How Video Alarm Verification Helps Protect Your Business

Business owners do not want to take chances when it involves the security of their business. Even a single incident can push a business owner into financial difficulty. Shielding your business using every tool at your disposal is strongly recommended, and a great way to do that is with video verification.

Video verification also has many benefits, as it will allow the police to recognize thieves so that they can quickly be apprehended. One of the biggest problems with security systems is that they tend to generate false alarms now and then.

The good news is a video alarm verification system will ensure that you do not have to deal with false alarms in the future. Here we will discuss how video alarm verification can help protect your enterprise.

What is Video Alarm Verification and How Does it Work?

Video alarm verification will sync your system with an alarm surveillance hub. Once the system is triggered, the personnel at the security nexus will go over the footage. If the alarm was triggered by a criminal who broke in, or is trespassing, then the company can notify the police immediately.

The alarm company will also contact you after carefully going over the security footage. They will try to verify the emergency with you.

They will describe the crisis and confirm the emergency before notifying the necessary authorities, such as the police, local fire station, or the paramedics.

Benefits of Video Alarm Verification

Video alarm verification is very convenient.  The system is designed to record footage in the area where the problem occurred or where the alarm was activated. As such, you won’t have to worry about going through hours of footage to find what you are looking for.

It will also help you cut costs, as false alarm penalties can be very expensive. The system is able to determine whether the cause of the alarm activation was a system error, employee error, or the actual actions of a criminal.

Response times are also faster. Video verification alarms are usually categorized as “priority 1”, as the central monitoring station will verify that a crime is in progress before they notify the police.

Normal alarm systems are usually categorized as “priority 3.” Some studies have found that the response time for a video verification alarm is roughly 12 minutes faster than conventional alarms.

You will also avoid a suspension with a video verification alarm system. Once a certain number of false alarms is reached, the authorities simply won’t respond to a problem on your property. You won’t have to worry about that with video verification alarm system.

Insurance claims also become much easier to file, as having clear video footage of the crime that can be accessed in seconds will make things easier for all parties involved. A video verification alarm system makes filing a police report or claiming multiple losses easier.

Your employees will also be protected. Once a certain number of false alarms have occurred, your workers may simply ignore subsequent alarms: This can be very dangerous, as your employees may ignore safety protocols, assuming that nothing is wrong even when there is.

Better apprehension rates are all but guaranteed as well. There is some evidence that the authorities can catch thieves more effectively when a video verification system is available at the premises.

Identifying and prosecuting criminals also becomes far quicker and easier when police use a video verification system.

If you would like to implement video alarm verification on your property, then simply contact a reputable commercial alarm company in your area to learn more.

Protect Your Business With Video Verification

Improve police response times and eliminate false alarms with video verification. Video verification can also be added or integrated into your existing commercial alarm system to fortify your compound.

The odds of apprehending the criminal or criminals who stole from you or vandalized your property will rise exponentially. You can also enjoy monitoring services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via video verification monitoring.

The result is your employees, customers, property, and most valuable assets will be protected from both internal and external threats.

Protect What Matters Most

Video verification will help reduce vandalism, theft, arson, and violent crimes. Parking lot security will also be enhanced, and a state-of-the-art system will even improve your corporate reputation.

Employee theft will also be prevented, and you will have peace of mind knowing your business will be protected 24/7 via monitoring services. The morale and productivity of your employees will also increase, as they will feel safe.

Protect your business from criminals and help the authorities apprehend them by installing a top-of-the-line video verification alarm system.

You can call a local commercial alarm system company with a proven track record of success to discuss your business needs with them.

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