PMI-ACP® Certification Training

In this article we will be talking about the latest PMI-ACP Certification Training Course which is being offered on the immersive learning platform of Knowledgehut.

Knowledgehut is a one stop solution for all the learning enthusiasts who wish to gain more skills and expertise and hone their knowledge further as per the changing scenario of the industry so that they get equipped with the requisite in-demand job skills. One such effort of Knowledgehut is through the this course that is why it brings to you the latest PMI ACP Certification course so that the individuals get trained from the industry experts and get to validate their knowledge by this widely known PMI ACP certification.

The PMI-ACP® Certification Training is a comprehensive course designed by the experienced Agilists of the field with the sole aim of training the interested candidates in getting skilled in Agile as per industry standard and validate their skills through the PMI ACP certification. In this course, you will be trained on all the aspects concerning PMI-ACP and that starts with making you practice with the latest Agile practices and principles.

In this immersive course, you will be provided a experiential and progressive learning with the use of case studies, real-world simulations, and much more so that you get an interactive instructor led live sessions so as to have a rock solid grip over your fundamentals of Agile.

The knowledgehut delivers live stream of our latest PMI-ACP Certification Training on its immersive learning experience platform which involves engaging instructor led learning sessions where you not only get to listen and learn but also the broad opportunity to get all your queries cleared from your expert instructor, who is an skilled Agile practitioner.

The PMI-ACP certification course is specifically aiming towards engaging interactive interaction between the candidates and the instructors so that the lectures clear both the fundamental terms and concepts. In this regard, we seek to devote most of the session time towards conducting fun exercises, active discussions, and collaborative team engagement so as to find the practical possible solutions to real world problems and challenged that trouble the Agile practitioners, professionals, and coached while working in Agile environment.


Do you know that in the present scenario, a skilled Agile practitioner is highly in demand across the industries, meaning the demand is so much that the recruiters are looking for highly skilled Agile professionals who can work towards the success of their organization at every step.

The recent statistics shows that there are more than 95% of the organizations in the entire world who have embraced Agile, increasing the overall adoption rate of Agile so high across the globe. With this increase in Agile adoption rate by organizations of all sizes be it a top or average organizations, they have embraced Agile framework, looking at its benefits, with the main objective that it will help their organization stand out in the industry as per the changing scenarios. That is why these organizations are looking forward to hire some of the highly skilled Project Management practitioners who can take up this role, own up their task of implementing Agile framework across the enterprise.

Thus, a skilled Agile practitioner are highly sought after and if you an aspiring Agilist who wants to work as a project management practitioner in a Agile environment and with project development team members, you need to posses the quality and expertise that can give you a competitive edge in the job interviews. This role is well fulfilled by our PMI-ACP Certification that validates your job ready skilled in Agile and help you stand out from your non-certified peers in the eyes of recruiters. You also gain the advantageous position with the upper hand to command salary of your choice with a good pay scale. 


PMI-ACP certification is a professional designation which is offered by the globally renowned Project Management Institute (PMI) which is provided to only those candidates who demonstrates their knowledge and understanding by clearing the PMI-ACP assessment exam.

The PMI-ACP comprehensive course is designed to help you become a skilled Agile practitioner and give you accredited PMI-ACP certification which validates and enhances your knowledge and expertise of Agile practices and methodologies. The course helps you make so much skilled that you become competent to explore even diverse approaches concerning Agility such as Scum framework, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean Agile, and test driven development (TDD). You get to learn how to cultivate the right Agile mindset that is required when you work for your organization for the proper implementation of the framework across the enterprise and also you get to gain a practical hands-on experience in the Agile Project development through our lively sessions.

Upon the completion of the PMI-ACP course, it is assured that you become master of the Agile practices and techniques that several Agile practitioners uses in their unique way in order to improve their overall team performance, remove the impediments and conflicts that may arise, get engaged in the continuous value process development, and this eventually becoming equipped with your job-ready skills in Agile framework.


  1. Get trained through knowledgehut, that is PMI’s authorized training partner and attend the 21-hours of training process
  2. Complete your training and take the PMI-ACP Exam and clear it in your very first attempt.
  3. Upon successful completion of the course and clearing the assessment exam, accept the license agreement offered by the PMI
  4. Now, you officially become a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

  1. Learn everything about the Agile project management and acquire the requisite skills to implement the same in your organization at all level.
  2. Discover the right Agile mindset and the benefits that it brings with itself by having the correct mindset in the Agile transformation and the difference that it can bring for your organization.
  3. You learn to find out the key functioning of a Agile practitioner who give major priority towards providing only quality deliverables of services and product for the customers and stakeholders.
  4. Learn to have a smooth and effective communication with the stakeholders and act as a channel for the collaborative workflow between the project teams and the stakeholders.
  5. Learn to resolve the conflicts and impediments that may arise in the workflow of organization and try to mitigate the risks by using your Agile practices and techniques.
  6. Always learn to have continuous experiment with the work process to find a better way of bringing continuous flow of improvement in creative quality products.

So, this was the entire description of the PMI-ACP Certification Training course which is being offered on the Knowledgehut. Hope you are now aware of the perks that a skilled Agile professional gets to have after getting validation from the globally accredited PMI-ACP certification. Upon the completion of the course, you get to have earned the skills of Agile project management with have mastered the Agile practices and principles in order to drive a high performing project team for your organization.

So, enroll with the course today, and give a boost to your career growth in the right direction.

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