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How to Change Android IMEI Number Without Root?

This post will explain change imei android without root. Every cellphone on this plant has a special IMEI number. Not only phones, however every satellite phones, and smartphones also feature this number written inside their battery.

IMEI number is the summary of the International phone Equipment Identity number. It is that different amount that comes with any phone device by failure. In some cases a user requires this number to recognize their smart phones in event of loss and burglary.

How to Change Android IMEI Number Without Root?

In this article, you can know about change imei android without root here are the details below;

In the cases of missing or theft, when you lodge a grievance in the policemen standing, they track this IMEI quantity to track down your phone. Much like a chassis number in a vehicle, the IMEI number is a 15 digits unique serial amount provided on each phone. Also check best siri alternative virtual assistance.

For the past numerous days, I have been observing that individuals are regularly asking how to change IMEI number on their Android phones.

So that is today I took the advantage to teach some simple approaches to change IMEI numbers on your Android phone. But let us initially see why you require to change your IMEI number in the first place.

So let us begin with this issue.

 Why do you want to improve your IMEI number?

Just like I have actually discussed before an IMEI number is the 15 digits distinct code that comes with your phone. After you buy the phone the IMEI number is being stored in the Companies database designated with your name.

Now if you suggest me the above problem then I would say that there are numerous factors an individual can have to change his or her IMEI number. Amongst them, one of the greatest reasons for changing your IMEI number is the Refer and Earn apps.

There are a great deal of apps available on the Google Play Store which allows you to earn some cash if you refer that application to your buddies. Now what the intelligent people do is download the corresponding app again and again with the referral link on your mobile phone.

However this is only possible if you change the IMEI number of your gadget. This occurs since when you first download the application on your phone, your IMEI number got taped in the database of the application designer. Also check att apn settings.

For that reason to use the application as a brand-new user whenever you require to change the IMEI number of your phone. However this is only one such example, there are can be numerous factors to change the IMEI variety of your Apk phone.

 How to Change IMEI Number- without Root

So now let us get behind to the main section of today’s conversation that is how to increase your IMEI number without rooting your phone. I am talking about the without rooting process due to the fact that it is not constantly possible to root your phone to customize anything.

Numerous rooting can likewise harm your memory disk and the os of your Android system. Therefore in the below area, I am note down 2 methods to change the IMEI variety of your Android gadget.

 Changing IMEI amount (without root)- Method 1

Let be totally truthful here that reducing the IMEI plenty of your phone outdoors rooting is a complicated task to do and it can take a piece of your time. So you have to client enough in order to change your IMEI number.

Another thing you need to favorably bear in mind that the procedure of changing your IMEI number will erase all your phone information and records. So before you continue with the procedure ensure that you have everything currently backed up.

 Got whatever in the best place?

Now follow the below actions to understand your IMEI number changed.

  1. Open your Android device and go to the setting area.
  2. In the settings area search for the choice stating “Backup & Reset”
  3. Next, you require to tap on the alternative marked as” Factory Data Reset”.
  4. Now you will get a notice on your Android device.
  5. Open that notice and click “Create new Android ID”.

 Varying IMEI number( without root)- Method 2

If you believe that technique 1 is not working correctly and you are not able to change your IMEI number then try this 2nd method to the IMEI number of your phone. Also check download Instagram stories.

So simply follow the steps I am discussing listed below and you will be able to finish the job.

  1. Dial * # 7465625 # or * # * # 3646633 # * # * on the dial pad of your android phone.
  2. Click the Connectivity option or on the call pad on your Andriod gadget.
  3. Now search for the CDS information. If you have actually found it then click that choice.
  4. After you are made with this action now look for the Radio Information.
  5. If you have two SIM cards inserted in your phone then you will get a choice here saying IMEI_1 [SIM1] and IMEI_2 [SIM 2]
  6. From this choice choose the SIM you wish to change your IMEI number for.
  7. Now to change the IMEI number follow the listed below code:

AT+EGMR= 1,7 and IMEI_1″ or AT+EGMR -1,10,” IMEI_2″.

  1. After this replace the IMEI1 or IMEI2 with any of your preferred numbers and click the SEND button.

That’s it you are filled with the IMEI number altering procedure.

 Last Thoughts.

All the techniques I have discussed are pretty much relevant to the real world. However I wish to mention that I have discussed this subject for instructional purposes only. Now if you wish to change your IMEI number by using these two approaches then you will be responsible for any damage to your Android gadget.

So if you are following this short article to change your IMEI number then I would advise that you perform each method really carefully and at your own risk. I hope that this post will assist those readers who were trying to find this type of short article on the Internet.

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