How to Deal with Real Time Resolutions

If you’ve spoken to a debt collector such as Real Time Resolutions before, you know that it can be an uncomfortable process. You may be dodging their calls, afraid of what they might say or what will happen to you. Fear not – it’s not as scary as you think it might be. It’s important to know what to expect so you’re prepared for any situation that may arise when dealing with debt collection call from this agency. If you’re wondering how to deal with Real Time Resolutions, keep reading on.

Who are Real Time Resolutions? 

Real Time Resolutions is a full service loan servicing and recovery company based in Dallas Texas. They specialize in various types of loans including auto, student, home, credit card, and other consumer loans. In other words, Real Time Resolutions are a debt collection agency whose job is to collect third-party debt.

They were founded in 2000 and originally acted as a collection agency and servicer of real estate related assets. They have since branched out to cover more types of third-party debt with the ultimate goal of helping their customers.

Is Real Time Resolutions Legit? 

With financial scams running rampant nowadays, you may be wondering whether or not you can trust this agency. Are they a scam? The good news is that Real Times Resolutions is a legitimate company. They have roughly 350 employees across all of their locations.

Who Does Real Time Resolutions Work for? 

There are many different types of debt collection agencies. While some companies only focus on collecting debt, Real Time Resolutions is both a servicer and debt collector. RTR deals with current loans that have been transferred to them as well as delinquent loans.

In the world of debt collection agencies, many third-party agencies will only deal with delinquent debts. This is where Real Time Resolutions is different. This agency deals with existing loans from original creditors and will then carry out future payments for the entire lifespan of the loan.

Do You Owe Real Time Resolutions Money? 

Have you been contacted by Real Time Resolutions claiming that you owe them money? Has their name appeared on your credit report and you’re not sure what to do next? Fear not – we’re here to help. It may be the case that you simply don’t owe them any debt at all. This could be due to the debt now belonging to you, the statue of limitations expiring on the debt in question, or the debt has already been paid off. If you do in fact owe debt, make sure you follow these steps when Real Time Resolutions calls.

Step 1: Stay calm. Talking about debt can be incredibly stressful so it’s easy to get yourself worked up and become defensive or anxious. Now’s the time to keep your cool to make sure you deal with the situation with a clear head. Take some deep breaths or take the call outside in the fresh air.

Step 2: Make sure you have enough time to talk. It’s not wise to rush through a call when it comes to collecting debt. Make sure you have set aside enough time to have a calm, thought-out conversation.

Step 3: Take notes. You can assume that the agent you’re speaking to will be making notes while you have your call so it’s important that you make them as well. This will be extremely helpful should you end up in a difficult situation such as court, etc.

Step 4: Collect information. Before you admit to or validate the debt, ask the agent to send you further information about it. They will usually send this to your address.

Step 5: Do NOT admit to the debt. It may be the case that Real Time Resolutions is contacting you about debt that isn’t yours or that has passed the statue of limitations. This is up for you to verify on your own by asking RTR to send you proof that the debt is yours.

Step 6: Keep a low profile. Do not give any information about your other bills, profession, family life, anything! Remember – anything you share with Real Time Resolutions can be used against you at a later date. Keep a low profile and kindly request that you stick to the debt at hand.

Step 7: Read up on the debt that you owe. Check to see if the statute of limitations is still valid. There’s only a certain amount of time that Real Time Resolutions can collect the debt that you owe. In most states, they cannot sue you for the debt in question after the statute of limitations expires. It’s also important to find out whether or not the debt is from a debt buyer or the original creditors. Do your homework – you’ll be happy that you did.

Think You’re Being Harassed? 

It’s not uncommon for debt collecting agencies to resort to aggressive tactics when trying to collect debt. While this is incredibly scary and uncomfortable during the time, you can rest easy knowing that companies such as Real Time Resolutions are governed by strict regulations from The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Typical signs of harassment include:

  1. Seeking unduly large amounts
  2. Calling at unreasonable times such as very early in the morning or late in the evening
  3. Threatening behavior
  4. Abusive language
  5. Incessant calls
  6. Contacting a friend or family member who isn’t involved in the debt
  7. Contact your work

If you think that you’re being harassed, it’s time to contact a consumer rights attorney. If Real Time Resolutions has violated your rights under the FDCPA, you may be liable to damages. Even better, your debt could be cancelled.

Negotiate Your Debt

Did you know that you can negotiate the amount of debt you owe Real Time Resolutions? No really, it’s true! The main goal that Real Time Resolutions has is to close the outstanding debt that you have as quickly as possible. Because of this, they may be willing to settle for less debt than you owe. This can only be achieved through smart negotiations, as they ultimately want to collect the full amount of debt owed.

You can choose to negotiate directly with RTR, but be aware that this can be a lengthy and stressful process. It can take a significant amount of time and leave you feeling defeated and stressed out. If you don’t feel comfortable negotiating your debt, you can always work with a debt negotiation company for help. Sometimes it pays to have an expert on your side – they know exactly what to say and how to get you the best deal possible.

Take a Deep Breath

It can be stressful dealing with a debt collection agency. Hopefully this article helped answer your questions on how to deal with Real Time Resolutions. Remember – there’s always expert advice available and you always have options to work through the debt that you owe. As long as you take the right steps, you can work through the debt that you owe for a lower price and on your terms. There may even be a chance that you don’t owe RTR at all! Take a deep breath, you got this!

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