Top 35 Best Kickassanime Alternatives in 2023 to Watch Anime Online

Kickassanime is a licenced anime streaming service with an excellent UI and sections such as Dubbed Anime List, Anime Movies, Dragon Ball Super & Genres, and so on. These categories are easily apparent, and the overall structure is straightforward.

The site provides two options for finding your favourite movies: browse categories or utilise the search box. You must enter the title of your favourite anime series in the search box. The website does not demand any registration or other personal information to enjoy the content. Simply access the website, choose your favourite movie, and enjoy limitless streaming without any ad interruptions.

Top 35 Best kickassanime Alternatives for 2023

Kickassanime is completely free to use, and you may access it at any time, from anywhere in the globe. It, like the other related apps, provides a brief summary of each short narrative as well as character information. The website provides basic elements such as a massive selection of anime movies, HD material, dubbed anime, comments, and frequent updates, among other things. With a straightforward, quick, and user-friendly interface.

1. AnimeDao



Another best Kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime online in 2022. AnimeDao is for everybody who despises advertisements. Mostly because there aren’t any on this website that you might come upon. Furthermore, its user interface is really elegant, and its collection is rather large.

All major anime, as well as a slew of underappreciated ones, may be found here. The procedure is also rather simple. You key in the anime’s name, and presto! You will see all of the results that are even vaguely related to your search.

2. 9anime


Respectfully, ladies and gentlemen! This is a brand-new section for all of us! From now on, practically every website will be an unlawful one. We don’t want you to be a part of it in any way. However, for the interest of completeness, we shall discuss the positives and negatives of these websites.

If you have a few extra money, spend them on Crunchyroll or Netflix to watch those fantastic series while also supporting the already messed-up anime business. From this point on, entries’ URLs/catalogs/services, and so on may change from time to time.

Anyway, the website we’ll be talking about today is none other than 9anime. It’s a popular site for those who don’t have money but have a lot of enthusiasm.

It’s an excellent choice because of the purple colour scheme and clear UI. And with names like Naruto, Demon Slayer, Attack On Titan, and a slew of others, there was no question that this location was going to be spectacular.

3. Masterani


Another best Kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime onlne in 2022. If you don’t have a lot of information at your disposal, Master Anime can assist you. This clean and simple website has a plethora of shows to choose from, and if you want to view them later, you can download them in a little size.

This is one of the website’s highlights, so everyone should give it a go if they’re running short on data but can’t wait to watch the latest episode of My Hero Academia. And can we just take a moment to admire the gorgeous red that these folks have going on their website?

4. Gogoanime


Another best Kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime onlne in 2022. Gogoanime has been the go-to service provider for anime enthusiasts since the loss of the renowned KissAnime, which we shall discuss in a moment. This site provides a large selection of anime, both sub and dub. As a result, fans like spending time on our website.

It features a black and gold colour scheme that isn’t the nicest but functions just well. And the most notable aspect of this website is that it is devoid of advertisements. There are just a few you may watch for your favourite show. It’s a tiny price to pay for salvation, you know.

5. Kissanime



Another best Kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime online in 2022. Okay, boys, here’s the thing! As we all know, the original KissAnime is no more. Peace be with you! However, since its demise, a number of “fake” KissAnime have sprouted up.

They aren’t even close to as good as the original. However, their catalogue and interface are still rather decent. And it takes me back to the good old days when finding anime was as simple as clicking a button. This website is fantastic if you’re looking for obscure anime.

And the green-black colour scheme is evocative of a bygone era. I’m sure many of you have tears in your eyes already.

6 . Chia-Anime


Chia anime is a unique example. This website will occasionally function properly. It doesn’t always work. The catalogue, on the other hand, is what makes it so tempting. I mean, I have it open right now in front of my eyes, and the first three programmes are Demon Slayer, Attack On Titan, and One Piece.

How can you possibly overlook such a wonderful pool of anime? Furthermore, it provides a plethora of filters such as genre, seasons, studio, status, and so on. So you can bet, you will find the anime you desire here and that’s for sure. Give it a try. It’s a plus if it works for you!

7 . Animefrenzy


Another best Kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. AnimeFrenzy is another unauthorised website where you may view anime. The first thing that many of you may notice is that it has a large selection of non-Japanese anime.

Anime from Korea and China, if you will. So, if you want to widen your horizons in terms of animation viewing experience, this is the website for you. It features a nice design, a variety of shows, and overall amazing performance. I hope you enjoy your time here browsing and consuming

8. Animestream



Another best Kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. The Colorful Anime Stream is the best website on our list. This website is now fantastic for anyone who wants to stay on top of things. Every season, every genre, and so on. And he’d be able to do it admirably with only a few commercials appearing.

This website also has a large collection of shows like as One Piece, Attack On Titan, and Demon Slayer. Overall, it’s a fantastic website for you all. It doesn’t have anything noteworthy. It does feature a plethora of filters that you may employ. Aside from that, it appears plain and solemn.

9. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven


Another best Kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime online in 2022. Isn’t the title of this website pretty intriguing? Yes, if you like to watch all kinds of animated shows, this website is heaven for you.

However, be wary of the millions of advertisements it provides. This website, like others, has a really nice and appealing design that is shown to its visitors. The catalogue is also quite powerful, featuring shoes such as Slime Isekai and My Hero Academia right on the cover. So, if you enjoy a good anime experience, this platform might very well be the anime heaven for you.

10. Animefreak



I’ll tell you what, this website has made an indelible effect on me. This is the location where you will have an entirely new form of interaction with the website. It boasts few advertisements and a good selection of shows, including My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Naruto Shippuden.

I defy you to watch Naruto or One Piece again. I challenge you! In any case, this website provides genre, kind, and summaries directly on the first page, so you may be confident that your decision will fulfil your expectations.

11. Animebee



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlne in 2022. I’d want you to make a wild guess as to what the colour scheme for this website would be. Congratulations if you guessed yellow and black like a bee! Your sanity is comparable.

And, if you haven’t already guessed, you need some My Hero Academia tonight. In any case, this website showed up as a top search result for anyone looking for websites where they may binge watch anime.

And, despite the fact that it contains a lot of adverts, I must admit that its interface is extremely stunning, with animation and beautiful covers. I won’t lie, it’s a really appealing website for an illegal one.

12. WatchAnime



Another purple-themed website. Is it correct that there is a tendency for such sites to exist? Anyway, let me tell you a little bit more about it. The website featured a good interface, with names like Zetman and Angel Beats on top.

We also got The Familiar Of Zero and Blue Ride, which is a bonus. As you may have observed, our website frequently recommends underappreciated shows, so if you are a lover of such works, you know what to do. It doesn’t have many advertisements, which is a positive. As a result, if you are a casual fan, this may not be to your liking.

13. Naruget



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. That’s right, that’s exactly what you think it is. This website, like Zoro, is named after Naruto. The main difference is that, aside from One Piece, Zoro possessed a sizable anime collection.

In the case of Naruget, however, there is just one anime available. And you can guess which anime it is! Yes, Naruto! That is correct, ladies and gentlemen! This is the website for you if you just want to see things from the Naruto franchise, whether it’s a movie, filler, or even Boruto. It has a Naruto theme and delivers the episodes in many languages. Overall, this is Naruto fans’ paradise on the internet.

14. CartoonCrazy



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. When it comes to anime, Cartoon Crazy isn’t exactly the best website. Its shows are rather old, and its UI isn’t all that fantastic either. You won’t be able to view any popular anime or anime with a compelling narrative. The majority of the shows on this list are relatively obscure and from a different generation.

As a result, this website isn’t appropriate for someone looking for some interesting involvement with their anime. The presentation is also extremely simple and does not appear to have much going for it. It is not encouraged, but if you enjoy the performances, you can give it a go.

15. Soul Anime

Soul Anime


Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime online in 2022. “Is this from the ’90s?” I wondered when I first watched Soul Anime. Why? Because the website has a wacky user interface. With pulsating lights and a juvenile appearance, it appears to be a website created by a youngster for a school assignment.

However, the website does feature hit songs such as Attack On Titan and Demon Slayer. That’s something we can both appreciate. However, keep in mind that it is an unlawful website on which you should not trust. It might be shut down very soon and you won’t even notice. Please keep this in mind.

16. 4anime



And now, finally! 4anime takes the final position. This website features a lot of advertising, which is a big turn-off for fans. It does, however, have a really sleek and basic style going for it. With titles like Demon Slayer and Mushoku Tensei, this website offers a wide range of entertainment that we may all enjoy.

As expected, it does not own any of the clips or video files and instead obtains them through third-party programmes. Overall, if you want some nice anime sites with some quality, this is the one to visit!

17. Ani.Me



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime online in 2022. This website was established in 2017. To be honest, on the surface, it appears to be a basic website. They claim to be the most easily remembered anime websites. And I agree with you.

However, in terms of functionality, this website isn’t the best. It only has a few shows, and its front page promotes anime such as Trigun and Rio.

These are some obscure series that you could love, but in the larger scheme of things, these anime are not exceptional.

18. Netflix


This should come as no surprise to anyone! When it comes to internet streaming, Netflix reigns supreme, and their dominance of the anime business is no exception. This business was founded before Google (in 1997, to be exact), and it has experienced tremendous development in recent years.

As a result, you can be assured that this website deserves to be ranked first. Furthermore, in recent years, they have begun to make strong inroads into the anime medium, and as a result, their library has some of the most wonderful episodes available.

19. Anime Planet

Anime Planet


Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime online in 2022. I understand that this may come as a surprise to some of you new anime enthusiasts out there. How can we watch anime on AnimePlanet? I mean, it’s a website dedicated solely to anime information and listings, right?

No, not exactly. At first glance, AnimePlanet appears to be similar to My Anime List, AniList, or Kitsu. And, if you are a die-hard fan, this might be a good selection given the pool of options available through this service.

The relationship with Crunchyroll, on the other hand, distinguishes this platform even more. Yes, with the help of AnimePlanet, you can now enjoy anime while also learning about it. That’s awesome! And I’m sure hardcore weebs are salivating right now!

20. Crunchyroll



This one should also come as no surprise. If you’ve been an anime fan for a while, you’ve probably heard of Crunchyroll. This service is designed for anime so that weebs like you and myself may have a good time. It was founded in 2006 and boasts the largest library of anime of any of the websites included on this list.

The best part is that you may visit this website for free. They provide simulcasts and have a plethora of additional shows in addition to the big ones. And, hey, they help the industry, too. Crunchyroll is THE place to go for die-hard anime enthusiasts.

21. YouTube



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime online in 2022. Many of you may be surprised to learn that YouTube contains a large collection of anime. But here’s the catch. They are not all legal. On YouTube, for example, we have licenced anime channels such as Animelog, Muse Asia, AniOne, and others.

However, you may sometimes obtain an anime that has been illegally uploaded by a user. In any case, you may discover some excellent anime on this website.

The website launched in 2005 and didn’t offer much anime at the time, but things have changed. This isn’t the best place to go if you’re a big anime fan, but it’s YouTube.

With this platform, there is an additional degree of trust and familiarity. That is why it appears to be in the third position.

22. Amazon Prime



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. If you are not a fan of Netflix, Amazon Prime may be a good alternative. Every industry, you see, has competitors. And over-the-top (OTT) services are no exception. So, in order to disrupt the Red N’s monopoly, Big Boy Bezos created way for Amazon Prime Video in 2006.

This site has a large selection of TV series and movies that you may watch while relaxing on your couch. The anime portion, in particular, isn’t the best of all time. It does, however, include some excellent series such as Vinland Saga and Dororo.

As a result, you will not be dissatisfied with the stuff provided. Try it out; perhaps it will become your next favourite app.

23. Funimation



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. As I have stated, rivalry exists in every business. In addition to Amazon being a competitor for Netflix, Funimation is a competitor for kickassanime. Many of you may have noticed that many of the anime you watch begin with the Funimation logo. Why does it happen even if you aren’t watching it on Funimation? That’s because these guys are the undisputed masters of anime dubbing.

It began in 2005, and like kickassanime, these folks lead when it comes to anime acquisition, and their site provides a diverse range of series, including beasts like Attack On Titan and Demon Slayer. And I believe it is due to this strength that this platform and kickassanime now share the same parent corporation.

24. Hulu



Another best kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. I believe the most of you are unaware of this service. And I don’t blame you in the least. After all, this platform is only available in the United States and has a subscription cap. So, if you didn’t already know, don’t assume you’re not the greatest jerk.

As previously said, it is region-specific, therefore you may not be able to access it readily. However, if you do manage to obtain it, you will be able to see select blockbusters like as Attack On Titan and Demon Slayer. And I believe that’s sufficient, right?

25. AnimeLab



This service may remind you of another on our list! Which one, you may wonder? That’s Funimation for you. I mean, they both have a purple logo, so you know, that makes them similar.

I believe. AnimeLab, on the other hand, is another anime service that allows you to view anime for free as well as with a membership.

It debuted in 2014, and its portfolio includes My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and The Promised Neverland, all of which are fantastic shows that you should watch if you haven’t already. Overall, a fantastic forum for people who want to help the business. But keep in mind that, although being released in 2007, this platform is fairly ancient. In any case, Hulu is another legal option to view anime.

26. HiDive



Another best kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. This website, like most others so far, is a legal streaming service with a diverse selection of shows. Their best feature is that they have a lot of obscure anime that would be difficult to find elsewhere. By the way, this website is considered to be quite young, having been launched in 2017.

When it comes to major shows, this platform has hits like Legend Of The Galactic Heroes, Clannad After Story, and Haikyuu. Yes, I can already picture a slew of admirers eager to get their hands on HiDive.

27. VRV



Another best kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime onlne in 2022. VRV is likely to be the least well-known of the websites described thus far. Specifically because of its presence in this competitive market. Anyway, VRV is a streaming service available in the United States that caters to anime aficionados.

What’s more, their tactics are lawful. The platform debuted in 2016, and its collection includes incredible series such as Tokyo Revengers and My Hero Academia.

So, if you’re going to look at the platform, you might want to view these wonderful items first. And if yellow is your favourite colour, VRV could be the anime streaming website for you.

28. VIZ



Another best kickassanime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. This one may potentially catch you off guard. I all, we all thought VIZ was all about manga, didn’t we? What’s the storey with anime? It turns out that VIZ not only has some excellent comics, but also some fantastic anime. However, I can guarantee you that their commitment to the industry is even more impressive.

In other words, their anime pricing are little more than expected, but hey, you can also enjoy some great manga along the way, so it all works out, right?

The website is reliable and offers a simple layout that is loaded with popular shounen anime. So, if you’re a fan of Naruto, you should keep VIZ on your radar.

29. Adult Swim

Adult Swim


Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. There is no way you haven’t heard of this website if you live in the United States. Come on, people! This was the series that influenced the childhoods of countless Americans. It would be surprising if this fell any lower.

In any case, Adult Swim is a subsidiary of Toonami. And, in the early days, Toonami was one of the top anime providers. That’s why Adult Swim has gotten so much attention from fans all throughout the country.

It now has clips from Toonami as well as other unique anime, such as FLCL, under its belt. So, if you want to experience the good old days, this website should be considered!

30. HBO Max



Another fantastic website that offers a plethora of fantastic shows to watch and enjoy in addition to anime. HBO need no introduction. As a result, HBO Max need no introduction. Many of you would have already spent time on HBO, so authority is out of the question.

Furthermore, this website has some great anime such as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Death Note, and Hunter x Hunter that you will like. If you’re an old-school HBO fan, this platform is a great way to keep watching.

31. Tubi



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. Tubi is a relatively unknown anime fandom website. And it’s a shame, given how useful this website is. You may watch anime for free, and while their collection isn’t very impressive, they still have some excellent series to offer, such as Pokemon and Midori Days. As well as a slew of odd programmes like Junkers Come Here and The Daichi.

When you don’t have to pay anything and the advertising are low, I think this is a very good offer, right? So, if you miss the good old days of Pokemon, consider Tubi TV.

32. Asian Crush

Asian Crush


Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. The name should be sufficient to characterise the website. This area is all about Asian Series, as the name says. You name it: Korean drama, Chinese drama, Japanese drama, Anime! The website is highly famous among lovers of Asian programmes, and as a result, it has a large following overall.

They have several good anime available, such as Great Teacher Onizuka and Honey & Clover. This is extremely remarkable for a website with little advertisements. In any case, this is just for die-hard Asian fans. If you decide to choose AsianCrush, you will receive a lot of bang for your dollars.

33. NicoNico



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. Do you remember YouTube? Yes, Japan does have a rival. NicoVideo is the name of the rival. This is the location where artists post their work and viewers may enjoy it.

With its video comment function, video script, and so on, the interface is highly engaging. This website also has a good quantity of anime that you may view and have fun with. There’s only one minor snag. It is only accessible in the United States and Japan, as you may have read elsewhere in the region.

34. CONtv



Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. Anyone who enjoys Comic-Con cannot escape the clutches of CONTV. This location served as a digital nexus for all Comic-Con attendees. It also gave excellent insights into pop culture related to it. It features a lot of Batman, Superman, and other superheroes, as well as some anime.

The website appears to feature a few decent titles, like Digimon and Fist Of The NorthStar. Aside from that, there isn’t much to talk about right now. This location, on the other hand, is like nirvana for a die-hard Comic-Con fan.

35. AniPlus Asia

AniPlus Asia


Another best kick ass anime Alternatives to watch anime onlIne in 2022. If you reside in Asia and want to spend your weekend watching free anime, this website is worth a look. Anime such as The Promised Neverland, Attack On Titan, and DanMachi may be found here. Overall, it’s a good site to watch anime.

Not the best because, other from the title, there doesn’t appear to be anything particularly noteworthy. Furthermore, it is only available in a few Asian nations, which is an issue. But for something as free as that, it appears to be a good deal, right?

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