Driver WudfRd Failed To Load 5 Ways To Fix It In Windows 10

“driver wudfrd failed to load” error has been described by most users who have update their pc to Windows 10. The mistake has an Event ID 219 and its Source is Kernel-PnP. So, this issue is likewise known as error 219. When this mistake happens, you will get a caution in System Log each time you boot your computer. Just as the following screenshot programs, you can see the description of the mistake 219 in case Audience: The driver \ Driver \ WudfRd stopped working to fill for the device.

Driver WudfRd Failed To Load 5 Ways To Fix It In Windows 10

In this article, you can know about driver wudfrd failed to load here are the details below;

Why does this mistake arise? When you update to Windows 10, your drivers will likewise be upgraded. This will lead to a dispute between the drivers and hardware, and thus trigger the mistake 219. Besides, even if you didn’t improve your pc to Windows 10, the issue could also transpire when a specific service is handicapped.
To repair the “driver WudfRd failed to load” error, you can attempt the services showed listed below. Also check no amd graphics driver is installed.

driver wudfrd failed to load

Method1: Update Windows

Windows updates might likewise update your chauffeurs, so you can attempt looking for new updates by hand to solve this issue.
Step 1: Click Windows + I to open Settings.
Step 2: Proceed to Update & Security > Windows Update.
Step 3: In the right pane, click Look for updates and set up all the pending updates.
After updating your Windows, reboot your computer to inspect if it fixes the mistake 219.

Some users have reported the mistake 0x80070bc2 when they attempt to update Windows. This can be repaired quickly and a number of services are offered in the post.

Method 2: Enable Windows Motorist Structure Service

Windows Motorist Foundation is an essential service for drives. If the service is disabled, you may get “driver WudfRd failed to load” error. Just follow the actions listed below to enable it.
Step 1: Click Windows + R to open Run window. Input services.msc in the dialog & Press OK.
Step 2: In the main interface of Solutions, discover Windows Driver Foundation– User-mode Chauffeur Structure service & double-click it to open its Attributes window. Also check driver power state failure.
Step 3: Under General tab, set the Startup type to Automatic. Ensure the Service status is Running. If negative, you need click Start catch to make it possible for the service. Then, press Apply & OK to save the modifications.

driver wudfrd failed to load

Now, you can reboot your computer system and the error should have been eliminated.

Method 3: Disable Hard Disk Hibernation

Disabling hard drive hibernation is another tested option and lots of users have fixed the “driver WudfRd failed to load” error with it. So, you can having a go at it.
Step 1: Press Windows + X and pick Power Options from the Start menu.
Step 2: Click Extra Power settings in the best pane and this will open Control Panel as the following picture shows. Then, click Modification plan settings for your present power plan.

driver wudfrd failed to load

Step 3: Click Modification innovative power settings in the new page.
Step 4: In the Power Options window, broaden Hard disk and Turn off hard plate after. Set both the On series & Plugged in to Never. Also check beats audio driver.

driver wudfrd failed to load

Step 5: Press Apply & OK
Once it’s finished, reboot your computer. Now you must be able to run your computer without the error 219.

Do you have any issue in choosing to sleep, hibernate & shut down Windows 10 PC? Keep on learning and you pleasure get the details of excellent help here.

Method 4: Update Incompatible Drivers

Additionally, you can likewise attempt upgrading incompatible motorists to repair this issue. You can easily locate the incompatible motorists in Device Supervisor as there will be an exclamation mark beside them. If all your motorists are compatible, simply avoid this approach. If any incompatible motorists exist, follow the guidelines to upgrade them.
Step 1: Input devmgmt.msc in the Area dialog & Press OK to open Device Manager.
Step 2: Right Press the chauffeur with an exclamation mark and choose Update motorist from the context menu.
Step 3: Pick Browse automatically for updated chauffeur software application.

driver wudfrd failed to load

Then, watch the onscreen guidance to finish the motorist upgrade. If your Windows can not find the most recent driver software for your gadget, you can download the most recent version from the main site of the chauffeur and install it manually.
Lastly, reboot your computer system to see if the error has actually been fixed.

Method 5: Reinstall USB Controllers

In many cases, USB chauffeurs must be accountable for the “driver WudfRd failed to load” mistake. For that reason, if all the methods pointed out above fail to fix the problem, you can feel free to try re-installing your USB controllers. Here are the comprehensive steps.
Step 1: Open Device Supervisor.
Step 2: Double-click Universal Serial Bus controllers to broaden it.
Step 3: Right-click a USB controller and select Uninstall device. In the authentication window, press OK to continue. Then, perform the very same method to uninstall all the USB controllers.

driver wudfrd failed to load

Step 4: After uninstalling everything the USB controllers, reboot your computer. The Windows will immediately re-install the USB controllers uninstalled recently.
That’s all about the services to solving “driver WudfRd failed to load” mistake. Hope this content is of help for you.

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