10 Best Meditation Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Best Meditation Apps for Android and iOS will be discussed in this article. Many nations, including India, still consider mental health to be a taboo subject. It’s ridiculous, given how our forefathers strongly concentrated on the mental side of our lives via Yoga and meditation. While we provide particular care for persons with physical illnesses, people with mental illnesses are ostracized. I’m not sure what it will take for us as a culture to see it as an issue, but I want to emphasize that talking about it is not bad. And if somebody in your life is making fun of you, you should remove them from your life. You should speak to someone and get expert aid as soon as feasible.

That being said, I recognize that communicating and asking for assistance are not as simple as they seem. And I am not a medical practitioner who can give you advice on the issue. However, I am aware that meditation may assist you with your thoughts, at least until you are ready to seek professional treatment. According to an article published in Psychology Today, mindful meditation may assist with mental issues such as anxiety and depression. I strongly advise you to read the article. As for myself, I’ve compiled a list of the best meditation apps for Android and iOS devices in this post.

10 Best Meditation Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

In this article, you can know about best Meditation Apps for Android and iOS here are the details below;

For years, I experimented with meditation on and off. And, although it has helped me, I am well aware that developing a habit is not simple. I’ve fallen off the wagon many times. I only restarted it when the epidemic came and I was trapped inside my home. So all I can ask is that you give these programs a go and see if they can assist you out.

Everyone should try meditation. It will be advantageous to you whether you are a student, a productivity genius, a professional, or anybody else. Meditation may help you sleep better, concentrate better at work, cleanse your thoughts, and live in the now. So, whomever is reading this, whether you use these apps or not, I encourage you to try meditation. With that out of the way, let’s get to the applications themselves.

1. Calm

Calm is a popular meditation apps for those who wish to decrease stress and anxiety, sleep better, and feel better about themselves. The software includes soothing activities and breathing methods to assist you in relaxing. When you initially use the program, you are given a short explanation of meditation. This was quite beneficial to novices, in my opinion.

Calm’s many mediation courses for various aims appeal to me. It will recommend alternative classes based on your objectives. You may select between guided meditation and music-based meditation. The app also includes guided meditation from celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, LeBron James, and others.

I’m not a fan of celebrity voices, but if it’s an incentive to keep people meditating, I’m all for it. Calm is well-known, and thousands of users have claimed positive benefits. It has a very high rating on both the Play Store and the App Store, and keep in mind that those evaluations are from paid customers, since there is no free trial. If Headspace doesn’t make sense to you, give it a go.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

2. Headspace

I’ve tried a variety of meditation applications and approaches, and I believe that guided meditation is the most effective for me. Instead of listening to peaceful music, you are directed through the stages of a guided meditation by a voice. One such app that offers guided meditation is Headspace. I like how the app began with only a few minutes a day and then progressed to extended meditation sessions.

Andy Puddicombe, who spent years practicing meditation in Himalayan monasteries, co-founded Headspace. His talk is available on YouTube. It will offer you a better understanding of his life narrative and teaching principles. His voice is calming and aids with meditation.

Headspace’s basic description of meditation dispels the impression that it is a difficult subject:

“Meditation isn’t about becoming a different, new, or even better person.” It’s all about developing awareness and a healthy sense of perspective. You are not attempting to suppress your ideas or emotions. You’re learning to view things objectively.”

The first two weeks are free, and thereafter there is a monthly fee. They are also providing a one-year complimentary plan to anybody who has lost their job as a result of the current epidemic. This program was quite useful to me. This is one of the best meditation apps and a great place to start.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

3. Serenity

Serenity is a meditation app with a basic design language that I like. Even the app’s user interface is soothing. It, too, provides guided meditation courses, as do other applications. You will learn a range of meditation and mindfulness practices with the goal of bringing peace, serenity, and happiness into your life.

A free 7-day course teaches the fundamentals. You do not need to sign up for a free trial to view it. You may use the app without establishing an account by downloading it and using the free content. There are guided meditation courses available for sleep, stress alleviation, mindfulness, daily meditations, self-awareness, and other purposes.

I also enjoy that it has a variety of price options. By buying this, you may acquire a monthly membership for $6.99 or unlock courses depending on your level. My favorite plan is the $74.99 one-time payment that unlocks everything and every future upgrade. While it is less expensive, keep in mind that the content amount is less than that of Headspace and Calm.

This is not for you if you want celebrity guided meditation or hundreds of hours of meditation material. On the other hand, this is ideal for folks who are overwhelmed by the quantity of material available on other applications and want something simplified and effective for a one-time cost.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

4. Insight Timer

Meditation does not have to be limited to the wealthy. It should be available to everyone. If you can’t afford Headspace or Calm, try Insight Timer instead. The app provides a free collection of over 45,000 free guided meditations.

It begins with a 7-day course, similar to Calm and Headspace, to help you learn the notion of meditation. After completing the course, you may design your own meditation modules. Every day, you may choose how long you wish to meditate. The free library includes guided meditations by meditation specialists, monks, sadhus, and prominent actors and actresses.

Insight Timer also has a premium subscription to help its free users. If you can afford it, you can obtain quality meditation courses for $60 per year. Because the funds are divided between the app and the course developers, you are also helping your professors. There’s also a generous 30-day trial period to try it out.

The only thing I don’t enjoy about the app is the frequent reminder to upgrade your subscription. As shown above, it is featured on every webpage. It goes against the concept of making you stress-free. You should try it if you can overlook this.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

5. Meditation Studio

Another wonderful guided mindful meditation apps for iOS and Android devices is Meditation Studio. This app includes over 500 guided meditations from various instructors and styles. There are also many collections aimed at various life enhancements.

You may discover meditation classes to help you develop a positive attitude, become more thankful and generous, sleep better, lower worry and tension, or be kind and inquisitive. I appreciated studying the fundamental classes. They are excellent for getting you started on the road of meditation. One feature I like about this program is the ability to subscribe to professors.

You may emulate the instructors who had the most influence on your meditation practices. Courses may also be sorted by professors, length, genre, collection, and other criteria. Other features include the ability to make playlists, engage in unguided meditations, and much more. The program has a terrific user interface, and I like how simple it is. The free edition has a large amount of stuff.

It should be noted that the Android version of the app is still on the legacy list. That implies you’ll have to spend $3.99 to get the software. The disadvantage is that you do not get new material or features (such as playlists). On iOS, you get everything from Android and more for free. If you want fresh monthly material and premium features, you must pay a membership.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

6. Aura

Aura is a mindful meditation apps for folks on the go. Meditation sessions may begin with songs as little as 3 minutes. A nice aspect of Aura is that you may choose a meditation depending on your present mood. It recommends several meditation routines based on your present mental condition.

Choose whether you are unhappy, anxious, alright, or feeling terrific, and the meditation pattern will be suggested. You may listen to tales, listen to guided meditations, or just relax while listening to ambient and natural noises. There’s also a library of soothing music, life coaching guidance, and other resources.

Using daily mindfulness meditations, the app helps you decrease stress and anxiety, enhance attention, and sleep better. It also offers you specific advice at a predetermined time each day to ensure that you don’t forget to meditate. I also enjoy that the free version may be used without establishing an account.

This app’s meditation courses are created by renowned life coaches and therapists. The free edition has a large amount of stuff. If you desire additional features, you may upgrade to the premium version for $4.99 per month.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

7. Buddhify

If you can’t find even five minutes of calm time to meditate, you might consider utilizing Buddhify. Buddhify is an app that allows you to meditate anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re on the road, in line at Starbucks, or waiting for your dinner at a restaurant.

Buddhify focuses on mobile meditation, which can be done no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The fact that Buddhify is a family-run company is a plus. So you’re not always being upsold. There is upfront fee, and you have access to all mediation courses. A annual subscription is available if you want to accomplish more and have access to additional entertaining features, but it is absolutely optional.

Furthermore, the annual subscription is half the price of comparable applications. So, yes, the software is inexpensive and provides useful lessons. It has received rave ratings on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, and many people suggest it. If you don’t want to pay for a membership and like the idea of on-the-go meditation, you should give it a go.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

8. Inscape

Inscape is a real-life mediation studio in New York City. On their website, they state that “the studio blend ancient techniques across time and cultures into meditations that are easily accessible for everyone” . Because not everyone can afford to attend a class in person, the studio developed a mediation app.

The app incorporates methods from traditional meditation and blends them with current insights and research to provide you with the finest meditation experience possible. Guided meditations may help you decrease stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, and other symptoms. It, like other applications, aims to improve your sleep quality.

The guided meditations are appropriate for all levels of meditators, including beginners, intermediates, and advanced practitioners. Begin with 5-minute meditations and gradually increase the time (up to 85 minutes). There are other habit-building activities that might assist you in maintaining your meditation practice.

I like how it displays various meditation teachings based on the time of day. For example, if you open it at night, it will display meditation teachings to help you sleep better. In terms of cost, the monthly membership fee is a little pricey, but the annual plan is comparable to other applications.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

9. The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is our last app option for this list. It offers professional guided meditations and a range of teachings for all levels of meditators, from beginners to experts.

You’ll appreciate the 5-day guided meditation courses that will teach you how to meditate. Lessons may be as little as 3 minutes, allowing anybody to begin. If guided meditations aren’t your thing, you may try quiet meditations. The library is brimming with excellent meditation programs offered by experts.

Whether you want to relax, quiet your mind, increase your attention, or sleep better, this app can help. This app’s ability to add background ambient noises to guided meditations is one of my favorite features. You may include noises from woods, rivers, beaches, and other locations.

The program is well-built and has an appealing user experience. You may link it to Google Fit to aggregate your health statistics and make gentle reminders to meditate. The free tier has a lot of stuff. If you want more, you may purchase the membership, which includes a generous 31-day free trial period.

Download: Website, iOS, Android

10. Sattva

Sattva is yet another amazing meditation application. It includes guided meditations, ancient chants, Vedic mantras, a meditation timer, a time tracker, and other features. This is the app to use if you want a conventional meditation session. You’ll even learn mediation Mudras (hand postures or gestures that enhance energy flow).

This app’s time tracking function is fantastic. It shows your mediation journey in a detailed calendar view. Seeing your progress is an excellent method to maintain your streak. There is also a meditation community. You may join groups, listen to their playlists, and even ask your friends to join you on this adventure.

You may discover lessons to help you decrease stress, enhance attention, energy, and clarity, manage emotions, and even answer higher-level concerns like what your life’s purpose is. I’m not sure how useful this will be with the final one since it’s an obscure topic, but the mediation sessions are excellent.

This app’s pricing is where it falls short. There is no free version, and the monthly membership is rather expensive. A lifetime ticket costs $399, which I doubt many people can afford. Fortunately, they sometimes give steep discounts on their website, and you may acquire it for as little as $108. You should attempt it if you wish to return to the ancient origins of meditation.

Download: Website, iOS, Android


This concludes our look at the best meditation apps for Android and iOS. I use and recommend Headspace to everyone. Having saying that, all of the apps on our list include a fair range of meditation lessons. They are all excellent in getting you started with meditation and keeping you on track.

If you feel that your life is overwhelming and you don’t have enough concentration or energy to get things done, you should try meditation. This basic habit may be really beneficial regardless of whatever app you use. Even though I only do it on occasion, I know it has helped me. So, give it a go.

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