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How You Can Use Google Voice Fax Number For Faxing?

This post will explain how to use google fax. Do you have a Google Voice number? You can use it for faxing functions. To use this number to get and send out a fax, you have to open this number and port it to a trustworthy online fax service. In this way, you will be able to get the advantages of this faxing service.

How You Can Use Google Voice Fax Number For Faxing?

In this article, you can know about google fax here are the details below;

If you wish to select the best online fax service, feel free to pick CocoFax. It is a trustworthy name to port your Google voice number. Keep it in memory that CocoFax is a protected, encrypted and HIPAA certified faxing service.

By using CocoFax, you can decrease the expense of a phone line and a fax machine. Several relied on names, such as Digital Trends, Android Authority, New York Times, Toms Guide, and many others acknowledge the features of CocoFax. You can also check another post about google assistant on windows 10.

Unlock Your Google Voice Number

For Google voice fax with CocoFax, you need to open your number. Here are some simple actions to unlock this number:

google fax

  • · Go to an open page of the Google Voice.
  • · Use your Google Voice record to sign in.
  • · Take the number that you are interested in opening.
  • · Tap on “Unlock” under the preferred number.
  • · Click on “Continue” to validate that you wish to open a number.
  • · You need to pay $3 as a charge to open this number, so check in to a Google Wallet for payment.
  • · Check your email to ensure the appearance of a payment receipt.
  • · Port a Google Voice Number with CocoFax

To begin porting, go to CocoFax and pursue complimentarily. You have to send out a request to port your Google Voice number by submitting a kind. CocoFax may need some details and inspect the ability of your voice number.

You will get confirmation from CocoFax if your amount is qualified to port to their network. This procedure requires you to submit some additional files. Based upon a subscription bundle, you need to upgrade it to an organization or premium plan.

When everything is performed, you will receive a confirmation that your number is ported successfully to the CocoFax Now, you can use this number to get and send out faxes through CocoFax.

google fax

Receive Faxes within Ported Out Number via CocoFax.

Experience the ported out product with the senders. Open a web internet browser and CocoFax web app. Utilize your email ID to login into a CocoFax account. You will get access to a control panel to send out and receive faxes. Also check best google chrome alternatives.

Inspect the left menu and tap on “My Faxes– Inbox.” Remember, the inbox will have all taken faxes. Tap on any fax and download your preferred accessories.

Send Faxes via Ported Number

If you wish to send faxes, open CocoFax’s control panel and go to “Send Fax.” You need to key in a recipient’s number and a message in the cover letter area. Now you can add accessories by clicking a “+” sign. After composing your fax, tap “Send.”

Email to Fax: CocoFax Google Voice Number

You can utilize the Google Voice number and control panel of CocoFax to send out and get faxes. It will be convenient to get faxes directly in your inbox in addition to instant notifications. You can utilize your email and Google Voice number to manage faxes. See these actions:

Step 01: Open an email client and get in Google Voice, the fax number of the recipient. In the “To” field, you will compose [email protected]. Total your fax by copying in a cover message and a text line.

Step 02: Attach a document by drawing on a “Paper Clip” icon. Do not hesitate to attach files in different formats, such as png, jpeg, Docx, Xls, pdf, and doc.

Step 03: Check whatever two times and click “Send.” You will get a verification message specifying that your message is sent out strongly. Also view post like how to fix google voice not working.

If you want to accept faxes from email on the same product, share your Google Voice number with senders. Inspect the inbox of your email account or control panel of CocoFax. You can open and download connected files with no hurdle.


Google Voice Number works to send out and get faxes. You have to unlock this product to use it for faxing. When your number is unlocked, port this number on an online fax network. CocoFax can be an excellent option to port your Google Voice product.

Send a porting application to CocoFax and ready for their action. They will examine the eligibility of your product before porting it. After porting a Google Voice Num, you can utilize it to manage your fax communications.

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