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Fixed Chromecast Source Not Supported

This post is about solution of chromecast source not supported issue. This has been an ongoing issue where many reports from users unable to cast ever since Google update 79.0.3945– Blink 79. We’ve tried and checked some of the methods listed below and found them efficient at repairing the “Chromecast Source Not Supported” problem.

This post will reveal your details on how you can follow along and attempt the solutions to repair your Chromecast device. By the end point of this article, you will able to cast whatever you desire (YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and so on) from your search browser without any issue.

Fixed Chromecast Source Not Supported

In this article, you can know about how to fix Fixed Chromecast Source Not Supported error here are the details below;

1. Allow Mirroring Service.

If you’re using your Chrome cast browser on your computer and discovering that you’re unable to cast to the Chromecast, you will want to make certain that the ‘Mirroring Service’ choice is allowed.

Users are commonly recommended as one of the most efficient methods to fix the “Chromecast Source Not Supported.” It’s a little strange to discover that this setting wasn’t enabled by default. However, after chatting with Google’s assistance team, our understanding that the recent Google updates to be installed might have improperly handicapped the setting.

Here’s how you can enable the Matching Service on Google Chrome on your maker (Windows, Mac, or Linux):.

1. Open your Google Chrome search browser.

2. Typed in Chrome:// flags into the internet browser and struck Enter.

3. Next, press both of your CTRL + F keys on your keyboard to raise the Discover tool. Alternatively, you can utilize the search engin bar at the top (available on the current Chrome variations).

4. Enter Mirroring, which we wish to search for, and strike Enter.

5. You must now have the ability to locate the “Mirroring Service” option as it will be highlighted (as revealed listed below).

Chromecast Source Not Supported

6. Click the dropdown menu on the right to make sure that you select it as Enabled.

7. Last, but not least, we will need to reboot Google Chrome to have the changes work. To do this, close the search browsers by hitting the X (top-right) and reopen Google Chrome.

That’s it! You can now retry to chrome cast what you want to watch again to see if it gets cast onto your Chromecast gadget without throwing the “Chromecast Source Not Supported” error message.

2. Reboot Your Chromecast, PC and Wi-Fi Router.

Besides enabling the Mirroring Service option in Chromecast, it’s also worth attempting to restart your Chromecast gadget, computer, and even the Wi-Fi router.

A couple of users have suggested that after rebooting the Chromecast gadget, the problems stopped happening. They could effectively cast from their computer system onto anywhere the Chromecast was linked.

For the sake of the included measure, we suggest that you restart the computer system and Wi-Fi router to understand that the issue does not lie with either of those sources.

Here’s what you do.

1. First of all, switch off your T.V., which your Chromecast is linked to.

2. Next, unplug your Chromecast from the T.V. You will likewise want to unplug the power cord from the Chromecast device. Leave it unplugged for a minimum of 1 minute.

3. Fantastic! We will come back to the Chrome cast in a little while. Let’s switch off the Wi-Fi Router now. Now, if you’re utilizing a web modem and a Wi-Fi router, you will need to shut off both. To turned it off, there will be a Power button on the modem/router box, which you will need to press (steps might differ depending on the kind of modem/router you’re using).

4. After a minute or 2, turn your modem/router back on and let it start back up.

5. Now hop onto your computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux, whatever it is you’re using) and reboot it too.

6. When your computer reboots back up, reconnect to the Wi-Fi.

7. Now switch on the T.V. and reconnect your Chromecast to the T.V. Don’t forget to plug the power cable for your Chromecast back in!

8. Finally, allow the Chrome cast some time to re-setup whatever and then attempt to cast once again from Chrome.

Chromecast Source Not Supported

Assuming you have done both Method 1 and Method 2 now, you should now be able to cast what you wish to view onto your Chromecast with no concerns. However, if you are still getting the ‘Source not supported’ mistake on your Chromecast, continue reading.

3. Turn Off All Ad-Blockers and VPN.

Shutting off the adblockers you have installed for your search web browser has likewise been reported by users to repaired the concern. The factor being, adblockers work by blocking pop-ups and preventing Javascript scripts from running. In our case, it may be what’s restraining the internet browser from finding the source and triggering the ‘Source not supported’ error message.

To disable such web browser extensions on Google Chrome, here’s how you do it.

1. Open your Google Chrome internet browser and click the three-dot icon (right next to your Google profile image).

2. From the dropdown menu, choose More tools and then click Extensions.

3. Now, in your Extensions pages, locate the adblocker you’re utilizing and toggle the blue switch underneath the extension to turn it off (grey indicates it’s turned off).

Chromecast Source Not Supported

4. Restart your internet browser and attempt to cast once again to your Chromecast.

It’s likewise vital that you disable any proxy services such as VPN from running in your computer system or mobile device background. VPN services can mask your I.P. address to appear as if you are located in the country you have taken as your VPN server. This causes the browser to become confused and then toss the mistake.

To disable your VPN services, open the VPN service that you’re utilizing (ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and so on) and then struck the Disconnect button.


You will wish to verify if the VPN is really disabled by entering into your Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) to see if the VPN is still running in the background. Ensure to end the application from running fully.

Chromecast Source Not Supported

You can likewise select to momentarily uninstall the VPN application to see if it resolves the problem.

Once again, attempt to modify your Chromecast and see if it does so effectively. Let us know by commenting down listed below if this approach above works to fix the concern for you.

4. Allow the Cast Media Route Provider Option.

Besides enabling the ‘Mirroring Service’ choice, which you did so in Method 1, we’ve likewise discovered that by allowing the ‘Cast Media Route Provider’ choice, it managed to repair the ‘Source Not Supported’ issue.

The steps are pretty much like what you’ve performed in Method 1, but for the functions of this post, we will reiterate the actions again.

1. Open your Google Chrome search web browser.

2. Key in Chrome:// flags into the web browser and struck Enter.

3. Next, press both of your CTRL + F keys on your keyboard to raise the Find tool. Alternatively, you can just use the research bar at the top (offered on the most recent versions of Chrome).

4. Key In Cast Media Route, which we wish to try to find and strike Go into.

5. Now, you ought to have the ability to find the “Cast Media Route Company” option as it will be highlighted (as shown below).

Chromecast Source Not Supported

6. Click the dropdown menu on the right to make certain that you select it as Enabled.

7. Lastly, we will require to reboot Google Chrome to have the modifications take effect. To do this, close the search internet browser by hitting the X (top-right) and reopen Google Chrome.

This method assisted in fixing the problem for us along which we also accompanied by Technique 1 and Approach 3.

5. Set Up the current Chrome Updates.

Keeping updated with the latest Google Chrome updates is something that we ought to do, but frankly, most of us just ignore it entirely and expect it to be taken care of by itself.

The truth is, often, the auto-update function of the search internet browser doesn’t work, and when you enter into your web browser settings, you find that there are pending updates waiting to be set up.

So it’s always a good concept to sign-in on the search web browser to see if there are any updates.

If you don’t know how to manually look for updates for your Google Chrome web browser, here’s how.

1. Open your Google Chrome internet browser and then click on the three-dot icon (right beside your Google profile image).

2. From the dropdown menu, choose Help and click About Google Chrome.

3. You will be rerouted to the About Chrome page, where it will instantly start to browse if there are any new updates available to be set up. If there are brand-new updates available, then you will want to download them.

After the upgrade is installed, it’s extremely suggested that you restart the web browser for the changes to work. When you’ve restarted it, you can try once again to cast the video you want to view onto your Chromecast.

6. Factory Reset the Chromecast Gadget.

If you have actually tried all of the above services and you discover that absolutely nothing works, then we suggest that you attempt to factory reset your Chromecast device.

Factory resetting the Chrome cast will any faults and technical issues with the gadget as it will be reset back to how you first got it (hence why it is called factory reset).

To factory reset your Google Chrome cast, the following steps should help out.

If you’re on Chromecast (1st Generation).

1. While you have the Chrome cast plugged into your TELEVISION, hold down on the button on the Chromecast device for at least 25 seconds or until the LED light develops into a flashing red light.

3. Once the LED lights turns blinking white, you need to see the TELEVISION screen goes blank. Now you can release the button.

4. Finally, enable your Chromecast gadget to undergo its reboot sequence, which might take a few seconds. You can begin to establish the device as new.


You can also factory reset your Chrome cast from your Google Home app offered on both Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) gadgets. Simply open the Google Home app > Your Chrome cast Device > Settings > More > Factory Reset > Factory Rest.

If you’re on Chrome cast (second generation), Chromecast, or Chromecast Ultra.

1. Initially, make certain to plug your Chromecast into your T.V.

2. Close, hold down on the button on the top of your Chrome cast until the LED light starts blinking orange.

3. When the LED light turns blinking white, launch the button and enable the Chromecast to undergo its reboot. This can take a few seconds.

4. Last but not least, you can start establishing the gadget as new.

When you’ve factory effectively reset the Chromecast device, you can retest to see if you’re able to cast with no problems.

That’s practically it. If you have any interests, please comment down below, and we will attempt our finest to help. Similarly, you can likewise go through the other user comments below to learn what has actually worked for them and what hasn’t.

P.S. If you have actually found a much better solution to fix the Chromecast ‘Source not supported’ error message, then share it listed below. We will credit you with the answer the next time we upgrade this post.

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