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What Is Mrt.exe And How To Remove it?

For the people who stumbles upon mrt.exe high CPU or memory, however, you even failed to ascertain what this mrt.exe File is utilized to do on your PC, dive into this post to walk through this Windows system file on Windows 10. Let’s discover what the MRT is, if you are to disable it and how to repair mrt.exe mistake on Window’s 10 with the following contents.

What Is Mrt.exe And How To Remove it?

MRT refers to Microsoft Removal Tools on Window’s systems. And the mrt.exe is a necessary files to run this Microsoft Removal Tool on Windows 10.

As soon as you have enabled Windows 10 updates, whenever you upgrade your system, this MRT would also be upgraded together with the system updates. In this way, you can see the Microsoft Removal Tool working every second Tuesday of every month. It scans for harmful software applications or Viruses on your PC.

From this perspective, it is not recommended that you choose to get rid of mrt.exe from Windows 10 for the sake of the computer system’s security.

Should You Disable Mrt.exe File?

Generally, mrt.exe File not an infection. It is safe on your PC. As a significant system file to carry out Microsoft Elimination Tool, this mrt.exe shouldn’t be removed as long as you want to allow MRT to secure your PC from malware or risks.

On the other hand, mrt.exe Window’s process will not use up high CPU usage on Windows 10 by default.

It is not most likely that mrt exe causes you problems.

If, unfortunately, your computer system encounters Microsoft Windows malicious software removal tool high CPU, you can take the steps listed below to solve mrt.exe mistake on Windows 10 successfully. Or at that time, you can attempt to disable mrt.exe to deal with the high CPU or mrt.exe Viruses.

Is the mrt.exe Files on your PC a Virus?

What has been talked about above is what happened most of the times, the mrt.exe may be changed into a virus unintentionally in the camouflage of some malware on your PC. Based upon this condition, you would better handle to inspect whether or not the mrt.exe infection exists on Windows 10.

When it comes to how you can detect the Virus or corruption of the mrt exe, simply attempt to examine where this system file is located on your computer. It is said that the mrt.exe locations itself in C: \ WINDOWS \ System32. So in Files Explorer, go to the System32 folders to discover the mrt.exe File.

If you can locate it here, it implies the MRT.EXE File on your PC is safe as regular. While you cannot find it in this folder, it is possible that the mrt.exe File has actually been damaged or infected by other programs or applications on your PC. You can attempt to uninstall the mrt.exe, which is enabled and will not brings any trouble to you.

How to Fix Microsoft Window’s Malicious Software Removal Tools High CPU Window’s 10?

When it comes to MRT errors, mrt.exe high CPU or not found, the first thing discovers your mind might get rid of the mrt.exe from Windows 10.

Here, you can also utilize some other methods to resolve the Microsoft Removal Tool concern.

Solution 1: Check MRT Return Code

You might as well manage to understand more about the running condition of the mrt.exe on Window’s 10. The account code of the Microsoft Malicious Software Removals Tool shows whether the mrt exe works well on your PC.

Under this scenario, it is practical to open the MRT notepad to see the return code.

1. Key In File Explorer in the search box and then struck Enter to navigate to it.

2. In File Explorer addresses bar, copy and paste in C: \ Windows \ debug and press Enter to look for it.


3. Then double click the mrt note pad to open it.

4. In mrt Notepad, scrolls down to locate and examine the Return code.

Here the Return code on this computer is 0, which means the mrt.exe is not hazardous.


When you observed that the Return code on your PC is not 0, perhaps you require to scan for the mrt.exe Virus on Windows 10.

Solution 2: Run Windows Defender to Scan for MRT Virus

On the celebration where the mrt.exe File is located in other places rather than the C: \ WINDOWS \ System32, or the Return code is not 0, you would much better begin to allow Windows Defender to oversight the infection in Microsoft Removal Tool.

After the Windows Defender is triggered on Windows 10, make the most of it to fix mrt exe Virus.

1. Input Windows Defenders in the search box and then struck Enter to go to Windows Defender Security Center.

2. In Windows Defender Security Center, under Virus & danger defense, click Run a brand-new quick scan.

Then Windows Defender will immediately search for mrt.exe Windows process virus on your computer.


Of courses, you are able to run a comprehensive scan in Windows Defender rather than a quick scan.

Or attempt to download and set up dependable third-party antivirus software and utilize it to fully scan for the infection and threats, like Malwarebytes or AVG.

Solution 3: Remove mrt.exe File in Windows Powershell

Last but not least, since the MRT can not change other antiviruses applications, you are certified to disable or uninstall Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Which can, in a large sense, stop the mrt.exe file high CPU mistake on Windows 10.

1. Go Into Windows Powershell in the search box and then ideal click it to Run as administrator.

Here the administrative benefits are required to perform this task.

2. In Window’s Powershell, copy and paste the following commands and hit Enter to run this command.

Unregister-ScheduledTask -TaskName ‘MRT_HB’ TaskPath’ \ Microsoft \ Windows \ RemovalTools \’ -Confirm:$ falseRemove-Item ‘C: \ Windows \ System32 \ MRT.exe’.

After that, reboot your computer to take effect.

It is possible that you relocate to C: \ Windows \ System32 \ MSchedExe.exe to erase the mrt.exe Files so long as you can locate it in this folder.

In summary, this posts walks you through the MS Malicious Software Removal Tools or mrt.exe. It shows you what the MRT is and whethers you are supposed to removed it from Window’s 10, and how to fix Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool high CPU.

To be specific, it will not cause troubles even if you disabled mrt.exe, but you would much better not to uninstall MRT unless the mrt.exe error continues on your PC.

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