How Human and Dog Health Is Linked

The bond between human and dog has always been strong, and it isn’t surprising that the health of one party can have an impact on the other. Here is some insight into this subject and what it can mean for both human and canine:

Dogs Can Change Your Lifestyle

There is evidence to prove that dog owners get more physical activity than others. Most dogs are insistent on getting their daily exercise and this proves to have a positive effect on their owners.

It is estimated that people with dogs walk around 300 minutes per week. This is in comparison to the 100 minutes managed by those who don’t own a dog. As a result, these individuals find it easier to maintain an optimal weight and improve their cardiovascular function. Exercising daily allows dogs to maintain a suitable body weight, ward off various conditions such as joint issues.

Bear in mind that the reverse effect can take place as well. If you keep putting off daily walks or going outdoors, your pet will likely gain weight and fall sick more often.

Alterations in Diet Can Be Impactful

Many dog owners closely monitor every aspect of their dog’s lifestyle, including diet. There is a greater demand for better-quality dog food these days. An increasing number of owners are switching to natural holistic dog food that contains wholesome, well-sourced ingredients.

Keeping an eye on what their dogs eat has made owners take a closer look at their own meals. In one survey, over 50% of dog owners stated that they paid as much attention to their own nutrition as that of their canine counterparts.

A healthier diet, especially one with a minimal amount of processed food can work wonders for both humans and pets. It can boost energy levels, improve digestion, and reduce the risk of weight gain and obesity.

Health Impacts of the Surrounding Environment

The environment can have a significant impact on both your health as well as your pet’s. Various chemicals and contaminants can cause a wide range of health conditions, from respiratory issues to cancers. Scientists have detected environmental dangers based on similar symptoms of pets and owners.

Mental Health Goes Both Ways

An increasing number of people are diagnosed with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. For the longest time, it has been accepted that dogs can help to reduce symptoms of these conditions.

Dogs are loving companions that act as a support system. They may also encourage people to go outside and get exercise, which boosts their mood. For many people, their pets are a reason to keep going.

However, other studies show that your anxiety may affect your dog’s mental state. Dogs are highly sentient creatures and can pick up on various emotional cues. If you are chronically stressed, your negative mood may cause your dog to be upset as well.

There is an intrinsic link between humans and dogs. Fortunately, improving one group’s state of mind can automatically boost the other’s.

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