How to Use GIF Wallpaper as Background on Windows 10

In this article, we will present you information about gif wallpaper windows 10, bionix wallpaper, bionix animated wallpaper And how to set gif image as gif wallpaper windows 10. If you are bored of a static background on your PC, you must understand that there is an actually easy technique to get a more vibrant background, by utilizing a GIF as your background. To do this, you will require a third-party app called BioniX. Furthermore, there are other apps such as Wallpaper Engine which allow you to have videos as the desktop background.

If you are bored of a static background on your PC, you should know that there is a very basic method to get a more vibrant background, by utilizing a gif wallpaper windows 10. Fixing a GIF as your background does’t as difficult as you think, and in today’s report, we’ll explain you whereby to do it.

How to Use GIF Wallpaper as Background on Windows 10

In this article, you will know how to use gif wallpaper windows 10 here are the details mention below;

Can I place a GIF as my PC background?

Windows 10 is, outwardly doubt, the very best Windows ever, vibrant, adjustable, simply put, nothing to grumble. But what if we wished to push the limits in regards to customization? Speaking of personalization, would not it be right to fix up an animated GIF as a background?

By defult, Windows 10 doesn’t support gif wallpaper windows 10. In order to circumvent this restriction, we have to rely on third-party programs. There are several devices that can support you, however the very best ones are Stardock DeskScapes and BioniX which is totally free and runs very well.

How do I place a GIF as my background Windows 10?

Use BioniX Wallpaper

  • – First off, download BioniX Wallpaper and install it.
  • – Prior to running the software application, ensure you have downloaded or created some good quality GIF images.
  • – Open the BioniX software application and click the Tools menu.

gif wallpaper windows 10

  • – Now pick the Wallpaper animator option and a window will open as revealed listed below

gif wallpaper windows 10

  • – Place the folder where your GIF images are saved. Choose the one you require to use by adjusting the settings such as Speed Animation, Magnification, etc.
  • – You can now see the impact with the View demo images button.
  • Note: In order to utilize GIF backgrounds, it’s required that the BioniX application is running. You can also set the app to begin with Windows automatically.

How to produce a GIF as your background Windows 7

Similar to Windows 10, Windows 7 does not have assistance for GIF backgrounds. Nevertheless, it supports image rotation so you can develop an animated background with this workaround.

  1. Produce an image folder and move all images that you want to utilize for your animated background.
  2. Promptly right-click your desktop and choose Customize option.
  3. At the bottom left you will require to click on Desktop background.
  4. Click Browse and choose the images you wish to utilize.
  5. Click OK to save changes.
  6. If required, change the size of your images.
  7. In order to obtain your animation smooth, you’ll require to set a low rotation interval.
  8. Save your changes.

In addition, you likewise have the option of using the Okozo desktop suite, which will enable you to quickly get a much better impact. The 2.7 Mb program is actually simple to set up and you simply require to follow these actions to set it up.

  1. Start the application.
  2. Okozo desktop will provide you a series of categories, including Abstract, Cartoon, Movies, Galleries, Interactive, etc.
  3. Select the preferred category and the needed plug-in.
  4. The download process will now start.
  5. At the end of the treatment the program will ask you if you wish to activate the wallpaper, so be sure to confirm.

How do I obtain a GIF my lock display Windows 10?

Whilst you can not have an animated lock screen in Windows 10, you can set your lock screen to a slideshow, turn it off or you can set your account image to a brief video. To do this, go Settings > Accounts > Produce your Image [Camera] and switch the web cam to video. You can tape-record a brief 5-second video to serve as your account photo.

Can you have animated wallpapers on Windows 10?

Windows 10 does not support this function by default, however you can establish an animated desktop with Wallpaper Engine.

How to Apply an Animated GIF as Your Wallpaper in Windows 10

Video wallpapers can be rather severe. Most of us prefer fixed high-definition wallpapers and enjoy to download them in bulk. However there’s a third kind of wallpaper: the gif wallpaper windows 10. It’s easy on smartphones, but Windows does not natively support this, so we need to depend on workarounds.

BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator

BioniX has a lot of small wallpaper management software application. The all-in-one software application is called BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer. The 250 unique functions can add a lot of other enhancements to your desktop beyond establishing a GIF or an AVI wallpaper.

For example, you can also project a webcam supplies similar a wallpaper.

Rather of downloading the complete package, you can likewise download among the different tools. For a effective gif wallpaper windows 10, we will use the Video Wallpaper Animator. The developer utilizes the “GIF Wallpaper Animator” name interchangeably. You don’t require to install the software application and it can also run from a USB drive. However the very best part of the software application is its despicable RAM and CPU footprint.

Download the self-executable folder and run it as an administrator.

gif wallpaper windows 10

The setup screen will ask you to select a location folder. You can take it to run from a USB drive or any folder in Windows. Select the Video Wallpaper tab. Browse to the directory site where your GIF wallpapers are located. After picking the folder, it will automatically note all supported files. Choose the GIF animated file you wish to utilize as a wallpaper from the table of recommended folders. Click the Start switch to play the animated gif wallpaper windows 10 on your Windows desktop. From the exact same screen, you can inspect the CPU use and set the speed of the animation.

It is a basic piece of software application with a few restrictions. You can utilize only 1 GIF at a time and not a carousel of GIF wallpapers that shift at pauses. For that, move to the BioniX Desktop Background Switcher app. But if you want to keep it easy, then this portable application is ideal.

Do You Make Your Own GIF Wallpapers?

One of the simplest methods to make your own animated GIF wallpaper is to begin with a video. GIF devices like Giphy’s GIF maker can convert your videos to animated GIFs.

Additionally, you can download them from websites like:

But do remember that animated wallpapers can gnaw at your computer system’s CPU to render the graphics. The richer the animation, the major resource-hungry it will be.

However if you have a capable graphics card and adequate system memory (a minimum of 4 GB), then GIF and video wallpapers are a fine increase for your sacreen. You can then move full throttle with these gif wallpaper windows 10 and animated background software application for Windows too.


To conclude, it should be stated that whatever procedure you pick to stimulate your Windows 7 background, the system will undoubtedly suffer in terms of performance. This implies that it is more suitable to implement this tweak only if you have a great CPU, an exceptional dedicated GPU, and undoubtedly a rather big RAM.

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