, no matter what their experience level is, can utilize the platform.

– Cost: Zoho Show is free for teams of as much as 25 users. For bigger teams, they provide exceptional strategies ranging from $4 to $6 per user.

– Compatibility: Zoho Show works on all desktops and Android devices.

 4. Google Slides.

Out of all the software alternatives on this list, Google Slides is most like PowerPoint. It is formatted similarly & allows you upload and edit PowerPoint data on the medium.

Google Slides

There are a few crucial benefits that G Slides has over PowerPoint, though: It’s free and online, so you can effortlessly collaborate with just an internet browser.

– Design library: Google Slides has roughly 20 themes for individuals to utilize as design templates.

– Features: Google Slides lets you produce slide presentations, similar to PowerPoint.

– Shareability: Presentations can be shared with individuals and edited at the same time.

– Simplicity: The taskbar is a bit chaotic, with a few little, unclear icons, however in general the software is straightforward enough for most people to use.

– Cost: Google Slides is free.

– Compatibility: Google Slides is available for desktops and iOs and Android gadgets.

 5. Keynote.

Just as PCs are typically loaded with PowerPoint, Macs include Keynote, Apple’s presentation software.


Like PowerPoint, Keynote is designed for producing slides, however it comes with the key benefits of visually sensational design templates and an easy, clear user interface.

– Design library: Keynote uses 30 styles with clean, beautiful designs.

– Features: Keynote lets users create slides, however it’s a little more interesting than PowerPoint, being driven more other by images & less by bullet points.

– Shareability: Keynote allows you to work together on discussions with anybody, anywhere.

– Simplicity: Keynote is a little much easier to utilize than PowerPoint since the taskbar is less cluttered & the icons have precise images and labels.

– Cost: Keynote is free to download for Macs.

– Compatibility: Keynote works on Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

 6. Canva.

If you’re all about personalization, collaboration, and looks, Canva is among the best presentation tools out there. With Canva, you can produce an engaging and modern-day presentation with ease when you use one of their hundreds of cost free and premium presentation templates.


As a plus, Canva has a quite extensive library of free style properties, so you don’t require much to start building a stunning presentation.

Design library: Canva provides thousands of templates and over 100 million stock images, videos, audio, and graphics with their professional membership.

Features: Canva is developed to reduce the development of presentations by providing hundreds of service design templates. And, unlike PowerPoint, the personalization of each slide is extremely uncomplicated thanks to the inclusion of a sidebar with every tool anyone could require.

Shareability: Concurrent group editing is supported in Canva. Likewise, presentations can be shared with users to view and modify at different times.

Simplicity: Canva has fundamental yet effective functions that are clearly identified on the uncluttered sidebar. It’s simple for anybody, regardless of skill level, to find out how to utilize the platform.

Cost: Canva is free to use, however uses professional and business strategies that start at $12.99 monthly.

Compatibility: Canva deals with any device with an internet browser. Their app is likewise offered for iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

7. Slidedog

Sometimes, when offering a presentation, you need to reveal more than your PowerPoint– you also might require to show other files, like a video or a file.

Instead of having a clunky presentation where you keep switching to different formats, the software SlideDog permits you to gather all of your files into a single presentation.


Assembling your media together, SlideDog enables you to develop a varied, vibrant presentation.

– Design library: SlideDog does not have a design library; rather, you’re anticipated to offer and submit media for your presentation.

– Features: SlideDog permits you to integrate multiple kinds of media– PowerPoints, Prezis, videos, web pages, and more– into a single presentation.

– Shareability: SlideDog allows you to share your presentation with your audience in real-time.

– Simplicity: The SlideDog user interface is basic, so it’s easy to establish a playlist. However users have actually reported periodic technical concerns with a presentation when trying to change in between different media.

– Cost: SlideDog is free to download.

– Compatibility: SlideDog is readily available for PC desktops, but not Macs.


Whether you are making a sales or a customer deck, a PowerPoint presentation might look a little dull. You want the someone to get excited about your organization, but it’s hard to stir them up with the software’s generic, bland design. is presentation software that’s particularly created to develop vibrant slides that adapt to the material you wish to integrate.

It’s geared up with the necessary editing tools to nail down every visual detail, so users can create a top quality, expert look for their discussions.

Design library: uses several presentation design templates, numerous icons, and thousands of images.

Features: is created for creating slides that are quickly customizable and extremely dynamic. By including extra media– videos, brand name possessions, icons, and more, the software will instantly organize the design of the slide and even count some animations.

Shareability: Sharing presentations is straightforward with The tool allows for real time team collaboration, commenting, and the paid variation for groups have numerous more features, like having the ability to export to PowerPoint and Role-based account authorizations.

Simplicity:’s goal is to assist you create spectacular and vibrant presentations with ease. With a minimalist design, navigating the interface and finding out to utilize the tool takes little time. Eventually, the software will save you a long time by instantly snapping aspects into location, resulting in a exhilarating and professional looking deck.

Cost: is complimentary to use but provides paid plans with more functions and possessions. The premium prepares start at $15 each month.

Compatibility: deals with any device with an internet browser.

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