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Five Popular Software Development Technologies in 2022

Although the IT industry has been seriously hit by COVID-19 causing delays in the project and reduced investment, it has succeeded in maintaining its solid position in contrast with other industries. In addition, the pandemic has become an excellent incentive for changes in software development tendencies.

The digital transformation that many businesses underwent in 2020 will continue in 2022 and beyond at a rapid pace as the pandemic and geopolitical situation in the world will keep impacting the IT market. Today, the market is experiencing an increase in investment in automating repetitive processes, providing multi-channel customer service, increased attention to privacy, and growing use of innovative technology in all domains.

Based on the experience of a full-cycle development company, let’s look at what other prominent software development trends will be popular in 2022 and what business owners should pay attention to when planning a new product.

Angular, React, and NodeJS remain the powerhouses of software development

The world of programming languages and frameworks is undergoing significant changes. Traditional “difficult” frameworks are losing ground, while frameworks that are more focused on the convenience of development, on the contrary, remain popular. Thus, Angular, React, and Node.js continue to gain traction in modern web application development.

React is a free and declarative framework widely used for developing intuitive user interfaces for web applications. Because the framework enables you to write less code from scratch, you can use it to create scalable applications more quickly.

An Angular framework is a solid option for web developers to build interactive applications with JavaScript code. This framework is the best option for developing enterprise-level applications by integrating complex features.

Node.js development is ideal for many streaming, gaming, time tracking, social media, and more websites, providing a scalable and fast solution for real-time applications.

Blockchain-based security

Blockchain is often associated with cryptocurrency, but today its scope is expanding at an inexorable pace.

The more reliance on technology your company has, the greater the chance of vulnerabilities. With the growing  number of IT products, the need for trustworthy security solutions has increased. Blockchain is the finest technology for securing corporate data and systems; experts say that it will be in high demand for those who want to create safe and reliable software in healthcare, finance, gaming, logistics, and other areas in 2022 and beyond.

Cloud computing

The public cloud will continue to displace regional data centers. It’s predicted to become essential infrastructure for businesses, governments, and start-ups in the near future. Gartner confirms this forecast: according to their reports, in 2022, public cloud revenues will grow by 16%.

So, cloud specialists are becoming more in demand, so if you run a digital company, it’s time to think about cloud technologies seriously.

Native App Development

Mobile applications occupy a huge share of the software development market. In 2022, the number of mobile phone users will continue to grow, as will the number of app downloads. For example, 171 billion apps are expected to be downloaded in 2022.

Development of native and cross-platform applications is used most often. While native app development is more costly in terms of time and resources, it offers the most flexibility. And this is the main reason why companies opt for native app development. This trend is especially noticeable when it comes to apps in fintech and banking, multimedia, and other areas where perfect performance is required.

Rapid Application Development: Low Code/No Code (LCNC)

The LCNC initiative was aimed at making it easier to create web or mobile applications without the involvement of developers (or with the team being reduced). In the coming years, developers will have to create even more applications. However, there are more and more LCNC frameworks/tools that can significantly speed up application development.

The LCNC usage is expected to increase in 2022 in the following cases:

  • Web/mobile application development
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Smart chatbots with dialogflow
  • E-commerce
  • Machine learning
  • AI (video, audio, images)
  • Workflow management
  • Process automation with RPA

Summing Up

It is difficult to fit all the leading technology trends in one article because the software development industry is vast. However, these are some significant trends that can play an essential role in the life of any company. The IT industry is moving towards democratization and increasing trust in AI and machine learning models. The tasks of developers are also changing 一 cost savings, both material and computational, increasing objectivity in the work of AI, as well as ensuring cross-platform and good integration come to the fore.

If you want to innovate your solution and get the most out of it, this is always a good idea to turn to a trusted technology partner.

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