5 Best Full-Stack Monitoring Solutions For Your Modern Applications

This post will explain Full stack monitoring Dynatrace. In this digital environment, it seems proper that contemporary applications are incorporated with every prospect of our lives. From our everyday activities to our long-lasting planning, whatever involves applications that make our lives easier. Instead of focusing on mundane jobs that an application can carry out, we can focus on more critical tasks at hand.

However gone are the times when people just utilized modern-day applications for leisure purposes. Today, modern applications are an important part of several enterprises since they can offer faster service without compromising quality.

5 Best Full-Stack Monitoring Solutions For Your Modern Applications

In this article, you can know about Full stack monitoring Dynatrace here are the details below;

Nevertheless, we typically forget that these app likewise require continuous tracking to secure their entire working. This tracking can not be prepared manually as we do not have the knowledge or experience to carry out regular checks. Nevertheless the great news is you do not have to, as there are several keeping an eye on services that can help you with this task.
These full-stack tracking options can integrate real-user, front-end, artificial, application stack, and infrastructure tools in one place to supply you extraordinary performance. These tools can take care of:

– End-user Experience
– Network Facilities Tracking
– App Performance Monitoring
– Log Submit Monitoring
All of these jobs are completed by the several features a full-stack tool has. Some of these functions are:


A full-stack monitoring tool will help you recognize the behaviour of an application. It gives you an in-depth insight into why your applications encounter a particular mistake so that you can repair it. These tools will assist you increase productivity by eliminating any issue from the root.

Comprehensive Metrics

These tools will allow you with an in-depth report regarding the concerns and metrics of your applications. These tools combine application metrics, facilities metrics, and deal metrics to give you an in-depth report about whatever occurring with your applications. Also check Doodle Alternatives.

Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and AI are the most recent patterns in the production market, and a full-stack monitoring app can utilize this innovation to examine applications’ behavioural patterns. They can even predict their behaviour so that you can prepare for it in advance.

Leading 5 full-stack tracking tools

Now, as you have a much better understanding of what a full-stack tracking tool does and how it can help grow your organization, let’s discuss the top Full-stack Monitoring Solutions readily available in the market.


Full stack monitoring Dynatrace

Zenoss is an AI-driven tool that can enhance your applications’ performance. It can easily integrate with multiple environments despite their intricacy and work well with a multi-cloud IT system.
Zenoss can assist you gather and evaluate detailed metrics, stream data, dependence data, representative information, logs, and events throughout a number of environments utilizing AIOps. It also leverages device discovering to enhance applications’ accuracy and efficiency. It is a very fast tool because of its flexible and server-less cloud architecture coupled with smart analytics.

– Advanced anomaly detection to understand the origin behind any problem using a model-informed ML. This will help you to rapidly isolate the problem so you can improve your performance.
– Zenoss’s Timeline will show you your apps and system state, including efficiency in an organized method for simple gain access to. You can use the real-time design to comprehend dependencies while keeping an eye on resources in real-time.
– Zenoss moreover has a voting characteristic that lets you enhance presence greatly utilizing supervised ML while changing the ranking of vote-related application resources.
– This tool will allow you to prevent IT disruptions through high-cardinality data while ensuring your system’s ideal efficiency, minimizing digital risks.
Zenoss can assist to improve your Mean-Time-To-Resolution by over 85%, decrease event storms and alert sound by 99.99% and speed up the industrialization of ITOM systems by 70%.



Sematext is 1 of the various versatile Full-stack Monitoring Solutions that can monitor a whole facilities utilizing its sophisticated tools for both cloud and on-premise settings. It has a product of cloud-ready integrations that can gather metrics and events to report them to you while giving an instant and complete view of your business and cloud foundation.

It is an easy-to-use tool, & you can set it up in a subject of minutes. Sematext has a special dashboard and anomaly alert and detection tool. You can likewise use context-aware filters to get insights such as network interfaces, tags, disks, and so on. Sematext will help you decrease MTTR by managing concerns faster, regardless of their origin.

– Easy integration with Elasticsearch, SolarCloud, Solr, Docker, Nginx, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Nginx Plus, MariaDB, Redis, Apache, and so on. Using server monitoring, you can likewise view past and present metrics of your cloud instances and servers. These circumstances include disk use, CPU, memory, network, load, and IO.
– You can likewise see comprehensive analytics of MyISAM and InnoDB and deal with table metrics. It can car gather interaction information for you that includes sending and getting rate.



Dynatrace can assist you keep track of the total application stack using its high-performance tools. It can evaluate whatever, consisting of facilities health, end-user experience, and more. This tool can capture in-context data utilizing a single agent, one service, and a standard data model. This tool’s wise algorithm can understand the connection in between things and relationships in between codes, layers, and parts. Also check best google chrome alternatives.

By using real-time user monitoring, synthetic performance monitoring, and session replays, Dynatrace will provide a complete all-around summary of every job. This will assist you understand consumer behavior, customize their experience and understand the results of concerning problems.

– Dynatrace can understand any application language, type, or architecture to supply deep code-level visibility. You can easily track every deal across multiple channels with no possibility of blind spots or gaps.
– This tool will go beyond the application layer to figure out the problems and capabilities of your applications. This infrastructure tracking will cover every container orchestration layer, virtual network, and infrastructure to supply you a full-stack protection.
– Dynatrace offers keeping track of automatically apart from clever alerting and problem detection throughout cloud-native and hybrid environments.

New Relic

New Relic

New Relic is a centralized tool to observe, evaluate and deal with any concern in any application stack. Not just does it monitor your facilities health, but it improves application performance while analyzing end-user habits.
You can identify the root of the concerns and instantly fix them by leveraging in-depth transaction data. This data will allow you to select the precise approach calls through line numbers. By seeing all the data all at once, you can get a clear understanding of your applications.

– New Relic supplies you a total insight into a number of metrics to help you understand your system’s efficiency. This will help you attend to any hidden issue and improve the performance and performance of your applications.
– This tool can integrate RUM, synthetic and native application server tracking for optimum performance and uptime throughout numerous services, URLs, APIs, and so on
– By comprehending every metric and the extensive working of your system, you can improve the user experience.



Sysdig has an exceptional cloud-scale tracking function that, along with complete compatibility with Prometheus, makes it an ideal choice. This tool can assist you enhance your cloud services, applications, and infrastructure’s efficiency. Also check Best free antivirus.

Sysdig can also help you eliminate silos by gathering info from various hybrid and multi-cloud tracking teams. This will assist your developers by giving them clear and in-depth details about the working of the system. Prometheus compatibility makes sure that the tool gets in-depth knowledge and exposure of your unpredictable container environment.

– Sysdig can explore and auto-discover container, cloud, and Kubernetes environments to provide complete presence to improve applications’ performance.
– Display network connections such as ingress and egress for every procedure and service.
– Discover metrics and occasions and communicate them to every system, such as request count, reaction time, latency, and error count.
– A smart trigger system call capture that can execute repairing even when offline.


It is vital to monitor your application stack, and just the very best full-stack monitoring options can achieve that. It will keep your applications updated and enhanced for efficiency. All of the tools mentioned above are exceptional and will provide you preferred outcomes. You can pick any among them for a complete tracking service for your application stack.

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