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How to Fix iPhone Frozen Screen Issue without Data Loss?

Do you, unfortunately, have to deal with an iPhone frozen screen? Or by any chance are you getting to see a completely black screen on your phone and unable to turn it on? Well, this article will lead you to the possible solutions to the iPhone screen frozen problem. There are quite a few possible ways that can help you to repair your iPhone without having to lose all your data. The Dr. Fone System Repair (iOS) can help someone who is facing a frozen screen problem on their iPhone.

Part 1: What causes iPhone frozen screen issue

  • Low Available Space 

When your iPhone’s storage is full, your tool has a tougher time functioning and will become much more likely to go through slowdowns or freezes. Get rid of a few multimedia content materials which may enhance its overall performance and balance helping you to avoid the iPhone screen frozen problem.

  • Uninstalled Updates

If you find your iPhone frozen, the supply will be a software program trouble that a replacement from Apple has already fixed. Check for uninstalled software program updates to your iPhone’s settings to ensure you are now no longer lacking any device or balance fixes to fix iPhone frozen screen issues.

  • Buggy Apps

If your iPhone tends to freeze at the same time as you’re using a specific app, then that app is probably the problem. You can test to see if there may be an up-to-date model of the app. However, if the trouble persists, you need to prevent the use of that app or you might find your iPhone frozen and won’t turn off.

  • Low Battery

If you find your iPhone screen frozen on a clean display screen, the hassle may be that you may want to recharge your battery. When your iPhone notifies you the battery is right down to 10 percent of capacity, you must recharge it at the primary opportunity to avoid iPhone frozen screen issues.

Part 2: Proven Ways on How to fix iPhone frozen screen

Solution 1: Force Reboot iPhone

When you face a situation where iPhone is frozen and won’t turn off, the simple and obvious way is to restart your iPhone by any means. When the whole system gets restarted all over again the malfunctioning may get overwritten.

  • To force restart an iPhone 8, press and release the “volume up” button and then the “Volume down” button. Then click and hold the side button, when the apple logo appears release it.
  • To force restart an iPhone 7 and 7 plus, press and hold down the “Volume down” and “Side” button till the apple logo appears. Release them afterwards.
  • To force restart an iPhone 6 or iPhone SE or any earlier version, press and keep holding the “Home” and “Side” button until the apple logo appears. Then release them simultaneously.

Force Reboot iPhone

Solution 2: Update iPhone via iTunes

To fix iPhone frozen even after a successful restart but won’t proceed after the apple logo, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – Link your Apple device with your pc.

Step 2 – You can very easily connect your device to your computer via USB or a WI-FI connection.

Step 3 – Go to the iTunes app on your computer, press the device button at the top left of your iTunes window.

Step 4 – Select “Summary”.

Step 5 – Select “Check for update”.

Step 6 – Now, for installing the pending or available update click on “Update”.

Solution 3: Factory Reset iPhone via Recovery Mode

The very last possible solution for how to fix a frozen iPhone? Before contacting the apple store is the recovery mode. In this process, all your data and settings on the device will get lost. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – Open “iTunes” on your PC and connect your device to it via USB.

Step 2 – Press down the “volume button” and hold for a few seconds.

Step 3 – Release the button when the “iTunes symbol” appears on the screen.

Step 4 – Now, iTunes will automatically detect the problem and enter the recovery phase.

Step 5 – Click on “ok” to restore it and then check whether the problem of the iPhone screen frozen gets resolved or not.

Part 3: Fix iPhone Screen Frozen issue without data loss:Dr. Fone- System Repair (iOS)

Are you still wondering how to fix a frozen iPhone even after a hard reset? Well then, in such scenarios, Dr.Fone – System Repair is the best reliable step to be taken to solve iPhone frozen problem. It is the easiest and most convenient way. Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) can easily solve the common issues of an iOS device and may not lead to your data loss.

Some of the important features of this tool are:

  • It fixes multiple iOS issues in minutes.
  • No data loss while you fix the issue with this tool.
  • Simple, easy and compatible with all iOS versions.
  • Helps in downgrading iOS without iTunes.

Follow the steps given below to fix the iPhone screen frozen:

Step 1 – Download the software from the official website. After it opens, select the “System Repair” option from its welcome screen.

Step 2 – Connect your device to the system accordingly and choose “Standard Mode”.

Step 3 – It will automatically detect your device and list it’s all its details. Then click on the “start button”.

Step 4 – The application then downloads the respective Firmware supported on your device. The process may take some time.

Step 5 – After it gets done you will be notified. Now to fix the iPhone screen frozen issue select the “Fix now an option”.

Closing Words

Since you have already read this far, we assume that you must have understood how to fix a frozen iPhone pretty well. This problem might arise because of several things. You must have already read about it at the very beginning of the article. So all you need to do is maintain the maximum amount of precautions that you can. That will in turn help you to avoid the iPhone frozen screen problem. From the ways you can fix iPhone frozen screen problems, the force reboot one can be applied immediately, but it may not give you the desired results which is why the Dr. Fone System Repair (iOS) is recommended. It is the best way to repair your iPhone when the screen is not working. You also get all your data intact and untouched through this process. So wait no more and follow the steps given in this article.

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